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You are scary powerful

“Perception is but a mirror, not a fact. What I look on is my state of mind reflected outward.” — A Course In Miracles

Hay House just sent me an advance copy of E-Cubed. I absolutely love it and am so excited to share it with the world.

I must admit I’ve been a little nervous. I’ve only been reading it on my computer, in my editor’s notes and well, E-Squared was such a big smash that I wondered–—What if people don’t like it as much?

After ripping open the package yesterday and seeing it in the flesh, as an actual book, I fell in love with it and, quite frankly, was even more besotted than I am with E-Squared. This is a frickin’ amazing book!!

E-Cubed is deeper, takes us further into the Infinite Field of Potentiality and, quite frankly, will likely push a few buttons.

But as I say in E-Cubed, “It matters not what anybody else thinks. Believing it does is part of the old-school conditioning that should be drop-kicked to the nearest curb. The only thing that matters is what I think. Because what I think is what I get.

So I’m happy to announce. I. LOVE. E-CUBED. If any five-year-olds were around, they’d undoubtedly say, “Then why don’t you marry it?”

One of the strategies I discuss in the new book (and you’ve read it here, too) is “get a group together to talk about these all-important spiritual principles.”

Today, I met with one of my groups, that I call my power posses, and Jay Pryor, who is a fabulous, amazing life coach, told this story.

His cousin or uncle or somebody in his family has knee problems. He wants a knee replacement and told Jay that he was getting one in 2016.

Jay looked at him hobbling around and said, “Buddy, you need to get that knee replacement now.”

“But, but….” the cousin or uncle said. “I don’t have the money. I need to save up.”

Jay, who is a formidable manifester and knows the importance of speaking intentions over a situation, said “Nope, you’re going to get it now, before your 50th birthday.”

His cousin or uncle called him last night and said, “Jay, you’re scary powerful.”

An old client called him right after Jay’s intention and sent him $10,000, just enough to do the surgery….now.

We are all scary powerful, guys, and the sooner we can consciously use this scary power, the quicker we can turn this world around.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the soon-to-be-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Still haven’t been able to get ‘E Squared’ working for me yet, but I’m not giving up. I completely believe we manifest our destiny, I just have to work on re-writing the software in my head. Way harder than one might think. Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to ‘E Cubed’.

    1. Here’s one little piece of advice, Sam. I have a section in E-Cubed called, “Tweak and Ye Shall Find.” Saying things like “that’s way harder than one might think” is a comment that reinforces the old paradigm. I prefer the words “smooth and easy.” And the truth is, “all of us are scary powerful and our words, beliefs and expectations play out easily and smoothly in our lives.” We can change. In fact, blessings, miracles and joy is our natural state.

      1. Great. Thanks. I’m on it.

        I’m actually a radio announcer and actor and working towards a talk show (syndication eventually) that involves Science of Mind. Without sounding a bit ‘whoo whoo’ I believe it’s part of what I’m here to do. So, I REALLLLLY do believe. Just have to get out of my own way.

        You and Wayne Dyer give me a great deal of inspiration.



      2. Lol. Mr Dyer is THE. MAN. So was U.S. Andersen. He wrote “Three Magic Words”. That book changed my life. I read it daily. Written in 1954, long before anyone was looking at the consciousness game. Now, THAT guy was a smarty pants.

  2. I love you Pam and I love getting your posts, you always at least make me smile, usually I laugh out loud. I ordered E-Cubed in advance and can’t wait for it, well, I can. I loved E-Squared and had all my friends and family trying the coat hanger wire. I’m so happy for you and your new book!

  3. Could you PLEASE get that book out on the shelves sooner rather than later????? Can’t wait to read it!!!

    1. With E-Squared, the book was being sent from Amazon the month before. In fact, I had to order my own copies before Hay House sent them to me. With this one, though, I think the September 16 pub date is considered non-negotiable.

  4. Counting the days Pam! And I love how much YOU love your book. How many authors could sit there and say “I love my own book!” and NOT sound pretentious? Can’t wait to dive into it head first 🙂

    1. Thanks, Linda!!! I hope I don’t sound pretentious. I have a tendency to love most everything. That’s why my life is so joyful!!!

  5. I love your books, and I also have E-Cubed purchased! I did look at the preview on Amazon and one of the pages is upside-down! I am counting the days and I know what I will be reading on the release date! I am looking forward to learning more! Thank you so much.


