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It’s time to push the reset button.

“If beating ourselves up worked, we’d all be thin, rich and happy by now.”—Cheryl Richardson

Louise Hay, my mentor, my publisher and the most awesome 87-year-old on the planet, recommends mirror work. That’s where, rather than asking the mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all, you look deep into your own eyes and tell the reflection in that bloody mirror that you are beautiful, fabulous, worthy, talented, creative and all sorts of other truths that far out-trump being “fair.”

My friend Rhonda told me she was watching Louise and Cheryl Richardson give a lecture called “You Can Create an Exceptional Life.”  Louise, who touts mirror work on a daily basis, reached into her bra at one point, pulled out a tiny mirror, looked into it and said, “Hey, good-looking. How’s it going?”

Now, that’s someone who walks her talk.

I, too, have been thinking about mirrors.  But more about the big mirror called life. Everything we see out there is a reflection of what’s in here. Inside ourselves.

And just like you wouldn’t notice your lipstick was smudged and try to fix it on the mirror, you can’t really fix the “problems” in your life by fixing them in the mirror of your life. You have to go inside. That’s where everything originates and where all solutions lie.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Hi Pam, Thank you so much for the reminder. Ms. Hay is very inspirational. I do this when I am getting ready in the morning. Reminding myself of my beauty and affirming that I can have anything I want in life. The Universe is there for all of us. Have a blessed day!!

  2. Pam I totally appreciate your mirror metaphor. Thank you! Please reply to those of us out here who tried your E2 Experiment #1 but did not receive miracle or any real results within 48 hours. What is your ‘take’ on why our experiment failed to materialize and how would you suggest we proceed as it is not encouraging if the first one doesn’t work out the way it is supposed to, according to what you say is ‘spiritual law.’ Please reply as I posted on your blog but didn’t hear back. Rickie331 from Hawaii

      1. Pam-Thanks for your comment. Question-if your book says each experiment ‘will’ work, and the first one doesn’t for some of us, despite us feeling open to it and embracing the belief, how do you respond to this from a spiritual law perspective? It either works or it doesn’t but it shouldn’t be mixed results, should it Pam? Some of us are trying to find a reason for why the first experiment didn’t work for us despite us believing we did believe, so to speak (smile). What say you? Rickie in Hawaii

      2. Pam OKAY I just now read your ‘official response’ to my first question, your narrative talked about how E2 initially was a flop (so to speak) but you let go, had fun, kept believing and WOW see what has evolved now!! So I AM going to go out into this day, TODAY, NOW, and just be happy, get happy, find more happy, embrace happy, go swimming soon since I live in Hawaii now, and stay tuned, as this wonderful universe will deliver. Let the flow in and keep beginning, over and over, neverending. Your official response was magic. Rickie in Hawaii

      3. Thanks for this…helpful, since my experiment #1 didn’t work either. So I’m going to go out, get happy, and not do any more of the experiments or repeat the first one, right?

      4. Aloha Debra! I am no expert in these matters. I can say that the career goal I wished to materialize did so but not 48 hours later but several years down the track this summer. Perhaps I was wishing too big is there such a thing (lol)-letting go sounds good. I intend to read Pam’s books again and keep trying to manifest by trying those experiments again. Good luck and sending you manifestation energy!

  3. Once again, your post about mirrors is so right on. I never have to look far for the source of whatever is seeming “not working right”, or whatever. The answer is always back at the projector of the image and once I turn my mind back around, looking within, I see that whatever it is that was dis-harmonious appearing in my life, was a reflection of an out-of-harmonny thought, belief or action with trusting my inner-guidance. Some sneaky little comparison idea or other measure against the objects on screen of my life, has crept in (silly ego). Once I remember that I am the projector and my mind holds only what I think with God, and immediate light dawns and fresh new ways show themselves.
    Thanks for you yummy contribution to awakening the world.

