“Evade every influence that keeps you frozen in the past. ” ― Rob Brezsny

“Our inner fire bursts into flame by an encounter with another human.”—Albert Schweitzer

In E-Cubed, the book I just turned in, the follow-up book to E-Squared, the book that comes out, I’m told, on September 16, I talk a lot about the importance of community.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no substitute for getting together with fellow compadres who are walking the path of enlightenment, who are interested in energy and miracles.

Neuroscientists have discovered that humans reverberate to the actions and emotions of people around them. This unspoken, but ongoing communication is why someone yawning can make you yawn even if you slept 10 hours the night before. It’s why bouncing around in Zumba with a group or applauding with a concert audience makes us feel so happy.

This resonance is why I’m part of two power posses here in my hometown. We get together weekly (one is twice a month) to talk about quantum physics, spirituality and the idea that consciousness creates the foundation of our lives. We encourage each other, celebrate with each other and challenge each other’s personal perceptions.

I walk out of those groups….no, I should say I dance out of those groups buzzing with joy and love and creative ideas. Which creates even more joy and love and makes me wonder. Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Just like the ability to run a four-minute mile was considered ridiculous nonsense until Roger Bannister finally did it on May 6, 1954 (and has been done many times since), it’s ridiculous nonsense to believers of old school conditioning that they have any say in creating miracles.

Which is why I love the positive outliers in my posses. When I hear stories from my friends who have “gone beyond” what was previously considered possible, I “get” for myself what’s possible for me. I’m suddenly able to run four-minute miles myself.

Annola Charity, who you may remember from this very blog, is a treasured member of both my power posses. You may not know her name now, but, mark my word, you will. This woman is a powerhouse. She’s an author, a beautiful seamstress, a singer—well, there’s not much she can’t do.

So, in honor of four-minute miles and power posses, I’d like to share two stories from my dear friend Annola.

The first, took place several years ago. She was visiting a small Kansas town with her boyfriend. She’s African-American, he’s white and the local yokels weren’t sure what to think of this unusual combination. They didn’t exactly tell them to leave, but they made it clear they weren’t happy with their presence.

Annola told her guy, “Don’t worry. I can fix this.”

So she got very clear in her mind, began focusing on love, on Truth, on the unshakeable fact that we all really love each other. And before long, the “haters” dropped away, the judgers disappeared and everyone in the little town became this biracial couple’s best friends.

The other story, also from Annola, is about the multi-dimensional reality of the quantum field. (Which, hint, hint is what my next blog post is about) In the Field of Infinite Potentiality (the F.P., as I like to call it), we exist in countless dimensions, but because we’re focused on this one material dimension, we miss a lot of blessings, miracles, signs and possibilities.

A few months ago, Annola sold one of her extra bread pans at a garage sale. It was longer than most and she had plenty so she decided to let it go. Last week, she was making a particular recipe and thought to herself, “Hmm, too bad. I sold that pan. It would work perfectly for this recipe.” She opened the cabinet and there, nested in the frying pan she uses on a near-daily basis, was the extra-long bread pan that she’d sold but needed to draw back into her life.

That’s how it works, folks. Or at least that’s a four-minute mile I choose to now run. In the comments section below, tell us about a “four-minute mile” that you’ve run and would like to encourage the rest of us is possible. Together, guys, we can turn this world around.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the forthcoming E-Cubed: 9 More Energy Experiments that Prove Mirth, Merriment and Miracle-making is Your Natural State.

34 Comments on ““Evade every influence that keeps you frozen in the past. ” ― Rob Brezsny

  1. I wish I lived near you and your group. 🙂 I am going to get right on attracting a group to me, me to a group, however the Universe works it. I am so ready for more more more of love love love.

  2. Reblogged this on Anne K. Scott and commented:
    The past is over! This is a powerful concept, it means that we can start with a clean slate, open to all and every possibility. There is a part of us that finds its safety in the past, that bases what is possible on what has already happened. To run a 4 minute mile isn’t about railing against the evidence, it is about forgetting the evidence of the past and about creating new visions of possibility. Now that is mastery being able to shift from the default human egoic option to the vision of our unique spirit that knows that we create the future. I am working on that muscle – how about you?