    1. Love that you noticed the upside down page. I wanted to print the whole book upside down, but Hay House wouldn’t let me. One of the main themes of the book is we’re all operating under upside down mental conditioning.

      I LOVE THE upside down page.

  6. I can’t wait for it to come out! E-squared helped me through one of my worst ever break ups. It happened a night before my finals and I was stunned! So i just opened the book and read the principles time and again till I fell asleep! Needless to say, the dude abides 🙂 Thank you so much Pam for showing me how amazing life can be if we just change the way we look at it!

    1. So glad to hear that E2 helped you recognize how amazing life really is….without the blinders. Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know.

  7. – I facilitated 3 classes with your E- Squared book – it was amazing! You and I communicated – there was a total of 52 people affected by your book, during the process. I had a traumatic experience in Feb and in the last 6 months it has affected me physically. Even though I KNOW that what I focus on comes…….I am consumed with getting well and can’t seem to see beyond that! I have the tools, I have done everything I know to do and the anxiety is controlling me now – I am a Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker – I am not doping either right now because I’m not walking my talk AND I have no right to ask someone else to do what I am not doing for myself!

    Any guidance you could offer would be appreciated – I want to BE and do what you are doing – this is so not me………

    1. Dear sweet Janet,

      I remember you well. And I’m sorry to hear about your February experience. I heard Wayne Dyer tell an interesting story this morning. He said that before he was born, he was chatting with the Big Guy who asked him what he wanted in this lifetime.

      He said, “Well, I want to teach people they’re responsible for their lives. I want to inspire them to live bigger lives.” So the Big Guy says, “Well, we better hurry up and get you down to that orphanage.”

      In other words, things we call “problems” are often gifts. Our job, as I say in E-Cubed, is not to judge. We must refrain from critiquing and instead create.

      You are a powerful woman and I know the Truth about you.

      Blessings, my dear friend,


  8. I just wanted to mention that I no longer buy anything ever directly from Hay House since they printed full invoices of all the contents of my last big personal order and stuck it on the outside of the box, right under name, address, phone. They never responded to my emails or tweets asking about it, so they lost a good customer. If you sell through them, I just wanted you to be aware of this weird practice which turned me off and may well turn off others. They never even made it clear to me if it had been in error: talk about poor customer service!

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience with Hay House! Luckily, there are many other places to buy their fabulous products. Be well!!!

  9. Your book E2 changed my life by helping me focus I what I wanted, instead of worry about pointless stuff. It actually helped me get over my fear of walking on the dock, which I have had all my adult life. Thanks & can’t wait for the new book!

  10. Pam, you are SO inspiring, and your writing style is just so much fun to read… I love the fact that I can learn, be inspired and laugh… all at the same time! I can’t wait to read your new book! Thank you for sharing your gifts and insight.

    (mother of Madi, the Christmas kitchen play set manifester) 😉

  11. Good morning 🙂 I just read your new post “scary powerful” congratulations on your new book (can’t wait to read it). It’s amazing what we look for we find! I didn’t read it as “well that’s great, wish I could or it’s ok for her” I read “AWESOME – YOU GO GIRL!” And smiled thinking about the fabulous moment I’m in right now and the fabulous day that awaits 🙂 ps love the comment about if you were 5 lol.

      1. This is the best thing that ever happened to me ………….

        Blessings, Janet Ellis www. Janets-Planets.com


      2. Thanks and blessings to you

        Blessings, Janet Ellis www. Janets-Planets.com


  12. Oh my stars, Karen Offord … I agree about if I were 5… lol Well, I married my new life. I am awesomely powerful. We all are. I forget sometimes and get in a tizzy and BAM! i notice everything turning to a dung heap around me. As Gru would say “LIGHT BULB!!” … Other times I am overcome with the feeling and scent, yes scent, of how over the top awesome every little spec of everything is, always has been and always will be.
    When you let the news out of E-cubed, I preordered it. Why? Because, while I may intellectually know a lot (sure I do), I need company, fun stuff, examples, experiments and reminders. This Quantum Loveliness where plants sing (google it peeps) and rocks move on their own in the desert (google that too… very fun) I am an energy anachronism in motion baybee!!! WE all are! Thanks Pam for all your sharing, fun articles, great books and rock on with your awesomeness!!! ::: dances back to everything now ::::

  13. Hi Pam, can’t wait for my copy to come. I pre-ordered from Amazon as soon as i could! E-squared was a major launch for me and my belief structure. When things are moving and manifesting purposefully, I cant help breaking into cheek-splitting grins! When things are manifesting due to poor focus, I just try to remember to hold on and it’ll be over in a little while, as Abraham says. Still feels awful, but I am beginning to get the rhythm of this thing. Thanks so much for all your help. Yours is my favorite blog! I open it first before any other email! I just know E-cubed is going to soar!

