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“Live out of your imagination, not your history.”–@StephenCovey

“You must never allow something that happened to you to become a morbidly treasured heirloom that you carry, show people, put back in its black velvet pouch and then tuck back into your jacket where you can keep it close to your heart.”–Augusten Burroughs

Watch out, world! I just wrote my intention for E-Cubed in the sand at Manley Beach in Sydney, Australia.
Watch out, world! I just wrote my intention for E-Cubed in the sand at Manley Beach in Sydney, Australia.

You know that story you tell about yourself? The one that describes yourself as dysfunctional or poor or desperately in need of something you don’t have now?

That story is only true as long as you: a) continue to tell the story, b) continue to believe the story c) and continue to live from that story.

At any time, you can use your imagination to create a whole different stage play. At any time, you can use the power of your focus to animate a brand new reality.

Each of us is the creator of the world we inhabit.

That being the case, tell me in the comment section below, “What is your grandest, juiciest, most satisfying story?”

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the soon-to-be-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Pam, I’m struggling to think of my life in different terms like your post suggests. I’ve been unemployed since December and the Universe is getting me close to what I want but I just can’t seem to secure a job. I’m not qualified enough for the global giants and I seem to be overqualified for everyone else. I’m finally getting interviews in the town where I want to work and some seem to be going very well, but I’m struggling to not “live the unemployed life” when I am in fact unemployed with no income coming in. I’m good at asking and imagining but maybe I’m not good at receiving? Yesterday I went to the Flight 93 Memorial and pretended to take the day off work

    1. Val i am a visionary. Just put out there what yu want to see and be andyu must believe it 100% in order for it to work. I do this all the time and it does work believe me.dont put out there what yu don’t,if yu do you will get exactly that. Put out there what yu want exactly just put it out there as if yu have already received it.how do people become lawyers,doctors,etc…. what yu think about comes about. JOHN

    2. Hi Val

      Relax as resistance only adds to the negative emotions, find things to feel good about, a sunrise, a sunset, a child’s laughter, check out u tube for funny things, this will raise your vibration and mood, putting you closer into alignment with your desires! We all go through challenges, yet is more about how we think of them, what we choose to focus one. Security is a state of mind, not a destination! Know, trust and believe all is well, and it will be regardless of what is temporarily happening right now! Read about Mandela who said they can take away my freedom they cant my thought!! Sending you much light, love and I know joy is just around the corner. See yourself find the right job, with the right kind of people who make each day a gift, when you see it in your mind, you will see it in you life!!! warmly Deborah

  2. After 25 years of experience, I am taking my proven re-conditioning meditations out to the world. Sharing all I have learned about Hypnotherapy and the power within our own minds with others who desire, dream or goal. Teaching how to harness the power within them now using inner resources they already have. Using their imagination to first “see”, so they can “believe it, then they can achieve it.

  3. Hmmm…. mine goes something like this… my photography skills and creativity skyrocket and soon more opportunities show up to exhibit my work (not only here at home, but in NYC… then in exciting international cities around the globe!). My photos are published in books and travel magazines, and I start leading travel photography workshops in Europe a few times each year (Dobry den!). In the meantime, one of my artist-heroes (let’s call him Jack) sees my work and wants to work with me! Photography becomes my career, I have more time to spend with my daughter, and life is full of love, creativity, travel, happiness… and tap dancing! Oh – and my husband and I celebrate our anniversary in Hawaii each year .

    Thanks Pam! What a great way to start the day. PS- I am working my way through E2 right now and loving it!! I can’t wait to get started on E3!

  4. The world(s) open(s) to me every morning like a vandalized ATM. I conjure my reality du jour and sail off into the FP sea destined for the tropical port of my choice, where I am greeted by lovely island girls whose sole aim in life is to provide, or find provision for, my every whim. I am neck-and-neck with Pam Grout at the tippy-top of every bestseller list and with George Clooney in a friendly Stud of the Millennium contest (as judged by a panel of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models), my investment portfolio is the envy of the Buffetts and Gateses of the world, and every creative notion in my noggin manifests itself into a cornucopia of artistic coolness. But that’s just off the top of my head…

  5. not only am I an award winning head over heels in love with my work widely published children’s book illustrator but now I’m a lauded, award winning over the moon thrilled published children’s book illustrator AND author, as well…which is superceding all the juicy and fun and amazing expectations I had about this!!!! Yay yay YAY!

