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The anatomy of an illness A.K.A. the ego’s secret weapon

“A sick thought can devour the body’s flesh more than fever or consumption.”—Guy de Maupassant

You might have heard that the American Psychiatric Association came out with a new manual this year for diagnosing mental illness. It’s called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and you probably won’t be surprised to learn that there are a number of new “diseases” in this 5th edition.

The first DSM, that came out in 1952, listed 26 general disorders. Today, there are more than 400.

I’m not here to debate whether we’re 16 times crazier today, but I have observed that illness (of all kinds) usually starts in the mind and goes from there.

Steven Pressfield, recent Oprah interviewee and author of one of my favorite books (The War of Art) said that his boss at a Madison Avenue ad agency instructed him to invent a disease, because “then we can sell the hell out of its cure.”

According to A Course in Miracles, my main spiritual practice, our physical bodies are potent tools used by the ego for obscuring Truth, for hiding our bodies inherent natural healing power.

Here’s how it works:

1. You notice something’s off.

2. You begin focusing on it.

3. You wonder what “it” might be (as opposed to knowing this
Truth—that you are a child of the most high and cannot inherit illness)

4. You begin investing in it.

5. You give it a name.

6. You google it, start telling your friends about it, you join a support group.

Jill Boelte Taylor, a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist who studies the brain and became famous for her Ted Talk, “My Stroke of Insight,” says that an unresisted thought passes through the brain in 90 seconds.

That is unless you decide to apply the above six steps.

Just saying……

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. It’s still true Pam I do practice and believe in what you say yet I’m severely challenged by it! Going through an autoimmune Hashimoto! Severe methane bacteria overgrowth. I am healer myself snd a health nut and have done a lot of work lije let go and let it heal and all that you say, and in a roller coaster. Right now the challenge is severe;( rashes all over my chest, neck, fingers, stomach…

    1. Always keep in mind that everything that appears true now is temporary. It’s also true as long as we believe it to be true. My tact is always to be as fluid as possible, letting things change as they will. Blessings to you and godspeed!!

  2. This is so true! Time to test this and I already KNOW it’s true. Forcing our thoughts in a different direction is the key! Thank you for the reminder that what we think and believe becomes. I’m thinking HEALTH, plain and simple PURE HEALTH in body and mind today!

  3. I was blessed to be raised in a home where we were taught that the mind is the computer and the body is its screen. If we all realized that we are purely spiritual and that the body is only thought externalized, we would control our bodies harmoniously.

  4. I loved this post, Pam. I could see the “old me” reflected into the six steps you outlined…So glad that’s in the past (at least most of the time!)

  5. Ok, Pam. I just realized that those 6 steps apply to my thought process. How do I undo it? I’ve had the most profound case of Bells Palsy for almost 4 years now and I want it GONE! I’ve read your book E2 and am working on the exercises. I studied the CIM for awhile but have a hard time understanding some of it. I know why the illness showed up but can’t seem to redirect my thinking to make it go away. You have no idea how many books I’ve read looking for an answer.

    1. I just came across ‘Tapping’ and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and it is helping me release old emotions so I can get off my anxiety meds. It is working! I have no affiliation with anyone. Pam I LOVE your book!!!!

  6. One can be feeling sick at heart as well as physically debilated, wildly casting about for info as to your bodily affliction & end up finding E-Squared. Now I call that a miracle!

  7. The interesting thing about us is that perfect health is the exact same thing for everyone.

    But sickness is not. Therefore, its cause must be somehow individually specific.

    There is a blueprint for how your body is SUPPOSED to work, and it is constantly trying to restore to it. Otherwise recovery would be impossible.

    Anyway, the question isn’t whether optimum health is your body’s basic nature – it obviously IS. The question is: what have you (inadvertently) covered that up with, and how can you let it go? When the add-ons are gone, health is what’s left (just like Love).

    I am merely suggesting those with “issues” might wanna at least take a look at The Release Technique, (Google it) simply because it teaches a METHOD for letting-go of the issues.

    I have no association with them, but the approach makes sense, and the developer of the technique (Lester Levenson) got rid of a host of serious illnesses this very way.

    1. Being able to let go of our thoughts, being able to watch them, helps us in many ways, including letting go of pain. The Sedona Method is also a release technique, aslso developed from Lester Levenson which is well worth googling too. It helped me many years ago to be free of pain and let go of many feelings and emotions that weren’t serving me.

  8. I could tell you as an energy healer a lot of illnesses are also repressed emotions that manifest in the body physically. It’s when people don’t know or unwilling to express their emotions that it can cause a lot of these illnesses such as cancer, the other is also soul lessons the spirit has chosen to experience for the growth of their soul and to help others grow spiritually. Do we have the ability to heal our bodies with our minds, most definitely. I agree though that our perceptions due create our reality and our ego feeds the victim mentality often enough or that we do not accomplish enough because our ego says it’s not enough, it will never be satisfy with what it has. It’s when we shift that thought to a greater purpose and that serving what fulfills us that we are living through our spirit instead of our ego. Our egos are a part of who we are but it’s not what we are. 🙂

  9. Hey Pam.

    Writing on my next book yesterday, I covered something very germane to this post.

    Before we are willing to embrace our personal power to deliberately create our lives, when presented with information about that immense creative power (especially, it seems, regarding health related topics), people’s response often fall into one of two categories:

    1. They see this information as a finger of blame pointed at them. As in, “You’re telling me that I want to be sick? That I’m creating this? That’s preposterous!” They see it as a hurtful and cruel indictment.

    2. They see this information as an extended hand of help, giving them an option to be free of life happening “to” them from this point forward. They intuitively understand that they are not being blamed, that they’re not really even responsible, for their previous results (when they did not know or understand their immense creative power to deliberately manifest their lives). But, from now on, they realize, they have a choice and they have an option of freedom.

    Of course, most of us reading this blog fall into the second category. And I’m sure we all wish that perspective for others.

    This I do know: I did not fall into the second category until I got sick and tired or being sick and tired. Until I achieved willingness to change, I put most of my energy into justifying my habitual patterns of passive creation and, frankly, victim-hood. Life happened “to” me and I was, mostly, a sleepwalker.

    Thank God we do not have to live that way today!

    And thank you, Pam, for having the courage to put this information out there (when we both know, from personal experience, that it usually draws the ire of those folks still camped in response number one).

    To the God in YOU!

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