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Why it’s time to press the play button

“A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.”—Roald Dahl

This morning–Monday bright and early–I was invited to a party. I don’t think the hosts called it that. Officially, it’s a weekly mastermind group started by four life coaches who call in from all over the country to talk “possibility.”

Because they’re currently reading E-Squared and going through the experiments, they graciously invited me on to the call. Since “I’m just a girl who cain’t say no” to anybody talking about intentions and law of attraction and well, anything that’s fun, I, of course, said, “I’d love to.”

They shared a great story about the Volkswagen Jetta Principle, the one that states: “You impact the energy field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.”

Rather than looking for yellow butterflies and sunset beige cars, two of my suggestions that many readers took quite literally, they showed a little initiative and decided they, as a group, were going to find orange boats and priests.

First off, I LOVE their creativity. How fun are priests and orange boats!

And since, well, they’re “professional manifesters” (most coaches are well-versed in most of these principles), all four easily found orange boats and priests, even the coach who lives in Arizona, far from a body of water.

So, here’s the take-away:

Hit the play button. Together, the four of them, made this principle really fun. As Linda Ryan, said “I was almost giddy with excitement.” Jean Kuhn, another one of these amazing coaches, joked that she found herself smiling eagerly at every man walking down the street, hoping for a priest collar. And one of them even found a troll doll dressed like a priest. Who knew?

What you’re looking for might be right under your nose. As Linda shared on her blog post, “Within 30 seconds of deciding on orange boats and priests, I became aware of how much orange was within five feet of me. It had been there all along, but I didn’t notice it until we started talking about it.”

One of the things I’m writing about in E-Cubed, the new book I’m currenly writing for Hay House, is the fact that everything necessary for electricity was available even during cavemen times. They just didn’t know to a) look for it or b) how to put the principles together.

The good news is we do!! And we’re learning how to use these spiritual principles to make a world that works for everyone.

Your preconceived notions tend to get in the way. One of my playmates on the call was at a marina during her 48 hours and thought, “Hmm, this should be easy. I’ll find an orange boat here.” Instead, she found it in a catalog.

She also decided to drive down a street where she knew there was a Catholic church. “Never know when a priest could emerge.”

Instead, she was led to a photograph of Buddhist monks…..wearing, you guessed it, bright orange.

The point is that once we decide HOW our intentions will manifest, we put a big straitjacket around the Field of Potentiality, giving it exactly one avenue to deliver our gifts.

The F.P. is infinite and has gazillions (actually way more) of avenues to deliver your blessings and miracles.

Why would I want to give it my ideas which, as I repeatedly have pointed out, are invariably teensy-weensy compared to infinitude.

So, I just want to reiterate. Spiritual principles are meant to provide joyful, big-ass fun, not a bunch of rules and regulations.

This is a party, folks, a love train and together we can turn this orange boat around.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Thanks, Pam! I love everything you have written! It is a lot of fun to manifest the whimsical, easy, fun stuff. How ’bout the “big” stuff, though. I know, calling it “big” makes it more challenging, but how do we let go of that, so we can manifest the beautiful homes. etc.

    1. Always focus on the end result. Let the universe figure out how to make it happen. When we focus on the apparent lack of big houses or whatever it is we’re trying to manifest, that’s what we’re drawing from the F.P.

  2. Since reading E-Squared about a month ago (and shouting from the rooftops about how great it is), I am paying much closer attention to what goes on in my life. The very day that I did the Volkswagen Jetta Principal (choosing small bright yellow cars which are not all that common here in northern Michigan, or so I thought), not only did I see 3 of them driving from my home into Traverse City – one parked next to me when I got to Traverse City! That yellow car also had several “enlightened” bumper stickers on it that made me smile. In fact, I noticed the bumper stickers before I noticed the car. When I looked up from reading the bumper stickers to notice the car was bright yellow – I almost fell over. That was several weeks ago and I bet since I started that experiment, I’ve seen a bright yellow car every day or so. With each and every one – I smile. Okay, then that very night – I met my friend Anne in TC for a National Writer’s Series event. I was so amped about your book, I started yammering about it as we sat down. She looked at me when I mentioned you Pam, and exclaimed “Pam Grout? I know her!” and then proceeded to tell me how you two had met. Thank you Pam! Thank you for writing this “reminder” of what we are all capable of! I can’t wait to read E-Cubed!

    Liz DeLaRossa
    Elk Rapids, Michigan

    1. Hi Liz,

      Your friend contacted me after your get-together. We played golf many, many years ago on Mackinaw Island. Small world, I’d say. Thanks for writing



  3. Contacted you years ago when I came across a previous book you had written, stays on my shelf in my office to share with clients I work with. I have been asked to do a 6 week class on your newest book E 2, a Unity church in Texas invited me…….want to represent you and your book beautifully and with respect. Any suggestions in how to cover all labs in 6 weeks??? Oh and I own a troll doll with a collar and I sit with Buddhist Monks weekly for meditation……..how cool is that!?!