  6. Author

    I’m still on my journey, but will realize my end goal – no doubt. I’m addressing the problem of infidelity gone wild. Book; check. Book signings; check. Radio interview, podcast, Q & A, guest author; all checked. Next stop; speaking. Nonjudgmental reeducation for the common good. Check!

  7. My new story is I’m a world traveler that goes on awesome adventures like Indiana Jones and gets to hang with super good looking ladies and then gets to come home to my farm that is similar to where Clark Kent lived on the tv show, Smallville where my dogs and I sprint next to each other in the field.

  8. Inspiration ally Speakng to masses of people who are ready to step up and really do the work it takes to know their Truth and Authenticity – teens and adults……..walk g their talk, knowing who they really are, living life out loud (I read that book somewhere!) learning how to love themselves so they then can love others……. What world this would be!

  9. Hi Pam, I used to have a terrible childhood. The victim of an abusive father, in a religious cult, an ineffectual mother, I was terrified by the world around me and had no self confidence. Totally brainwashed by their religion, they would use it as justification for their behaviour.
    My true story is this: An eternal spirit, seeking truth, I chose a situation to be born into which would best facilitate my progress. I learned to be a good, loving husband and father the only way I knew how, given the information that I had, and I am so grateful for that. This is a just universe, you get just what you expect. A perfect mirror, it will not be fooled. Truly an equal opportunity situation. @ age 63, retired due to injury, I am a full time student of the universe as it is. I love it. Constantly fascinating. I find great teachers, like yourself, that show me new perspectives. This whole quantum thing is a missing link that I have been looking for and fits my understanding perfectly. Best part is there is no graduation. I get to do this for ever!!! How great is that?
    Gratefully, Eric

  10. My story: I’m doing everything I want to do whenever I want it and I have plenty of everything I want to have in this material life (and more than that!)

  11. So here is my fabulously rich dream – I live in warm climate (palm trees and sunshiny) and I travel a lot. I have the amazing life of exploring the planet we live on and working as I do so – I am really really happy and I have fabulous, warm, upbeat and positive relationships that focus on creating intentionally and joyfully – my work sings my soul and I get to work with amazing people who know that the unlimited is possible and FUN – and they help keep me in check when I forget. My finances are strong and secure, as a matter of fact, overflowing – I have more than enough dollars and they come to me in ease and fun from many different avenues. I am contributing to causes that make my heart feel SO GOOD – I live in utter abundance – I am really really happy and I am in great physical shape. I am having a ton of fun with life….and life is having a ton of fun with me! Thank you thank you thank you!

  12. Hi
    i graduated from art college with a first class hons degree. I am a highly successful artist exhibiting all over the world. I teach. Art and healing therapy to various groups throughout the world. I live with my beautiful partner and we are very much in love with each other and compliment each other perfectly. We live in the country with our dog and two cats where i have my studio. Our two children are living their dreams, studying and working at their dream jobs. They have their own lives and stay with us often. We holiday around the world but mostly in our french villa. For inspiration i tour around in a high spec camper van and spend hours on our beautiful canal boat.

  13. I am overflowing with an abundant life and loving family while enjoying reading, writing, resting, relaxing with friends and a knowing that l am continuously becoming less judgemental and a more loving and compassionate person. I am blessed!

  14. Im bringing joy after joy, laugh after laugh, dance after dance, book after book, painting, playing, and falling down exhausted in a bed full of LOVE

  15. I am now living, loving abundantly the life I choose. I am self-employed and enjoy both time and money. We travel first class to exotic places around the world; Paris, London, Amsterdam, Spain and the beautiful beaches of Fiji. We enjoy several beautiful homes that magnify the beauty of nature that surrounds them. We enjoy days on end of laughing and time with family and friends. Everyday is a wonderful thrill and I am so thankful for this journey called Life! (Psst….O Joy! This is my life!)

