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“Get yourself in alignment with the quantum field and you’ll beam like the sun.”—Russell Brand

“Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself and thus make yourself indispensable.”—Andrew Gide

It’s your lucky day, boos. Another great blog post from my buddy, Greg Kuhn. Take it away, Greg:

Why Being Useful Almost Always Guarantees You Success and Happiness

The energy of “you” (who you are) forms coherence with the energy of the quantum field. Becoming coherent with the energy of the quantum field means that like-energy from the quantum field becomes in-synch with “you”. And, once in-synch, the energy of the quantum field forms a material reality which matches (or is in alignment) with “you”.

A more common phrase we use for the energy of “you” is “your beliefs”. Your beliefs are who “you” are and they are the “you” that the quantum field becomes coherent with.

Furthermore, the vehicle with conveys the energy of your beliefs (or “you”) to the quantum field are your expectations. Your expectations are unconsciously formed by your beliefs and they act as the messengers between “you” and the quantum field.

And, thus, your material reality is formed every moment of every day you’re alive.
So it will continue to behoove you to intentionally create beliefs which are congruent with your desires. This is the missing secret instruction manual for the law of attraction; be what you want to manifest by aligning your beliefs with it.

In fact, it not merely behooves you to intentionally create beliefs aligned with your desires. In most respects, it is the ONLY thing you need to do. Because once your beliefs and desires are in alignment – that is precisely the point where the universe takes care of the rest. Because that’s exactly what the quantum field does!

And a fantastic, universal place to start creating aligned beliefs is by being useful or being of value. Why? Because when you focus on being useful, or of value, you are creating, or reinforcing, beliefs that feed into a paradigm of giving and receiving, of sharing freely. And this paradigm almost always helps you feel more worthy of receiving that which you truly wish to manifest.

Being useful, or of value, works for at least three reasons:

1. First, it is fun, inspiring, and uplifting to help people and, thus, vicariously succeed through them.

2. Second, you almost always abundantly receive that which you give; so, even though it won’t be your intention, you’ll usually wind up benefiting much more than those whom you’re helping.

3. And, third, the rule of reciprocity teaches that you cannot receive life’s gifts until there is “space” for them in your life – both literally and figuratively.

In other words, being useful is actually a supremely energizing method for your greater participation in life’s abundance. For your playing “Grow a Greater Me” at the highest levels.

And you get to help other people too! What a deal.

About the Author

Greg Kuhn is a professional educator and a futurist, specializing in framing new paradigms for 21st Century living. Devoted readers have dubbed him “The Law of Attraction Science Guy”.

Until 2012, he wrote primarily with his father, Dr. Clifford Kuhn, M.D., about health, wellness, and productivity.

Since 2012, Greg has been busy writing his acclaimed Why Quantum Physicists… series: Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat, Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance, and Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Suffer. His newest book, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs, will be out in October 2013. All are available on Amazon.

Greg Kuhn lives in Louisville, KY with a wonderful wife and four fantastic sons (one by marriage) whom he couldn’t write without; you can read more at his website, http://www.whyquantumphysicists.com

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  1. This was extremely helpful. I was losing faith in this information. I am still waiting on the location of my cellphone. But I have decided not to give up.

  2. I read both Pam’s and Greg’s books, and found them both fascinating and enlightening. However, to be perfectly honest, nothing much has changed in my reality after practising the exercises. I will still be purchasing Pam’s new book when it’s released, as I love her writing style, and I’m convinced of her integrity.

    After many years of reading ‘spiritual’ books, I am wondering if even the experiences in here, and the very many other books I’ve read, are subjective, rather than objective. It strikes me, that the only explanation of how only a few people actually benefit ‘demostratively’ from there books, is that they are personal experiences, which the writer hopes will appertain to everyone.
    The other thing that I wondervif anyone else has noticed, that although Pam recommends Greg’s books, they are very dissimilar in both application and logic.

    Personally, I feel Pam’s books are more applicable to the more spiritually oriented readers, while Greg’s for the non believers amongst us. And although I am aware of the convergence of the two subject matters, I think reading the two books may cause a little confusion, as it did with me.
    Everythingvis relative however, and choice is free for each of us, so I hope that my opinions are taken as observation alone, and in no way meant to lead, or mislead anyone.


  3. “A more common phrase we use for the energy of “you” is “your beliefs”. Your beliefs are who “you” are and they are the “you” that the quantum field becomes coherent with.” This is powerful … and although I don’t for a moment think that my beliefs are who I am … they are the energy that the quantum field becomes coherent with and from which the life that is mine is experienced … the question for me at this point when things don’t go as I would prefer … what is going on in the unconscious … that 80% that drives the ship … change occurs when THAT shifts 🙂 I love this !!!

  4. Along these lines- the way I see it, feeling “entitled” isn’t really a bad thing. It’s kind of necessary for things to come to you.

    If a person is useful to others, but does it like a martyr, I don’t think they will get anything back. I have really changed my ideas about this. I used to believe that a “good” person will eventually be rewarded. But that doesn’t always happen. The people who believe it is normal and feel they are entitled get a lot more.

    It’s not about morality and reward. Obviously, because there’s not necessarily a “moral” rhyme or reason why people have a huge stroke of good luck or accomplish something. Criminals can attract tons of money, as an example. So while that’s not a road I’m interested in (lol) it does demonstrate the law of attraction.

    It’s interesting- and so much easier- to look at it this way rather than a new age/spiritual way that somehow links reward with being your most spiritually evolved self. Other than being a decent person, I can’t possibly worry about what level of spiritual refinement is necessary to achieve what I want- how could I even quantify that, what God is going to give me a peek at the numbers? What Greg and Pam say is so much more straightforward.

    It’s late for me, hope this makes sense. 🙂

    1. The only thing that is bothering me is that, no I still have not found my cellphone and I used my last $20.00 to get this book because I actually believed what it said. I guess all that is on me. I haven’t picked up the book since but I guess since I did buy it I might as well read it, because in spite of eeverything it is good reading. I really wanted to believe that you were telling the truth.

  5. I find these blogs to be so inspiring. It takes playful imagination to connect with the purity of who we are, and thus allowing magical things to happen in our lives. We must feel and see beyond what ‘normal’ people understand as reality to expand on your own. We mustn’t buy into the lack of anything, because that is what we will then experience. Having a deep knowingness of who you are in spite of circumstances or what others say about you is how one follow’s one’s true path. We must keep asking questions to ourselves of how to listen and honor ourselves in order to be and give to the world. Knowing that we have all that we need is an amazing reminder and gives me strength to take steps in my life. To uplift and inspire. 🙂

  6. By giving (being of value) we act like God acts, which aligns us with the power of God (Universal Consciousness.) FYI, everyone, Greg will be back on my radio show on December 30th (www.blogtalkradio.com/magnificent.) The show will be announced the first week of December, so stay tuned for a half hour dedicated to exploring the power of our subconscious mind. Blessings.

  7. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    The trick to changing unhelpful beliefs imprinted on your nervous system in childhood is to create “imprint vulnerability” and then reprogram your mental and emotional software. Robert Anton Wilson explained this thoroughly in his wonderful book “Prometheus Rising”. NLP is a modern method for doing so, as, I believe Silva also is.

    When we keep attracting more of what we don’t want, I believe the culprit is often our “hardwired” imprints unconsciously keeping beliefs we no longer agree with active. There’s no point in beating ourselves up over it, just find a better tool to overwrite the “program” with.

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