    1. Dear Suzy, That is so sweet. In fact, I’m going to add your kind comment to my list of blessings for today. Thanks. It’s only 7:57 a.m. here and I’ve already landed so many blessings. Is life sweet or what?

  14. I’m looking forward to your new book! I do believe that we are our biggest barriers to having the life we deeply desire. I know – even as recently as this week – that saying “no” to some things which drain rather than give to us open up the door to what is waiting and makes room for it to come in. We really do have to get out of our own way!

    1. I “jump back, Jack” every time I realize I’m getting too involved in the details. Details and “the how” are not my responsibility.

  15. Pam I loved E squared! It helped me to manifest a new job, much needed money when I was unemployed as well as many other wonderful vindications of love. I recommend your book to any and everyone I talk to! I can’t wait for E cubed!! Blessings to you!

    1. Blessings back at ya, Nancy. It’s the word of mouth that has really helped my cause. Thanks for, as Frank Sinatra would say, “spreading the news!”

  16. Hi Pam,
    LOVE E-Squared, actually did the exercises and guess what? They work!!!!!! They really do! It gave me a big boost.
    Question: will E-Cubed be released in audio? That is really helpful for those of us with little time to read, but lots of time to listen.
    Another question: I am conflicted about the idea of “set it and forget it” vs keeping your goals in the forefront of your mind, reviewing them am/pm, affirming them regularly, etc. It can’t be both. What to do??????

    1. If E-Cubed sells well, I’m sure it will eventually be released in audio. As for “set it and forget it,” I think that’s the key. Let the universe do the heavy lifting. If you make the intention, see the end result, feel it in your mind and body, it’s as good as a done deal.

  17. Good scary powerful morning Pam !!:):)
    It was awesome to wake up to the cover of E- CUBED :):)
    Reading your posts & the amazing replies of all the wonderful people put a smile in my heart:):)
    September 16 !!!!!!

  18. Hi Pam, it makes me want to do a happy dance when I have a post from you in my inbox 🙂 I LOVED E-Squared (read it numerous times!) and can hardly wait to read E-Cubed. Keep’em coming girl!!!

  19. I cannot wait for your next book! So looking forward to more fun stories and experiments. I was blown away by the butterfly experiment! I set the intention and the next day I logged onto facebook and one of my friends from high school had posted pictures of her daughters at none other than a Butterfly Museum! Her youngest was surrounded by YELLOW BUTTERFLIES! It gave me chills! Do you think FP works in timelines out of our control such as getting pregnant? Just shyly asking….

  20. Looking forward to this! I loved E2 and have been hoping for a follow-up since I read it. My biggest hurdle to overcome at the moment is stopping myself from stopping myself. I know that I am the only one holding me back, but I haven’t yet found the way to overcome that.

  21. Hi Pam: This is the ad I received that you asked me for.  I just realized it came from you.  This then is probably not an ad at all but something you send out to the people who like your work.  I am so swamped with e-mails each day that I have to sort through which ones I will read and which ones I click off.  I do it fast, and am a very poor reader.  I have had an issue with pain running through the back of my head and double vision which has to do with my eyes.  Please forgive me if I have caused you any anxious moments with my mistake.   Kind regards, Jannelle   The Joyful Palette  –  Art by Jaquith

    http://thejoyfulpalette.com Jaquith Travis – Art by Jaquith

    “A mind once stretched by a new idea can never go back to it’s original dimensions”

    Albert Einstein Great love and great achievements involve great risk The Dalai Lama

  22. You know, I think I know deep down that this works. I’ve had it work really well for the little things like the offhand requests like “I haven’t seen so & so in weeks” and then next week your on a road trip with them, or I needed new work shoes and a friend is giving me his (they show up in days). I don’t even have to try! I even got spontaneous money 3 times, which really freaked me out actually. Sometimes getting bonafide proof is scary. Haven’t figured out how to get over that which might be why the Bigger things seem to be hit or miss. I’m Scary Powerful, and I’m a bit terrified of that! (But I’m laughing about it, and that’s a step in the right direction?)

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