  16. Love Augusten Burroughs books. I have had a hard time hanging onto my copy of E2. My family keeps running off with the hard copy but I have the kindle version. My daughter calls me a world class manifestor. Everything I put on a list and believe I’ll get, I do, in some form or another. At 66, I am looking at the life I’ve created and wonder what to want next. I have everything I really wanted. Two of the best adult children in the world, my OWN home to share with guests or those in need, a community where I can finally put down roots and so many books and interests that the word bored is not part of my vocabulary. What more can a person want? I blog and quilt to share what I have. More of that will be nice. It’s the desire that keeps the furnace cooking. Without it, we wither. I’m not ready to wither so I want more expansion of my giving. Life is GOOD!

  17. Pam, I am sorry to jump on a thread that’s completely unrelated, but I couldn’t sleep I was so excited for E Cubed. I woke two hours ago at five am and downloaded it. As with E squared, I am reading it through first… Or so I thought. I read through Boogie Woogie and I go to my music to play a few of the tracks I have on my everyday playlist anyway. I return to the book and I get to Red Pill, and a bit later I think ‘you know, party rock is in my cloud and if that doesn’t make a person smile, they have no soul’. So I go to my music and put it on. I hit the kindle app button to return to the book and I can’t believe what I briefly saw at the bottom of the home screen so I quit the kindle app. My mail. Is showing. 222. 72 hours? Try 7.2 minutes? A good start. I belly laughed. Oh… I see what I did there! Eeek! Great, great stuff!

  18. Yea! I just downloaded Ecubed to my kindle and ready to settle in and read it while staring at the beautiful beaches in Nags Head! Very excited for this book. Love your stuff!

  19. Pam, I am writing a children’s book about a magical flying sheep. Last night, while imbibing “spirits” & talking about spirituality with my group of soul sisters, one of my friends shared her angel cards and did a reading for me. I asked a question about the success of my book. The cards read that success would come with action.
    But, the really cool thing that happened was that one of the three cards had a sheep with an angel holding it. It looked like the sheep had wings… Just like the main character in my book!!! I was like, “oh, hello universe! Thank you for the thumbs up.”
    It’s was like being an athlete at a sporting event and one of the fans holding up a sign with my name on it in the crowd!
    So cool!

  20. I am a successful Internet Marketer and entrepreneur, creating $10K of income per month. I own a timeshare and vacation every three months, taking a cruise once a year and vacationing to volunteer once a year.

  21. I am sooo grateful to you Pam as since reading your book Esquared and wishing I could meet you, the FP aloud me to be sitting behind you on both days without designated seating at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop and then having a wonderful conversation where you made me feel like an old friend, sincerely appreciated. <3
    Your book confirmed to me that I am not crazy, that I am on track and the way I look at life is the way to… Believe!
    My life now has opened and lifted to another level exponentially…
    :)) :)) from the bottom of my heart thank you Pam <3 xox
    Ps… Sooooo enjoying Ecubed!!! ;)) ;))

  22. I am a proud business owner and writer. I’m sharing my spiritual adventure with all for their own spiritual health and awareness. You are the catalyst for the change you crave in your life! I do what I love for a living: writing, meditation, yoga, researching, learning and reading. I also have an abundance of time for my other loves: my family and friends, gardening and working in the yard. I’m truly living my souls purpose and the life of my dreams.

  23. Reblogged this on Reflectingpool … and commented:
    Another aspect of staying present, in this moment. In this moment there’s no past, no future, no “story”. Only the opportunity to delve deeply into Now, and it’s hidden surprises.

  24. I’m renovating my gorgeous old federation home, working in my vegetable garden, reaping the benefits of the sun and living sustainably. I volunteer at my local school, running a kitchen garden program working with the worms and the chickens to make a healthy garden from which we cook what we harvest in the classroom. I love my life, it’s so satisfying and has such grace and ease.

  25. I am absolutely grateful to be committed to being true to my authentic self and building my dream business. I am super excited to always remember how loving the universe is and how supported I am. I am raising 2 beautiful, joyous children and the more open and conscious I become, the more successful my life coaching business becomes. I am feeling amazing because, although I can’t see it, I know miracles are unfolding for me this very moment! I joyously anticipate what amazing thing is going to happen through me, to me and for me and my loved ones today! I giggle each time I transform my fears into faith, faster and faster with practice. Going with the flow is becoming easier and easier each day! whoo hoo loving the love & life I am creating.

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