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“The leverage to create worlds is at your fingertips.”—Esther Hicks

“Most people don’t understand how important thoughts are and leave the development of thought patterns to chance.” –Dr. Daniel Amen

Since I’ve shared lots of butterfly stories here on the blog and have even had readers asking “How do I turn the butterflies off?” I thought I’d share a humorous twist on the Volkswagen Jetta experiment that came from my new friend, Paula, who stopped by to treat me to a fabulous lunch on her way to see her grandbaby in Kansas City.

Anyway, she made the intention to find the word cacophony.

“I’d never heard that word before,” she said. “You used it in E-Squared and I had to look it up, didn’t know what it meant. So I thought it would be fun to make the intention to see or hear that word again.”

Sooooo……wasn’t to be found in the newspaper. Didn’t show up in any of the books she was reading (like me, “my new BFF” devours books).

Basically, she’d forgotten about it. But she’s on her I-Pad, the 48 hours are nearly up, she’s looking up some directions, some route or something and guess what word shows up in autocorrect? Yep, the one and only: cacophony!

And one more fun story from last week:

This one is also from Kansas and from a manifesting maestro who’s only in kindergarten. Take it away, Mom:

“Last Christmas, our daughter received a gift from my sister’s family, in our White Elephant gift exchange. It was a complete kid’s kitchen set that their daughters weren’t using anymore. I didn’t think anything of it, until a few days later, when I went through her backpack from school. In it, there was a piece of paper, with an image of a very similar “kiddy kitchen set” pasted upon it.

When my daughter saw me looking at it, she grabbed the paper, ran into her room and said, “Mommy… LOOK!” She was pointing at the “physical” kitchen set she now had. I had chills. I guess the preschool teacher had the kids cut out an image of something they wanted for Christmas. The thing was, no one in our family knew of her desire. She had not mentioned this item, when asked what she wanted for Christmas… but she had obviously set the intention in her mind, and created her own “vision board.”
I can only imagine that this amazing little girl is going to have one heck of an exciting life.

Woo-hoo! Madi!!

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. My daughter (now almost 7) is great at manifesting things. She has already been to Disney World twice, probably her favorites. I practice manifesting a lot with Goodwill! I love going in there and finding the things I had been searching for. Last week I found a 1950s glass jar and top with babies painted on it that I had been looking at recently on Etsy, and before that I found the 1950s poodle I had been desiring for months. Fun!

  2. After reading some of these I just realized I have found things that I was searching for in the past as well as interesting happenings. I need to start writing lists of these things. Here’s a few that just came to my mind…My mother passed away in 1984 and she always wanted to go to Hawaii. Well, less than a yr. after she died my husband won a trip to Hawaii at a local Library Chili Cookoff…believe it or not I have always believed my mother thought that into my existence. It was a little too late for her to go but her thoughts and desires allowed me to enjoy her trip. We took that wonderful trip! Another was a simple unique amber glass candle set my Mom had with flower decals on them probably from the 70’s. I broke one and for months thought about it, wishing I could find another to match. I so “happened” to go to a local outdoor church swap meet and “lo and behold” there was ONE of those candles…just ONE! I had “chills”! Way back then I never realized what I know now but I did think it was so “weirdly strange”. One more…I had a Teddy Bear when I was a little girl that I loved. I sold it many years ago at my own yard sale. I regretted selling that bear for some odd reason. It had “sleepy” eyes and rubber face from the 50’s. I was determined for the last couple years to keep searching for one on Ebay just possibly I could find it. Found many vintage stuffed animals with rubber faces but never that one..it was very unique. Well, several months ago I FOUND IT…I won the auction for it..got it in the mail and it looks exactly like the one I had as a child…even with the exact rubbed off fur. It’s a treasure for life! How’s that for some intentional thoughts becoming reality?