    1. Very, very cool!! If you’re doing six weeks, you could just do six experiments. I have full faith that you’ll do a fabulous job and be the perfect representative. Thank you for taking this on. And that’s so cool you have a troll priest and sit with monks. We are all connected. And as the Course says, “Salvation is a collaborative venture.”

      1. Thank u Pam, for sharing you and for doing it in such a respectful and humorous way! I love the way u write – I have said since the first book of yours I picked up, if I were to ever write I want to do it the way you present it. Every word you shared in your book living big is everything I think and feel ~. Excited about the class. – 🙂

  4. Love this! And the book and the ongoing changes. Is it okay if I post a link to this blog, spread the word on your book, and quote your ‘big-ass fun’ line in my shamanic website blog today? It’s soooo apropos.

  5. First, thank you SOOOOOO much for joining us this AM. I have been BUZZING all day from your energy and grace.
    Second, a NYTimes Bestselling author mentioned me (ME!) in her blog today. WHAT?!?!!!!
    Third, HURRY UP and finish E3 😀

    1. I hope I put the right link to your website in the post. Let me know if there’s another site you want to link to. I also put a link to Jean’s site. Didn’t know Christy’s (don’t even know for sure how to spell her name, Christy/Kristy/Kristie, etc. has lots of choices) or Barb’s site, but I can add those, too.

      I enjoyed you guys! Thanks for inviting me.

  6. Okay, Pam. Brutal self-revelation here (with a “don’t-take-myself-too-seriously” smile).

    You know how I know when another author has nailed it? I mean, hit a no-doubter, out-of-the-ballpark homerun?

    When my initial reaction to reading it is complete and totally envy! As in, “Damn, why couldn’t I write that! That is scary good!”

    And then I laugh and remember that success is 100% NOT a zero-sum game. And then I remember to be soooo happy for that author and soooo grateful because not only has that author helped the expansion of humankind with that piece of writing, but she/he has also allowed me to participate because I got to read it.

    And just like boats moored at high tide – we all get lifted.

    I can’t tell you just how perfectly this piece fits that description of my professional envy/gratitude cycle (heavy on the gratitude 😉 ). This is just simple and beautiful. Every so often I read something and think, “That’s it; there may be no more that needs to be said.” This post hit that button a number of times for me.

    Here are two quotes which rang my bell:

    “This is a party, folks, a love train…”

    “…everything necessary for electricity was available even during cavemen times. They just didn’t know to a) look for it or b) how to put the principles together.

    The good news is we do!! And we’re learning how to use these spiritual principles to make a world that works for everyone.”

    So true.

    Maybe someday, when I grow up, I’ll channel something as profound as this. All kidding aside, thanks for posting it!

  7. Hello. I am a newbie to you and your books but not your ideals; I love the knowledge and stories you impart in each of your emails and I look forward to each and every one of them . I am a former NYC paramedic who is recovering from spinal surgery and am on welfare since I am unable to work. I would love to have a copy of your book but since I only receive $59 two times a month buying a book is a luxury so I am asking if there is any way I could receive a free copy of your latest book, digital or otherwise? I read your blogs at your site to try a find a new path in my life and how to get myself back on a road to a more fulfilling existence but I would love to have any of your books to be able to figure out just where I should be. I’ve worked on an ambulance my entire career but I find myself at 55y/o without a pension, savings or the experience to do little else besides what I’ve done my entire working life. I lost my twin sister 5 yrs. ago and I sometimes feel that I’ve also lost myself’. I would more than appreciate any readings/books/words that you could extend to me. Thank You and please keep spreading your message. Peace & Light, Lesa Richardson.

  8. What a party! Wouldn’t be awesome if all of us had a mastermind group like that? I completely agree that having an open mind will allow us to see the gifts that the universe has saved for us. Thank you for another fantastic post, Pam.

  9. Pam,

    After our call yesterday, I was out of the office until late last night. I’m glad I subscribed to your blog. Thank you for being on the call, being so gracious with your time, and “playing” with us.

    How cool is it that I was able to manifest you on our call? Pretty damn cool!

    And if that wasn’t “enough”, you mentioned us in your blog, and linked to us. I’m feeling like a freaking Rock Star today. At this vibrational level I can’t wait to see what abundance the day brings to me.

    Blessings to you, you made 4 girls so grateful yesterday.


  10. Hi Pam

    Kindly let me know when your new book E Cubed is out…. I just have to have it!  

