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The most important question you will ever ask: What are you willing to believe is possible?

“Let your mind be cleared of all the foolish cobwebs which the world would weave.”—A Course in Miracles

Let me guess. You probably watched some TV show last night—maybe the season finale of “The Good Wife” or “Game of Thrones” or one of the other hot shows that TV execs like to run on Sunday night. According to Nielsen, an average of 124.2 million viewers tune in Sunday prime-time. That’s a lot of eyes.

Whatever you watched, you didn’t for a moment believe it was factual information. You knew the story you sat glued to was the creation of some evil genius scriptwriter. You might cringe at Tyrion being set up by his sister or sigh over Alicia Florrick’s latest lawsuit, but you knew the moment you turned the TV off, it was basically irrelevant to your life.

That’s how I view most of what the world calls “reality.” It’s made-up. It’s a mental construct that was created not by a scriptwriter, but by a world gone mad. This dominant paradigm that we call “reality” has gone unquestioned for far too long. The “news” that we so worry about is no more real than “Game of Thrones.”

We only THINK we’re bound and gagged by the world’s reality.

It’s not real, people, and, at any time, we can suspend our investment in these fictional stories of separation and problems and dysfunction. It’s up to us to create a more joyful reality. It’s all a matter of where we focus our attention.

We draw from the field of infinite potentiality carbon copies of what we expect and believe. I expect and believe that “something amazingly awesome” will happen to me each day. So, of course, it always does.

Expectations and beliefs are powerful. They also create “reality.”

Tell me in the comment sections below, “What are you willing to believe is possible for yourself and for the world?”

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the soon-to-be-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. After 6 months of Cancer Chemo I am on the mend and my intent and expect ions are melding. I truly than you for your books!

  2. I believe enlightenment is possible for the world…where every life is valued and every opportunity is available. Where we pass the tipping point between darkness and the light where we all freely walk in peace. I believe that is possible. And I believe I have the ability to help manifest that world. (I also believe this was the best Good Wife season to date…)

  3. Thanks for asking, Pam!

    For me: I believe it it possible to find PEACE and to be wildly successful as I serve others to relax and rejuvenate at my PEACE of paradise, Villa Amor Del Mar, our Boutique Inn.

    For the world: I believe world PEACE is possible.

  4. I truly can only formulate and believe what’s possible for me.

    I’ve come to (re-believe) via your book that I do indeed have control over what i accomplish and possess. It’s just gonna take practice like teaching a dog to “shake paws”. Just repetition and the belief i can do it will turn the trick.

  5. The sky’s the limit! I’m 67 and just getting started. Sometimes it takes that long to open up to the universe. 🙂

    1. I believe it’s possible for me to be married soon,with Bachelor degree completion. Great strong relationships. And For the World to have more peace,love, andsettled disagreements.

  6. Hi Beautiful!
    For me, I believe it’s possible that I am, every day, supported perfectly and wonderfully and abundantly and awesomely and more! in every happy and juicy way, for me to continue in my blissful and delightful career as a children’s book author and illustrator. I also believe it’s possible that you and I can create a fabulously successful children’s book together ( how much fun would that be!? ) and that your new book ( & ESquared ) is available on Audible!

    For the world, I believe it is possible that “scarcity” is understood for what it is…a phony baloney mental construct…there IS always enough for everyone!

  7. I believe I will be a home owner again sooner than I think and I believe my husband’s business will be a success no matter how much negativity my family throws at us. I believe my brilliant son is going to do something so amazing with his life that it will blow everyone’s socks off!!!

    This is a fantastic post!

    Thank you!!

  8. Geat post as always, Pam. Have you been following the story of California Chrome (race horse) and his owners? They are truly manifesting their dream!!!

  9. I believe my husband is journeying home to return to our family and bask in the love and joy we have for him.

  10. I believe in my ability to create a wonderful life for myself and and my loved ones. I have proof of endless miracles that have happened in my life.
    I am grateful for everything that I am and have and specially for Pam´s words that feel me with hope and positive energy every time.

  11. I believe I Am a bed and breakfast / retreat owner. I believe I am a conduit for the Universe/God for healing people from addictions by using E.F.T. tapping. People come to me to be healed in an hour, in a day or for a week. I am fulfilled and it is so now! I also use the things i learned in your book to help poeple believe in their own power. Life is oh so good!

