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“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” ― Mitch Albom

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
― J.K. Rowling


Death has a bad reputation. But I agree with J.K. Rowling.

We’re thrilled for our friends when they’re heading to say, Hawaii or the Caribbean. I posit that we can also be happy for our loved ones who are now able to be everywhere at once, who now know ONLY love.

I’m not suggesting it’s easy for those of still here on this limited physical plane to let go. I recently lost my precious step-daughter to H1N1 flu and not having her here to laugh (she had the BEST laugh) and to make her wicked funny jokes (I always thought she’d make a fabulous comedy writer) wouldn’t have been my first choice.

But I happen to know she’s still with us. It’s just that she’s now on a different frequency. And I had a fabulous reminder of this from my new friend, Melissa Murphy.

Her beautiful, beautiful daughter Dannica died in a car accident 18 months ago. We traded a couple emails and I shared my belief that our spirits never die and that I think we can still be in contact.

I also mentioned I believe in a much bigger story and that while our consciousness does indeed create reality, it’s also guided by a bigger, more loving part of ourselves that doesn’t always make sense in this limited time-space reality. Lastly, I told her I’d say a prayer that very night that she’d feel some kind of connection with Dannica.

Here’s what her next email said (and she gave me permission to share):

“Like you, I believe our spirits live on and like a good little human being, I seem to need constant validation of that belief even in the presence of miracles!

“I took these photos this afternoon as I was on my way into town to meet a friend. I pulled over several times to take more. The image just lingered and lingered and lingered for the longest time. To me, the first one looks like an angel with wings and a rainbow where her heart is. As you can see, the rainbow actually turns into a heart!

“I’m generally a very private person, but some things make a human being feel like screaming from the rooftops; love, grief, and miracles are certainly among them. Sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others is my introverted way of screaming from rooftops. I scream for a while, cry a bit, and scream some more. It feels so good to be screaming, “Dannica’s not dead!!! She’s right here! See?!




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  1. This story is fabulous and these photos are astonishing. Thank you Pam, and Melissa both for sharing them… they are a miracle. And Miracles are natural…. 🙂 thanks for reminding me!

    1. I don’t think that quote is original to Mitch Albom. He’s quoting someone else. It’s original to someone else. You can look it up.

  2. I read this piece and have tears rolling down my face. The photos are SO beautiful. My beautiful daughter died 2 years ago, it seems like yesterday. Two weeks before she left her body she had sent me a ‘cloud angel’ to comfort me because I had an illness.

    Whenever I think of Sharon I look to the sky and find comfort in the ‘cloud angels’….they never cease to appear.

    Thank you for confirming to me I truly do bring forth that which I need to feel and experience….E2 has shown me the way….

    Love, Diane.

  3. LOVE THIS! These are So beautiful!!!

    Our little island of Martha’s Vineyard just lost a Beloved member of our community. He was murdered while hiking in California and our community is reeling.
    I love knowing that he is indeed still with us, all of us, even closer than before!
    I just saw him yesterday in a beautiful vision and he was playing golf and beaming!

  4. The photos are beautiful. My dad comes back as a pet and his scent is that of motor oil. He was a mechanic.

  5. What a beautiful, gorgeous gift! Celebrating the connections with you always.

  6. I have this idea about death: It is the undeniable proof that you are not your body.

    I recently read and posted on an article by the astronomer Carl Sagan’s, daughter. He had raised her to belief since science can’t find God, there must not be one. Life is precious because we die and that’s it.

    Carl would like to tell her otherwise, now, I’m sure. But sadly, he taught her not to listen.

  7. I love the story and the pictures are amazing. Our giant schnauzer, Diva, passed May 8 at 5:39 PM EST. I have been conversing with her daily since she passed. I’ve also been communicating with my friend who passed away with cancer on Thanksgiving Day, 2013. I’m sharing on Facebook and with many others. Beautiful!

  8. So beautiful and thank for sharing. In times of grief I think it’s hard to relay this, but I know for a fact it’s true. Our loved ones do connect with us, we just have to be willing to listen and believe. Love can never die.

    1. My friend that passed on Thanksgiving reminded me that our loved ones are always with us. It is our thought of them that reminds us of the connection so that we can feel their love. We are all connected. We are ONE.

  9. Thank you for sharing this! I, too, seem to need a constant reminder that this physical experience is only a tiny part of the greater gift that is life.

  10. Hi Pam, The pictures on this post made me think of this purple trumpet I have been seeing everywhere. It is magnificent. I don’t know who it is or what exactly it means, but it gives me a great sense of peace. I even took one picture where there was a huge purple glow emanating from the bottom of it, something the size of a large kitchen table. I feel connected to others through the sharing of these phenomena and I look forward to further guidance. Lots of love to you, Pam. Thanks for your awesomeness.