  3. Pam, above you asked: “Why doesn’t everyone do this?” (Participate in communities) Other than the obvious: that some of us are connectors and socially-inclined, and others of us are not-as-much (myself included) — I do enjoy great conversation about great things with great people – and we have one pair of friends with whom we do just that. Groups? Communities? God knows I’ve tried. We live in a New Age-friendly town at the moment, with no shortage of spiritual-topic groups – yet the groups I’ve found don’t resonate with me. I keep thinking there’s something wrong with me, perhaps. Too picky? I’ll find a group talking about all the topics you mention above, and the members are typically engaging in airy-fairy, mumbo-jumbo new-age speak surrounded by candles and incense and crystals and hugs. I think I’m about to answer my own question: I need to form my own group? “Quantum Physics and Spirituality group – no candles or incense required….” ?? Defining what I’m looking for is the challenge, maybe…..

  4. okay Pam I’m missing something. How did the bread pan appear? I get alot of this stuff but making things appear? Please??

    • The Quantum Field makes no sense to our human, Newtonian pea brains, but the way I understand it, we are connected to many different dimensions and everything is available all the time. But because we’re tuning into a single dimension, we miss the giant connection. It’s like when we’re watching NBC. CBS and CNN are also available, at the same time but we’re not aware of them because we’re tuned into NBC.

  5. When I read your blog, I end up sitting in front of my computer with a huge grin on my face…..I’m sure if anyone walked in and saw me, they would really wonder about me!! That makes me LAUGH!

  6. I love it! My four minute mile story happened this weekend. I live in Orlando, Florida and my kids are on Spring Break, along with tons of others who are visiting our lovely warm state. When I woke up Sunday morning, I sat in bed and visualized how I wanted our day to go, including a trip to a water park in the tourist area, Sea World’s Aquatica water park. We have passes because we are local and we love the place. I visualized getting there quickly, without any traffic. I went into detail of how lovely the park was going to be and how we were going to get to ride all the rides we wanted. Well, the Universe supplied above and beyond! Many times the park stops taking people due to crowding, especially on weekends and Spring Break, but we got in, parked close to the door. We entered the park without waiting in lines. The attendance was sparse, we walked on EVERY ride without having to wait in any lines all day. We rode all the rides we wanted over and over and over! This was a Sunday…during Spring Break! How cool was that????!!! I thanked the universe all day long for such a wonderful day. Over and beyond what I had asked for! I was telling the staff how great the day was and how few people there were and they were in shock because the previous day was overcrowded and hectic! Woohoo! Thank you Universe!

  7. Pam
    Would you be willing to give us some guidance on finding a group or starting one? What should it be called? Where would it be posted? I would so appreciate your guidance. I have put it out in the universe and I know the universe will respond.

    • It can be called any old thing you want it to be called. Some folks have started meet-up groups and others have connected on Facebook. If you make a strong intention, you’ll attract the right folks for your group. Ours just keep getting better and better.

  8. Wow, I love the bread pan story! My four-minute mile is happening right now, with my favorite theater collaborators at The City Shakespeare Company. Our vision is to create theater that changes people – and we’re doing it, but I’m super clear that it only happens because all of us are in it together. Thanks for the great article, Pam.

  9. Hi Pam! !:). 🙂 So excited to hear a release date for E-CUBED !!!:):)..Don’t know if this is a ” Four minute mile ” moment but it made me take notice. ?.:):) Earlier this year I was questioning my relationship so one morning before getting out of bed I said ” Okay guys. ..if this relationship is good for me put a LIVE TURTLE AT MY FEET “. ? I wanted it to be a LIVE TURTLE & it had to be AT MY FEET. .As I was getting dressed my partner rushed inside… he wanted to me to see what he had found in the alley. ..he NEVER goes to the dumpster so I went to the backyard & in a bucket AT MY FEET was a LIVE FEMALE TURTLE !!!! So me being me I said ” Okay guys…Where is her partner. ?” As we headed to the back door a LIVE MALE TURTLE came out of flower bed and stopped on the porch by the door!!!! Thanks for the power posse idea….gonna work on starting one here :):):)

  10. Physics experiments have proven you find what you are looking for … AND double blind experiments prove you can change the past. Time is a mass consciousness agreement, let’s get on with the reality shifting in this holographic universe (nod to Michael Talbot, author).

