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“Abandon your belief in deprivation.”—Course in Miracles

“Martin Luther King, Jr. never said, “I have a complaint.”—Michael Beckwith a b tesla

Before I head out in my cape and superhero costume (yes, the “Haul of Justice,” the 23rd Superhero Bike Ride starts this weekend), I want to share a couple cool stories.

I get reams of these manifestation stories and while I haven’t had time to sort through all of them (never fear, I DID start a file), I always like to share from time to time here on the blog because I find them inspirational.

So story #1:

Yesterday, I was interviewed by the incomparable Tamara Gold. She has a weekly talk show, Empowered Living. I say interviewed, but it was more like two BFF’s having a much-needed catch-up.

Anyway, she’s reading E-Squared, trying to figure out which new car to buy. She does a little research and wisely decides that, “Hey, I want a car that’s cool, has zero emissions and gets something like 265 miles per gallon.” So she’s doing the Volkswagen Jetta experiment (where you look for a particular car) and decides, “What the heck, might as well look for the car I intend to soon own.”

Well, her new car-to-be is a Tesla Roadster, a $57,000 all-electric sports car of which only a couple thousand have been made. To give you some perspective, Toyota sold 28,279 vehicles in April alone. What can I say? This woman like a challenge.

So, she asks for a sign and before the experiment is barely started, she sees not just one Tesla, but as she says, “A FRIGIN TRUCK LOAD! SIX TESLAS!!”

If you’re an officer of the law, please avert your eyes now because yes, she couldn’t resist pulling out her phone and taking this picture. a -- Tesla

Story #2:

During our chat, Tamara asked if these principles work with kids. Which reminded me of this awesome email from Muskaan Sidhu, who calls herself “My biggest 11-year-old fan.” She gave me permission to share. Here’s what she wrote:

“Hi! I’m a girl, 11 years of age from Australia and me and my mum have been doing your experiments from your awesome book – Esquared. Everything you say in it makes soooo much sense and I can connect to every point you make! It’s incredible how successful your experiments are. For the first one, I really wanted an unexpected blessing from anything or anyone, and my best friend who I was currently in a fight with smiled at me! It was awesome! For the second experiment I wanted to see a bunch of flowers, and the following day she came up to me (WITH A BUNCH OF FLOWERS!!!) and said “do these look nice?”

As for the purple feather, I realized today at school that I was coloring in with a purple pen and I looked out and saw a bird. I actually didn’t even remember the experiment after a few minutes! It’s absolutely jaw dropping and I’m so glad they work!”

We shared a few emails (I mean, how can I resist an 11-year-old who writes this well?) where I later discovered that she and her old friend made up and, using these principles, she made an A on her science test, something she’d never done before, and is excelling in math. Needless to say, she was already a whiz at English.

So thank you, Tamara, and thank you, Muskaan.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Pam!

    Please please please tell me you are collecting these stories for a future book. Can you imagine how juicy that would be — your electric commentary interspersed between these electrifying real world experiences . . . .


    1. Great idea, Evan! I’m putting a lot of these stories in E-Cubed which has more experiments and more quantum physics. Way I see it? We’re just getting our toes wet with E-Squared.

      1. I’m with you PG! All the way through to the end of this series . . . which, let me put this out there, could be called E To The Power of Ten.

        (Of course the title implies a nine-book series . . . . .)

        (But I think you’ve got it in you)


  2. Pam, I am so excited by your stories. Thank you for spreading the word and for not only converting more people to “the choir”, but also helping those of us in “the choir” feel great about our seats here!

  3. What an awesome story!! I am definitely going to hand esquared over to my future children one day, too much fun not to. Now, lets just get it into my husbands hands! Sending so much love to everyone!

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