  3. I too have been manifesting from the E-squared book. When I came to the butterfly experiment I first decided to go for pink butterflies but then changed my mind as thought ‘no-one sees pink butterflies!’ so changed this to blue butterflies. During the 48 hours I did not see any blue butterflies! Nearing the end of the 48 hour time limit I was waiting for the bus and turned round to look in the shop window. There in the window was a lovely dress just bursting with pink butterflies! So even though I changed my mind, the energy and intention was out there!

  4. I am reading your book and I have a story for you! About 6 months ago, I lost a diamond from my wedding ring. A half carat! I noticed it after doing plenty of laundry and dishes. I searched the house while affirming to myself that I would find it. I just knew I would be able to find it but never did. After reading your experiment to intend for something specific, I told the universe that I really wanted to find my diamond, after all, you did wake up with a nail in your hand. When I woke up, I went to my ring and looked at it. I held it and envisioned the diamond in the missing space and how happy I was going to be when I found it. I even jumped up and down thinking about it. I went out of town for a few days and decided that my diamond would have to find me when I got back. When I returned, my husband, who didn’t know I was reading the book or making intentions, asked my where my ring was so he could replace the missing diamond. I am wearing my ring with a new diamond, and even though it isn’t the one I lost and it didn’t happen the way I thought, I KNOW the universe answered me!!! Now, when I look at that diamond, I know I’m going to travel the world one day! I just know it! If I can manifest a diamond, I know my dream of travelling the world is on its way!!!

    1. Love that story! I’ve heard from quite a few folks who have found jewelry when getting off the belief that “finding things is hard.” Thanks so much for sharing and I hope to see you somewhere on your worldwide travels!!

  5. I see that some of my son’s “disabilities” are really gifts in disguise that will serve him well especially when he’s older. He has amazing persistence for some things, and can have a laser focus for things he’s interested in. I see that he’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to manifesting in his life.

  6. I work at a library. We have colored ‘tubs’ rectangular bins that we sort books into so that drivers can return books to their original library branch, Reserves can be routed to their pick-up branch, etc. I noticed that I had more anxiety when these bins (which are under the circulation counter) were predominantly red and yellow. I thought about asking the drivers if they could sort our books into the yellow, blue and white bins. I’m okay w yellow as long as there is no red. I figured the drivers would think I was crazy. Well, guess what ?! The last few weeks we have been getting all the colors I asked for (!!) I know it sounds silly *and* I feel like The Universe has been listening to my ‘small’ desires 🙂

  7. So…I wanted to see yellow vehicles and hadn’t. Ok, maybe 1-3 cars but seriously I wanted to see yellow vehicles! I assumed when I made the intent that I would be seeing yellow cars all over – parked, on the road, on dealer lots, etc. Well, I saw 1 car in a dealer lot but did that really count when that car has been there for weeks? Nope, I couldn’t accept that. Too obvious. I passed a construction site and all the trucks were yellow! Ok, that counts. But I acknowledged that I was a tad disappointed I hadn’t seen any yellow cars. On my way home and getting close to that magic 48 hour mark I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a yellow VW bug a couple of miles behind me. I kept going, maintaining my speed and each time I looked into the mirror I noted that bug was getting closer. Definitely not following the speed limit as I was. About a mile from my home that yellow VW bug caught up with me and kept a good distance behind me – 5 proper car lengths – until I pulled into my driveway. I felt satisfied! 🙂

  8. Hi Pam, I am a firm believer of being the creator of my life, but struggle with consistency. I’m looking forward to picking up your book E squared this week and I’ve just started working through a book I found on my bookshelf a couple weeks ago – ”Basic Principles of the Science of Mind” by Dr Frederick Bailes, which teaches the power of our thoughts and our connection to Universe. I decided to post my experience of working through the book on my (rarely used) blog. I was looking for some inspiration, found your blog and started following. This afternoon, I was cleaning up and found a book I picked up from a garage sale a while back. “Change your Brain, Change your Life” by Daniel G. Amen. I then open up and see a quote from Dr. Amen at the head of your post today!! I really feel like I’m on the right track, and look forward to doing the experiments in E squared to help solidify my beliefs and make manifesting my best life even easier!

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