  11. Hi Pam,

    That was a lovely post. I finally understand why talking about these things with like-minded people sometimes fills me with tremendous energy. I have been wondering, how this energy came to me. 🙂

    Regarding my four minute mile, I have quite a few such experiences. I will share the one that comes to my mind now. This happened 3 years ago. At that time, I was living in Bangalore, India. I was looking for a meditation workshop that I knew was somewhere in that area. The place I was in that day, was a newly developed area – quiet and desolate. I was walking from the bus stand, following the directions that the workshop owner had shared with me.

    And then, I took a wrong turn somewhere. I will share in the beginning that I am not very good at directions. When I realized my mistake, I looked around me. There were only two men and they did not seem friendly. I suddenly felt that I have committed a blunder – I could feel that those men were not very nice people.

    I knew that fear would not help. So, I decided to try an alternate approach. In my mind, I repeated, “Everyone that I talk to are nice, helping people and they will help me find out the workshop.” I repeated this in my mind, I believed it with certainty and I thanked God that I am protected. And then, I felt that the vibe of those men had changed. Were they mirroring my changed perception? I do not know, But they went away talking to each other. I now could see people around me who were nice family people – mother taking her child out on a troller, grandparents walking with their grandchildren, and I could get the direction of my workshop from one of them.

    Thanks, Pam. It was a delight reading your book and even more delightful to be interacting with you at this level.


  12. Hello Pam – Thank you for your uplifting influence on the world.  Looking forward very much to “E-Cubed.”  “E-Squared” found me last year, right after a challenging series of life events.  The timing was excellent, incredible and perfect!    I wonder if we have common ancestors in Elon and Luella Grout.  My grandmother, Cleone, was one of their younger children and a wonderful person. Her sisters Ersie, Erma, Esther and Alta (and their children) and brother Elmer were frequent and welcome visitors.  There was much laughter and generous spirit among these loved ones, and I was lucky to witness and share in it.     My best wishes for your continued happiness!  Thanks again for blessing our lives with your work, which I wager feels more like play.  Lynn Dee (Lysdahl) Smith  

    I love my garden and since I will be away now and then this summer I need help. And then suddenly a teenager pops up and said he could do it!!! So no advertising or asking all my friends….. (have had professional gardeners and it absolutely didn’t work out)

    I would love to have a group to inspire each other! Anyone living in the central part of Switzerland, Europe??? No candles and inscents required!!

    Love you all and have a wonderful inspiring day with all the people you love!!

  14. Thank you so much, Pam, for being my inspirational guide. Miracles have been happening in my life and will go on happening since I read E-Squared and began practicing, after many, many years of reading hundreds of books looking for the truth. Your wonderful writing brought the best in me. I love you. Send you my best wishes from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  15. My four minute mile is just beginning….as a retiree, I want to assure that there is plenty of money available for a comfortable life for my husband and myself. Like many retirees, we think about lack. And this is not a thought I want to put out into the universe. SO, I’ve changed that thought – I put on my big girl pants and have committed to a new venture along with several “…compadres walking the path of enlightenment”; its called Rain International; a new concept in the delivery of vitamins and supplements. We are all on fire, REDISCOVERING our creativity, resourcefulness, and excitement to share this commitment with everyone! UNIVERSE HEAR US ROAR!

  16. Last month I was working on a project at a client’s site. Typically in the past I’ve done small jobs for him from my office but this project was done on-site and expected to take about 6-8 weeks. At around 8 weeks I was still struggling some to get through it mostly because they had added more requirements to the project. But around the 8th week a couple of employees (one being the owner’s brother) made some comments that made me start to wonder if they felt I was “milking” my stay there. I could have been wrong but it felt that way. So I decided I needed to have a good talk with the owner who was often very difficult to pin down either because of being on the road a lot or putting out one fire or another. So a couple of days after I heard those comments I told myself while driving into work that I was going to meet with the owner first thing that morning, that it was going to be a good focused meeting with no interruptions, and the outcome was going to be very positive. So as I get to work and am walking down the hallway about to make a turn down another hallway to the conference room to setup my laptop there was the owner straight ahead coming out of a room discussing something with some of his employees. He saw me straight away, immediately finished his conversation and followed me down to the conference room where we had a great uninterrupted conversation and had exactly the outcome I intended on! Since then I’ve done this with a couple of other situations and the results were exactly as I intended! Our thoughts do create our reality!