  4. Talk about a difficult task. Heck i take my glasses off and stand four feet away from the mirror when i shave…

    It leads to a very erractic shaving experience 😉

    But this one, this one is the hardest of all. To see ones self and acknowledge your beauty / handsome / goodness.

    Be well


  5. Thanks, Pam for the reminder. Loved E Squared and one year gave Louise Hay’s book “You can heal your life” to all my friends

  6. And if all else seems to fail at reminding yourself of the powerful being you BE – Abe has a suggestion .. In the mirror, try looking deeply into your eyes .. and ask the question … “Source, what do YOU think of me?” 😉

  7. Self-Esteem: Fake it till ya make it (and quit blamin’ your dead parents already!). (From “I’m Not Bitter, I’m From Philadelphia” c Deb Scott 2013)

  8. Ahh this made me smile. So true though. So often we feel it is not ok to believe something about ourselves. But if we take this approach to the mirror, then we can break down those barriers.

  9. I am a died in the wool ‘approval seeker’ working on recovery. A wise friend told me years ago that I needed to take a closet in my home and line it with mirrors. The next moment of confusion I had about “what to do” I needed to go in there….shut the door and ask all the people there what I should do. She guaranteed I’d get the right answer. I loved the idea and talk about it, but now I’m going to DO IT!!! Honestly how many times does it take!!!!

    1. Connie,

      Now this idea, this could be an adventure! Have to try this. Do you have to have a light on though?

      Be well


  10. I am blessed to the moon and back to teach Louise’s work as a licensed and certified heal your life ®practitioners!!!!! I am here to say that mirror work-WORKS and after the uncomfortable bit in the beginning it becomes so much FUN. I have met miss beautiful Louise and she is exactly what you’d imagine and more. Life is amazing:) thank you pam for delivering these powerfully loving effective messages. YOU are a gift to this planet xxx danielle

  11. BELIEVE, people! I re-re-re-read The Dude Abides Principle in E-Squared again last night and IT’S TRUE!! It took a couple of months and a couple of readings to internalize, but it is TRUE. Hang in and hang on! (Thank you, Pam.)

    1. Bless you Pam for gently informing me of Louise’s passing. I can’t think of a better way to remind me of her impact than to see her legacy continue on through you and other writers.

  12. So sorry, it feels like a kind-of-emptiness… although I know she is flying right towards The Light!

  13. Thank you Pam. Lots and lots and lots of love… to you and all who worked so closely with her and for all of us who love Louise Hay from afar… and how she has touched all our lives in so many ways…

  14. Not sad just really thankful for what bright light Louise shone. I have a lot of her affirmations. My favourite when I feel fear coming on: ‘I am safe. All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Only good can come out of this situation. ‘
    RIP dear one

  15. What a great LIGHT Louise Hay has been for millions of people and so many spiritually minded authors. What a blessing for you both, Pam, to have had your paths cross in this World and what a tremendous she’s had on your life and yours, in turn, upon the world. May God Bless Louise for all she has given of herself for so many years. HAPPY HEAVENLY HOMECOMING TO LOUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dear Pam,
    First of all I like your writing style and your choice of words. A few days ago I started to read your book E2. Day one I started with experiment 1 and 2, I kindly asked for some sign/present on my path to proof that the field exists. I gave it explicit 48 hours etc and let it go. For the second experiment I asked to see purple cars and indians in the next 48 hours. So what was the outcome of  the experiments….nothing… for both the experiments. Nothing that I could recognise as a surprising gift or sign. And not a single purple car or indian or indian related thing. There are almost 72 hours past away. The only “surprising” thing that happened today was that I stepped in a sharp thing underwater with my barefoot and my waterfun in the lake ended with that “surprise”. If that is the humor or way of communicating of the field then I don’t see or understand the humor or message.

    Yes I will leave it and do something else that gives me a happy feeling as you advised others but the zero outcome of the first 2 experiments shure isn’t motivating for the believe in the rest of the experiments.

    Maybe you can give more insights?

    Greetings, J

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