Why we’re creating an epidemic of love

“What is yours will come to you when you are ready.”—A Course in Miracles

Although I forgot to mention it to my power posse in today’s blessings text, I feel extremely lucky that I was able to get back in the country yesterday. I was so high from the London I Can Do It! that the drug dogs must have been wondering what I was on.

Hanging out with Anita Moorjani, Jessica Ortner, Mike Dooley, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Kyle Gray and all the other fabulous speakers was beyond spectacular. Who would have ever predicted (especially those from my college disco days) that I’d someday dance on stage? Granted it was with Dr. Robert Holden who conned all the speakers into joining him during his closing presentation, but still?

I plan to share here on the blog some of the awesome things I learned. But for today, while playing catch-up with my laundry and email, here’s three quick stories from London.

First, I learned there’s someone in British parliament that is a psychic medium—how cool is that?

Second, one of my readers told me she was in the Irish countryside while doing the Abracadabra experiment from E-Squared. She made the intention that the cows, grazing in clumps, would suddenly form a straight line. Well, guess what? No sooner did she say that then the cows looked up from their nibbles and moved into a line as straight as the Queen’s guard.

Last story came from Dr. David Hamilton, a Scottish scientist who as he says, uses science to inspire. He was doing one of the E-Squared experiments, feeling the love and, as a joke, said, “I feel so powerful I could probably stand here and a bottle of Dove deodorant would just fall into my hand.”

Believe it or not, a couple days later, while waiting for the Tube (the London subway), he helped a woman with her bags. And what fell out, right into his hands? Yep, a bottle of Dove deodorant.

Have a fantabulous day, my friends and stay tuned for lots of great inspiration from London I Can Do It!

Oh, and here’s a British take on “What a wonderful world.”

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. I’m planning my moms’ 100th birthday celebration in a month and have a gofundme site that doesn’t have as much money as we’ll need. So on Saturday I ask for 300$ to be added by Monday. I know I have to look for answers but also know not to compulsively check and worry when I see no change. Monday .. no change and then I realized that a new friend had come over Sunday and will be donating her services to bake the cake and the cupcake tree. Worth about 300$. I just need to remember to look in unexpected places for the manifestations. I can’t wait to share this in my E2 study group on Thursday!

  2. I’m on my 2nd read of E-3 and was preparing to leave for a trip to Kansas to see family. When I went to secure my boarding passes for the trip from San Francisco to Wichita , I tried to upgrade from coach to economy plus plus a glitch with my computer prevented me from grabbing the last available seat on the fully booked flight. Initially I was disappointed but then I thought maybe the universe has something better in store for me and let it go. And why not E-cube it?
    So here is what I put out to the great FP: I want an upgrade to econo plus, aisle seat–for free. So when I arrived at my gate I checked in with the agent at the ticket counter to see if there’re was any possibllity to upgrade. Was told again that the flight was completely booked and nothing available. Not 30 seconds later they called my name and asked me to come to the counter. “We have a mother and daughter that we are trying to seat together. Would you mind trading your seat–we’ll put you (you guessed it) in Econ plus 10 rows ahead, aisle seat and of course, I didn’t have to pay the $50.00 upgrade.
    Things were going so well I thought it would be nice if I could check one of my bags (for free) because I’m sure that the overhead bins will be full. Need I say more? Bag checked to Wichita–no charge.
    I love this stuff! Maybe next time I’ll ask for first class!

  3. Amazing…:) I did the Dear Abby Principle experiment and got such a huge YES ! from the Universe,that since that day I’ve become so positive ad know without a doubt that my dreams will come true…Thank you,Pam Grout…

  4. Hi Pam,

    One question keeps circling my mind this morning: How can I change thoughts of resentment, frustration, sadness, and anger into thoughts of joy?

    I often feel my mind is my own worst enemy.

    1. Our minds (our perceptual tools) certainly seem like our worst enemies at times. As a student of A Course in Miracles, I make it a priority to use perception for a different truth. Ask to be shown a different perception.

  5. The video is a great grounding to start the day. I am struggling to get out of my own way. Any thoughts?

    1. Quit struggling! Make it easy–which is the natural state. And remember to use those 2 magic words–“It’s okay”–even if you do struggle. Trying is what gets us in trouble. But it’s all good. It’s all okay.

  6. yesterday I needed something welded immediately on my car on the power steering I said to the universe I need a welder to call me today…two hours later a welder that I had been trying to get 4 days called me and I took my car to him and he got the job done I want to say it’s unbelievable but its getting much more believable lol lol lol

  7. Hi Pam- yesterday night I had an immediate and powerful experience with the FP: we were returning from Barcelona, where my son did an Ironman-competition on Sunday- it was not his first one, but his heaviest one because he had not had time to prepare sufficiently. he finished the race in very good time, of course exhausted, but happy and – considering all the heavy conditions- very fine. He started the driving-home yesterday afternoon, but after two hours he gave up and first a friend an then I took over to continue. And then he felt more bad from half hour to half hour- we stopped nearly every 50 kilometers-he was vomitting everything and more… and of course he was in the worst manor you can imagine- and 900 km to drive …. Suddenly he developped great heat-I was about 50 cm away from him, but I felt it- he was glowing, and more than that- he began to gasp heavily- and then it came into my mind : send him healing energy and he will calm down and feel better. And so I did- I put all my energy together and sent it to him-. and after half an hour the heat vanished and he could breathe calmly. Of course it was not done with this, he will have some days to recover, but the worst thing was over- and I sent very gratefull thoughts out to the FP- it was really amazing! with best wishes from Switzerland

  8. I am so inspired by ‘the love epidemic’, I am growing mentally, spiritually, emotionally and I feel very aware of the truer meaning of ‘LOVE’. The largest love we can have is inside us. Discovering myself is never-ending. And love is easier to connect to when self-love is present.

  9. You know my favorite thing about this entry, Pam?

    If I ever wonder (as I often used to) whether or not all those successful people dancing on stage are “for real”, now I know the answer.

    Please keep dancing until I join you!

  10. Greetings Pam! I am a newbie to all of this, but already I am so excited! I recently began reading “E-Squared” and started “The Dude Abides” experiment this morning. Let me tell you, the Universe has quite a sense of humor. I came home from work today and my son walked in wearing a t-shirt with a picture of “The Big Lebowski” and the words, “The Dude Abides”. I am confident I am on the right track! 🙂

  11. I thought it would be cool to ask for “Diamonds!” I have always “won” things since I was a child and people that know me are use to hearing me say “I’ll just WIN IT” when I want something. The very next day I heard about a local radio station having a contest, a “Diamond Dig!!” I entered myself and my husband. We were both chosen as qualifiers. YES….we BOTH came home with a Diamond!!! The next time I will be more specific and say I wanted REAL Diamonds. The ones we got were cubic zirconia Diamonds…but I did get my diamonds!! Thank you Universe!

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