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“To me, having fun matters more.”–Richard Branson

“The Universe is so good to me. I am blessed and grateful.”– Alessandra Rossi-Filippi, the Best Dramatic Coloratura Soprano in the World.

I’m in Namibia at the Adventure Travel World Summit with 650 delegates from 64 countries. Can someone say amazing?

Because I also meet so many awesome people here on my blog, including Alessandra Rossi-Filippi, who is not only the best dramatic coloratura soprano in the world, but a world class manifester, I have lots of friends to fill in.

Today’s guest post comes from Linda Ford, coach extraordinaire:

The doors of possibility.

I’ve always loved that scene in The Wizard of Oz movie, when Dorothy—who up until that point has been filmed in black and white (or more accurately, sepia)—opens a door and steps into a wonderful world of brilliant color. Suddenly, with the opening of that door, Dorothy (and the audience) is exposed to a new world of possibilities. It’s pure magic…or is it?

For the first 12 years of my young life, I can only remember seeing colors within the grey spectrum. You see, I grew up in post war England amid endless chain-smoking chimney-stacks, ugly factories, slate-roofed houses, and skies full of rain clouds. But then one day, my parents took me on a car ferry ride across the sea to Ireland. When the huge (grey) metal doors of the ferry opened up to let us out, the color-lenses of young eyes clicked into place. The site of green fields and blue skies flooded my vision—I honestly believed I was seeing color for the first time. And I was.

The journey back home to my grey life in England was inevitable, but somehow or other, I knew that my grey life wouldn’t be long for this world. Something in me had shifted. I had experienced a new dimension, a richness of color, and there was no going back to the mediocrity and sameness of grey.

Such opportunities to see a different reality, to glimpse a new possibility and way of being for my life, have teased me my whole life. I use the word tease because I believe that the universe was (and still is) showing me and coaxing me to consider those possibilities. Just when you think there’s only grey, along comes this other preference, this other choice, and it changes you forever. But, only if you let it.

A more recent example is when I found myself living with a man who was all-wrong for me. In the midst of my miserableness, I would see other couples actually enjoying each other’s company—could it be possible that there’s actually a man out there who could not only like me, but adore me? What a concept. And so I would flirt with the dream…the possibility that I could experience a relationship in an entirely new way.

Peering through the door for a quick look is one thing, but stepping through the door to the other side requires a recognition of the truth—the truth to admit that where you are now is just a pale glimmer of the full spectrum of who you really are and the life you could be living. It also demands of you a fairly thick slice of courage—the courage to slam the old door closed, and walk through the new door.

Unlike Dorothy’s door, our earthly doors don’t magically open up for us—they require our input. And it doesn’t happen overnight. It took me five long, painful years to slam my old relationship door shut. But that’s just me—I have a particularly high threshold for suffering. You can begin your journey by leaving the door ajar and permitting yourself to take a peek through it whenever life feels too grey.

Somehow or other, I’ve always known that the version of myself that I dream about, and the version of the life I crave, really do exist somewhere out there in the future. It’s all waiting for me behind that closed door, waiting for me to catch up with it….to step into it.

The next time you allow yourself to get a glimpse of that glorious, colorful version of yourself in a new life, become like Dorothy. Look around with wonder, marvel at what you’re desiring, feel how good it feels, give it a soundtrack. Feel the pull it has on you. And let yourself hang out there for as long as it takes for you to hear birds chirping and symphonies playing. It just may be the universe giving you a sneak peak at your coming attractions. But don’t be surprised or scared if after all this dreaming, you find yourself one day unable to go back to your old life. This is what’s meant to happen. This is the shift moment…the undeniable no-going back moment. You walking through the door is the magic. That’s when you’ll hear yourself say: I’m not in Kansas anymore….that is, unless you want to be.

Linda Ford is a Master certified coach and LOA expert. She teaches women how to break out of a lifestyle that’s blocking their success and the unfolding of their full potential. Linda has been personally trained by Dr. Martha Beck, NY Times best selling author. Her website is: http://www.attractalife.com

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  1. What an awesome post!!! I was thinking about seeing colours just this week. The fall colours have been at their best this year. Reds are redder, golds are golder and the blue of the sky is magnificent!! Or so it seems to me. But others agree that they are beautiful, but not unusual. So I asked myself what was different this year and realized it is me. As I see and appreciate everything everyday, everything looks, feels and appears awesome. A higher vibration!!!

  2. I love this. I’ve been using the analogy of finally seeing life in full color, a lot, lately. It seems that my eyes have only just begun to see that I was living in black and white most of the time. 😀

  3. Erm – grey England? I grew up in Central London, also post war, and I remember blue skies and trees and flowers and plenty of colour and I loved the sight of Tower Bridge and the river in the sunshine. Depends on your perspective really, doesn’t it?

  4. Loved this post. It resonated. I remember telling myself that I couldn’t have one foot in one life and one in another. It creates a loss of balance. Guess what, I lost my balance for four years now. But 3 1/2 years ago, I put both feet directly under me and moved out and forward. 5 years is nothing compared to the 23 it took me. Will I ever have the dream relationship? Who knows, but until then, I’m finally having one with myself and getting well acquainted. Slammed that door real hard. You said it so well and thank you for all the others that are in the doorway.

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