    Thank you so much


    Carol xx

  11. I love this post about making it fun and staying out of the Universe’s way.

    Whenever I find myself asking (OK, “suggesting” to the U), “How…?”, I have started to flash on the pointy-haired, know-nothing Boss from Dilbert and remind myself that, like him, I’m micro-managing the U. I dislike when it’s done to me, so why should I do that to the imaginative, more-resourceful U? But the visual of the Dilbert Boss makes me laugh about it.

    Thanks for this post!

  12. Hello Pam-

    Loved E-Squared. I wonder if you will cover anything on the topic of “shapeshifting” and/or “trying on alternate energies/personas” –this is a practice that I picked up years ago. Has worked for me beautifully, and I’ve used it in social situations to take on a “taller presence,” to attract a crowd or potential mate.

  13. When I did the “Jetta” experiment, I said, “Ok, smarty-pants universe, show me a PURPLE car.” It was a couple of days, but when I walked out of my office building, there was a VW van painted the most outrageous purple ever! I then said, “Ok, show-off…I wanna see orange butterflies.” When I got home, I went into my back yard and there were dozens of orange butterflies in my lavender. Bliss!

  14. I look forward to your posts everyday, they always put a smile on my face and lighten me up. Don’t ever stop! E-squared was one of my all time favorite books and I did all the experiments with astonishing results. I told everyone about the book on facebook.
    Jeanne, a fellow journeywoman & Reiki practioner.

  15. Hi Pam.
    Great post!
    Linda Ryan recommended your book to my hub and I and we began reading last week. Two experiments completed and ready for the next! (btw We chose red suv’s and purple trucks!:)
    Linda and Jean told the story of orange boats and priests on one of our Go-Giver Coaching calls with Bob Burg. Well that evening, I was on-line playing Words with Friends with Jean Kuhn. While trying to think of a word, I looked up at the tv and there was a priest! I’m sure if I stayed up a little later, I would have seen an orange boat!
    So grateful to be on your love train!
    Kind regards,
    Mary Silva

  16. Oh My — Another super-duper reminder of the fun we can have!! I told a couple stories yesterday of manifestation with no real thought until I realized … I hadn’t noticed the manifestation until I said it! Talk about being right under our noses and sometimes not aware. LOVE it all. Thank you for your colorful reminders :o)

      1. With further inspiration this morning I went for a run, thinking I want to play again … something outrageous, not something I expect to see …. Blue Shoes and Green Birds. NOT ONE MINUTE and a gal runs towards me in the brightest blue shoes. Damn, I’m good!

      2. Green Birds, lots of them, within 6 hours!! I took a picture but not sure I can include here … BRIGHT GREEN garden art. Thanks again for the fun.

  17. Love…love this post, love your experiments, love your style of writing, love watching this community expand and connect!! What a gift *YOU*, your writing and insights are to our world! Thank *YOU*!! Keep Shining Sister!!

  18. Ok so I started reading E2, within a day , asking for a sign I found a cap to something I thought I’d lost months ago , there sitting on my dresser … I was so happy and laughing at the immediacy of it all …then reading about looking for butterflies , I thought it’s October , no chance ,I’ll do a vision board for that new sofa I want … magazine flips out of my hands , opens to image of , you guessed it , a butterfly ! I just smiled a huge grateful smile !
    thank you , can’t wait for tomorrow , to see what’s next!!

  19. I knew that I will find the sunset beige cars in my town, and of course I did! I even saw them where they were not, taking silver and white ones for the beige!
    But I also knew I will not find yellow butterflies. I looked everywhere, but I was sure I can not find them, absolutely sure. But the force has it’s ways… I have a basement, I rarely go into. Yesterday morning I saw that light was left on, very bizarre, because nobody is really supposed to go there. All day I was consumed by suspicions that my fifteen year old son is up to no good, like drinking beer or smoking pot down there. So today (day four ,by the way, since I was supposed to see the butterflies) I went down in the basement to look for the evidence. Did not find any, of course. But as I was about to turn the light off, I glanced at the old mirror, and there it was, a faint trace of a butterfly sticker…
    That slightest thought of butterflies, even in the negative way, created a wave…
    Thank you.

  20. I did this with my boys who picked a purple car to find and I choose an orange bell. Within 5 minutes of driving down the road we saw a small purple truck down a side road, which I have to say, beckoned me to go that way to check out a corn maze.
    I just kept thinking orange bell which I hadn’t found within an hour but on the way back, we stopped at an old Victorian house that had really neat country gifts. I picked out a few things and was not at that moment thinking orange bell. As I waited to pay for my order, I glanced at this cute autum arrangement and right beside it almost behind it, was an orange bell. Not the kind that you hold and ring, but like one that sits on the counter and you ding ding the top! I am so amazed! It just really works!

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