Why I’m the luckiest person on the planet, Part 3

“Spiritual practice is just training our minds towards reverence, like moving a potted plant to a sunny spot by the window.”—Lana Maree on Facebook

Okay, so I guess this topic (being the luckiest person on the planet) is now an official series. And one of the gazillion reasons it’s true is because I have the most awesome friends in the entire known universe.

I hear from hundreds of readers, who are all awesome, and I have a couple groups here in my hometown who get together with the sole purpose of HAVING FUN. And therefore attracting MORE FUN. It’s a constant reminder of why we are here on planet earth. I walk out of those groups….no, I should say I dance out of those groups buzzing with joy and love and creative ideas.

Yesterday, one of our newest members told this story. A couple years ago she made a New Year’s resolution to “never say no to fun.” That meant if anyone asked her to go to a concert or go out dancing or out to lunch, she was committed to say “You betcha!”

She had begun to notice that she was turning down invitations because well, she’s a mom and she had a busy day or she was tired or…..you get the idea. There are a million rational reasons adults can give for declining an offer to enjoy themselves.

Kids, she noted, never turned down fun. They were in constant search of the next good time. Teenagers, too, would never spurn a party…no matter how late or how much they were going to piss off their parents by sneaking out the bedroom window.

It begs the question….when was the tipping point? At what point did we begin rejecting the chance for joy and glee?

What she discovered during her year of “just saying yes” is that the energy she thought she was going to conserve by staying home actually grew. The tired feeling that had previously impelled her to give the other answer completely disappeared.

And now, she says, “I don’t even have to think about it. I always say yes to fun.”

In the comments section below, tell me what you’re going to do this week for fun?

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Every week I meet friends at a local coffee bar where arrive early and stay late. We share projects, whether art or fiber related, talk, laugh, stay positive and have a great time. I always leave refreshed.

  2. I tried to think on what I could do for fun and came to the conclusion that I consider my life to be fun. My work is fun, the people I work with are fun, my life with my husband is fun…and yep, I think that I am fun. 🙂 When I get out on my bike, I feel like a young kid again. I want to continue to do that once or twice a week as long until the snow comes…then ski season comes along and that is GREAT fun!

  3. Starting a book club with the first book being E Squared! My spiritual teacher and I read it out loud together over 2 days and now we recommend it to anyone that cannot run away fast enough to hear about it!!

  4. This evening, my husband and I are going to watch a movie together (he collects movies as a hobby). Since reading E Squared, I have discovered that I am married to my best friend and I cannot wait for the opportunities to spend time with him. It will be so much fun!

  5. I am going to go dancing. West Coast Swing. Two-Step. Line Dancing. And rock climbing later in the week. I will write gratitude lists. And I will continue reading E-Squared – it is fun to read!!!!!

  6. Being an artist & a woman who lives out loud I’m always doing something fun! Yesterday, I learned how to make charms!!!

  7. Well, I like going to 2/fur movies with my friend Pam 😉 It’s time you know.
    I also have a fun group of women I go to dinner with each month, a Meet Up Group I founded called “Lawrence Movie Group for Women 40 & Better”, I love to pull weeds, go down the sliding board & swing on the swings at the park, skip and blow big bubbles with bubble gum with my grandchildren and eat soft serve at Jason’s Deli – I can go on and on and on!

  8. Second paragraph, states after the first comma that you have “a couple groups” is that “couple of groups” or “a couples group”? Not being a smarty pants, the lord knows I am one box away from being on the hoarder show or american pickers. Just an incurable curio-oseter. Reading e square and after praying over and about the first experiment I felt my company cell phone vibrating in my overall front pocket. The only thing strange was that it turned out not to be Iin my pocket but up in the cab of the truck with a missed call notification at about the same time as the vibration sensation. Gonna have to try that one again.

    1. I was zip typing, typing in a great hurry so when I do that there are mistakes. The one group I started that I will share in this response is the Lawrence Women’s Movie Group on the Meet Up web site. Best of luck to you Stephen!

  9. I live on the ocean on a little island right outside of Key West, Florida. Every day is a holiday. I love my life. I love walking with our dogs for an hour each day beside a salt water canal where they run and chase boats and jump in the ocean and swim. I swim in the ocean. I love feeding the iguanas and birds that come into our yard to eat. I love watching the fish. I love to watch the clouds and watch the shapes of the clouds change. I love feeling nature and watching the changes each day. Every day on the ocean and walking on the trail is different. I meditate every day. This is how I play. This is what makes my heart sing.

  10. While I could list a million things I love…
    I do enjoy science and I enjoy metaphysics. Quantum physics really peeks my interest since it seems to combine the two. All F-U-N!
    For a week I will try daily E-Squared experiments – the scientific way.
    (I have asked and received a few big things the very next day.)
    I am a believer.. It absolutely works. I just need to write it down to see how fast I can manifest.
    Thank you for your inspiration Pam!

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