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“The vibrations of mental forces are the finest and most powerful in existence”–Charles Haanel

“It’s a healthy thing to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.”–Bertrand Russell

Not only do readers send inspiring stories about the experiments in my book, E-Squared, but they also send links and TED talks and lots of related anecdotes. This one came to me last week, and after securing permission to share, I’m doing just that.

Thank you, Michele, for sending this along.

“I was a single mom of two little boys and each night we did our prayers, but it was more me telling them that what they focus on will eventually come about. When my oldest son was around 6 years old we were doing our prayers when he announced that he wanted a turtle, and that is what he was going to ask for.

I couldn’t back down from what I always told them and I didn’t want to put any doubt in his mind at all. But what was I going to say when he didn’t get this turtle after I had always told them this “asking for and believing thing” works! Oh well, I kissed him and told him to hold that thought, but as I turned my back I immediately started to worry about what was I going to say and how was I going to explain to him when this didn’t happen!

“At around 10:30 pm there was a knock at my door, and believe me it scared me silly! I cautiously went to the door and peered through the window. I threw me off when I saw my girlfriend’s-cousin’s-husband standing there. Now he didn’t have a very good reputation and we never talked to each other, but curiosity won over and I opened the door slowly.

“Very sheepishly and with reserve he stammered and finally just blurted out, “So sorry if I startled you, but as you know I work as the maintenence guy for the county golf course, and occationally I find turtles on the fields. I just found this turtle and put it in my truck to take to my two boys. When I was driving home something just told me that maybe your boys would want this as I always bring these home for my boys.

“So, uh, heres a turtle if you think your boys would want it. Uh … good night….” and he quickly turned and walked away. I was dumbfounded! and said thank you and accepted this turtle, and that was it! I was not on his route home, he had to go out of his way. We never spoke of it, and really we just went on never speaking directly to each other again unless we were in a group.

“The next morning I told my son and he just went along like “of course I got a turtle, that’s what I asked for” attitude, but to me it was mindblowing and proof that we should always have the faith of a child.”

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  1. Dear Pam, Dear Michele,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Especially, the last six words “have the faith of a child”. Wish your family, including turtle, happy lives… Anu Schmid Switzerland



  2. I just LOOOVE this story! Ahhh, the faith and belief of a child! Reading this story makes it easier to remember and channel that anticipation, that feeling, which works just as well in our adult life. 😉 Thanks to Michele for sharing this!

  3. WOW I love that mind blowing proof! Good timing. I just completed Energy Experiment # 2 from E-squared this morning. I saw lots of beige cars in the first 24 hours and in the second 24 hours I intended on seeing a red fox. When I woke up this morning I had not yet seen a red fox and my 24 hours would be expiring in the next 30 minutes. I decided to help the experiment along by flipping through a 2014 animal calendar that I have hanging next to my computer. Low and behold there was a red fox in January. I was happy to see a red fox but also was aware that I helped the experiment along. I decided I was warm with this experiment so will repeat experiment # 2 again in a few days. Meanwhile I was thinking it would be nice to have a support group with this and some answers what to do if the experiment doesn’t work.
    I certainly caught myself in moments of doubting I would see a red fox as I went through my day yesterday and put icing on that cake by putting some effort into looking for a red fox this morning when I knew I had only 30 minutes left to go. Who knows maybe someone would have knocked on my door at 7:29 a.m. had I not put effort into finding myself a red fox. A lovely answer from the universe this “faith of a child” story.

    Joan F

  4. Wonderful story but as an animal lover my mind was zeroing in on the fact that this turtle was taken from his natural habitat for a human’s own enjoyment. Really these wild creatures are not to be pets. Sorry for being a bummer to the story but this really bothers me. We really have to teach the young the importance of respect to our fellow creatures besides attracting everything we want.

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