  17. Thank you, Pam, for another energy-filled post. So cool that many people have 4-minute-mile stories to share, and that we all want to find a group of like-minded people. Look forward to E-Cubed!

  18. One of my four minute miles: I was doing a guided meditation by Lisa beachy called “meet your guardian angel”. In it, she says that your guardian angel may give you a gift. I was given a wrench. At first I thought it was odd but I’ve learned not to question these things so I just went on with the meditation. Later that day I was inspecting a vacant apartment for a new tenant. I checked all of the cabinets in the kitchen, which were all empty, as they should have been. When I opened the last cabinet there was the exact wrench sitting on the shelf. It was surreal and heartwarming all at once.
    Love e squared and can’t wait for E cubed!

  19. This — finding a community— here where I live is a longing that I am not doing well at meeting yet. I am finding community in the writing group and through others that I have met on line that is helping me ride through this loneliness in my outer world — a loneliness that I have helped impose by fearing to let people see those not so excellent parts of me. I am beginning to risk the stumbles to find my way into the world of people again. It is scary. It is my 4 mile run, and like a 4 mile run, something I am needing to work toward one training session at a time.

  20. Oh! On a recent business trip, going through security, my driver’s license with “last name update card” was not “good enough”, (even though this is what Pennsylvania gives). I’ve had this for 3 years (but driver’s license update/expiration is thus July). I have flown a few handfuls of times in the past 3 years. This particular time, 2 weeks ago, security wanted another form of ID with my new last name for additional verification. Really???!! Reaching for my wallet…..it wasn’t in my purse! I RAN to ticketing, my wallet was there. If security hadn’t asked for additional verification, I would’ve been on my trip with zero cash, credit, etc!

    AND… my trip was to Minneapolis, in a hotel joined with the Mall of America! How awful that would’ve been!! 🙂

  21. And, I’ve commented/written to Pam about $2500 I won with experiment #1. (and wrote a review on Amazon) right before I won (at the casino), I found a shiny penny. This was within hours of doing my experiment. Now, I find pennies everywhere, ALWAYS near a doorway. A few days ago, I “lost” my kitty! For 2 hours! I was frantic! While searching for ill’ Lola, I found a penny! I just knew all would be okay, although I was still in tears in search of her. I prayed and prayed, and found her 15 minutes later!

    Question: has anyone experienced this? Finding pennies? All of a sudden? Since the experiment etc (December 20th approx)??? I have found about a dozen pennies since!

    • Nicole, I find pennies all the time. It’s usually 1 single Penny. It continues to fascinate me. The fact that I looked down just at the right time to find all of these pennies. I have a whole jar of them on my dresser, along with other coins that I’ve found. One day I was sitting in my backyard and I happened to look down at the grass. Staring up at me was a four leaf clover! I’ve preserved it between two small pieces of waxed paper and now it sits with the pennies.

  22. This one is small, but I loved it.

    I took my dog’s leash off and put it in my pocket because we were in the woods and I was taking pictures. When I was ready to leave, I went to take the leash out. It wasn’t there.

    I wandered around and around the woods for a long while – looking for that leash – with no luck. I had gone off the trail, and hadn’t followed a path, so I couldn’t even remember where all I had been. I finally figured the leash was lost and I wondered how I’d get the pup home safely on the streets without it.

    But then, I decided to ask the angels to help me find it. I walked back into the woods one last time. This time, I noticed a tree in the distance. I remembered that I had stood by that particular tree for a while, taking pictures, and I hadn’t checked there yet. I went over to the tree and there was the leash, draped on one of the branches.

    I was so delighted. Really, I still am. 🙂

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