  11. Reblogged this on Hollowed Out… and commented:
    I smile and shake my head as I say that because it’s something I’ve said before, many times, and yet, I forget about it and I need reminding and so I ask for another miracle, and I get it! I believe again. I wonder if simply writing it on my hand, or my wall, on a sticky note or in my planner, “I Believe in Miracles!” will ever serve as enough reminder to keep despair at bay. Somehow, I think not. Somehow, I think human beings are made to forget. So I will keep forgetting, I will keep asking for more, and I will keep being reminded that I do believe.

    Last October, I discovered a remarkable book by New York Times best selling author, Pam Grout, entitled E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

    I jumped right in with both feet, my wildest imagination and journal in tow. During the next few weeks, I experienced brilliant success with the first three experiments. It was quite exciting! Then mid November, and the first anniversary of Dannica’s passing again stopped everything for me. I set the book and my experiments aside and didn’t pick them up again until a week ago today. Chapter 4 again raised some questions in my mind that I’d had while reading other books about manifestation and the power of our thoughts to influence our realities. I don’t doubt we have that power at all, in fact, I embrace the idea entirely but when you lose a child, you see everything differently and it is constant work and conscious effort to reconcile things in this realm.

    I am reblogging a post now from my new friend, Pam Grout. The photos are the most recent I have of my daughter, Dannica and the story is in Pam’s beautiful post. My interactions with this dear woman have reminded me not only that I believe in miracles but that we are all here, in some capacity, for each other. Life is *so* hard. How wonderful there are angels on earth as well as in Heaven.

  12. My blog is about the supernatural and clairvoyance. I’ve experienced some truly amazing things that verifies an alternative form of existence. Recently, I began focusing on astrology and was intrigued about the forecast of the 14th’s full moon in Scorpio; the forecast showed a dramatic change that would be painful but a blessing in disguise, it would represent a type of molting and as much as one would like to avoid dwelling deep into the darkness of the soul, the universe is pushing this change.
    I wondered, how will this dramatic change affect me?

    On the 15th, I had an important meeting with a music producer and I thought the forecast might have something to do with that. But the information turned out to be truer and deeper than my association with it.
    The producer had these Turkish fantastic rugs strewn all over and it looked like a modernized Turkish Bazaar but when I left I ended up having a horrible allergy attack as if the guy had dogs in that space. I believed it was a sign from the universe that this producer was not the one.

    Early Friday morning, I had a vision of stepping into a marble tiled corridor and then into an elevator going up to a higher level. Perhaps the producer I should work with worked in a skyscraper, I wondered. At 11, I received a phone call from my sister, she told me that our brother was placed in hospice and would be dying any day. I had no idea he was ill at all. Two weeks prior he mentioned having a few spots on his liver. I brushed it off as a fatty liver and advised that he change his diet.
    This sudden event did get me to dig deep and it did force a major change in my life as I became the guardian of his young son. The whole event was shocking to say the least.

    Saturday I stopped over to his house and started going through his belongings and I found a single dice. I asked the universe, “When will my brother die?” I rolled it and the number four came up. That would mean he would pass away on the 21st. I waited to see and I was not surprised when he in fact passed away on that day.

    Here is a strange bit of information that was revealed on the day my brother died, His son was born on April 15. My husband had a brother who passed away on April 15th. My brother passed away on the 21st and that was the birth date of my husband’s deceased brother.

    On my blog I mention how I was spiritually informed that the man I was standing next to was going to be my husband, and after that I was hooked as if cupid shot me. Is it possible that I came together with my husband so that my brothers son would turn out to be in our care, could he be my husband’s brother reborn. The date thing is really interesting. I believe the complexity of underlining orchestration of the universe and our interrelationships is far more complex than we can ever imagine.

    I was surprised to find some occult stuff in my brother’s home; he had a Rune Tarot deck and I decided to pull a few cards on the day he died. The card that came up when I thought of my brother was the Sun and it represented the change from the physical form to the spiritual. Is that just a coincidence or is the spiritual dimension affecting this physical existence in a profound and intricate way and letting those of us who see the signs be comforted in knowing that events are planned.

    One of my sisters had a dream that our deceased mother came up to her and invited her to a stroll. She was shocked and pleasantly surprised. Suddenly our old dead family dog came up to her jumping with excitement; a moment later, her deceased dog came up to her. She was perplexed. “How could this be, you are all dead?” she said. She was awe struck by the terrific feeling of joy and peace in the dream. A long white stretch limo pulled up and my sister tried to grab the handle but some invisible force prevented her from opening the door. My mother told her that it was not for her.
    When my sister woke up from the dream she was comforted to have received the message and felt that it was an expression of everything being o.K.

  13. I forgot to mention something in my last comment. I talked about having a vision of going up in an elevator. When I was visiting my brother in the hospital, I was doing just that, walking in a marbled corridor and going up the elevator.

  14. Thanks Pam, you have touched my heart so many times. I love you 🙂 I have recommended your books for my friends.

  15. why wouldn’t we grab onto the concept that the end isn’t the end, instead the beginning of forever in a place we catch glimpses of in our most beautiful dreams. Faith is the hardest thing to have, but holds the key to peace on earth.

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