  12. I am willing to believe that I am capable of leaving a karmic marriage which is complete and no longer healthy, and live independently. I am willing to believe that I can find fulfilling work and raise my children. I am willing to believe I can marry my true love and live an authentic life with her.

  13. “The greatest illusion is that humankind has limitations”
    Robert A. Monroe
    My thoughts also, right place, right time,”Right Thought”… what can we not accomplish.

  14. My complete faith and trust in The Universe continues to provide me with a reality of eternal joy and happiness triggered by perfect health, infinite youth, and independent and abundant financial freedom!

  15. I believe that my past is NOT a predictor of my future – as Jim Carey says – I have a ridiculous belief in what I can manifest! including a highly successful real estate career, helping others to exceed their dreams… I believe in my own infinate potential. ahhh ahhh what a year it is, what a year!!

  16. Pam,

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts and your comments. You have a core belief system that is very much aligned with the same ideals that I share. I wanted to say kudos for the wisdom and the knowledge you so willingly share to others.


  17. I see and believe that health, money and love is like the Sun; for its energy shines on everyone and everything. Thank you Pam. I always smile at your new blog notifications in my email.

  18. I see and believe that i have successful career as a freelance musician. I believe that i am always in demand for my services. i believe that i play music because i want to not because i have to. I am the winner of the south African powerball jackpot!

  19. I believe that I create my own reality & I am the only one responsible for what is happening to me & in realizing that more & more every day I am alert as to how my thoughts bring me what I want or don’t want & that as soon as more people realize they too create their own reality the world will begin changing rapidly for the better

  20. I am willing to believe that my past thoughts of limitation and lack are of my own making. I am willing to believe that my limitless, bountiful future is unfolding and I am headed to more fruitful future than I ever dreamed possible! It is happening and will continue to happen EVERYDAY!!

  21. This is off topic but I just want to say that I love EVERY post you put up. I usually HATE getting what I think of as spam in my email inbox but when I see a new post that you’ve written I’m excited to read it. I read every single post of yours that comes through my inbox. Thank you so much for your inspirational and uplifting message. We need more people like you Pam. Thank you for helping me become happier and more fulfilled in life.

    I believe that I’m going to take my true passion and calling in life and create something amazing from that.

    I’m also VERY optimistic about our future. I think our world is headed in a positive direction and honestly has been throughout human history. You may not get that perspective by watching the news (which is why I don’t) but if you look at statistics, it is better now than it ever has been and it just keeps getting better. If you had a time machine, would you really rather live in the past than the present?

    Think about it.

    Thanks again Pam for all of your awesome work!

  22. I was looking for the man and my dreams and wanted to meet him in seven days. It has now been ten months since we found each other. Yes we met on the seventh day. We are also engaged to be married. Life truly is wonderful.

    I also see myself with enough money in my life and money comes to me in so many different ways. I don’t worry about money because I know that I am blessed.

  23. I see a world where everybody accepts themselves unconditionally, loves themselves unconditionally. I too see our world heading in a positive direction.

  24. I truly believe that the money will come to pay for our daughters wedding, that my husband will find the perfect job for him, that we will get out of debt and I will be able to make enough money, for my needs and wants, using my creative talents.
    Thanks for everything Pam! You are AWESOME!

  25. In general I agree with your main premise, but I wonder about freely watching any and everything and just saying, “It’s not real.” Haven’t achieved that level of spiritual stability yet where I can be casual about what I pay attention to, or whom I hang out with. I think we have to be very grounded in surety, certainty of Truth to withstand all that comes “at” us each day. ‘Til I get better, have tuned out of “The Good Wife” which I initially loved, and “Godzilla,” in favor of HGTV and “Frozen”!!

    Keep up the good posts, am just now reading your book “E-Squared”.

  26. For me: Financial security, so I can be creative, have fun, and help others to my heart’s content!
    For the world: To see a growing understanding that we all are part of the collective unconscious, and are all truly ONE!

  27. I believe that the desire of my heart to have a horse and animal rescue on a beautiful piece of property in western new york is just the beginning of bringing health and healing to both God’s precious creatures, and mankind alike. The Universe is awesome and will provide! For this I am so very grateful and in awe.

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