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Let there be room in your life for magic.

“I’m in love with everyone.”—Michael Beckwith

I was lucky. Some writers experience envy when others succeed. I’ve had plenty of other “bad thinking habits,” but envy wasn’t one of them. I’ve always been able to celebrate others’ success, partly because I know I’m connected to everyone and also because I totally get it, that if they can do it, I can do it, too.

So today, in keeping with my motto “Celebrate what you want to see more of,” I’d like to celebrate two awesome stories that popped up in my inbox yesterday.

Those reading my book know that Experiment No#1, the Dude Abides Principle, asks readers to request a blessing, a clear sign from the universe that it has their back.

GloZell Green, my new favorite comedian, got her blessing at the exact hour she requested. Dr. Oz called and invited her on his show. That girl has some good manifesting ju-ju!!


Another reader, who I plan to interview for E-Cubed (my mission, after all, is spreading the magic) wrote to tell me that when she and her husband tried the Dude Abides Experiment, they got a $10,000 gift, no strings attached. And as she says, “We hadn’t heard from this guy (he’s a priest) in four years and we’re not even Catholic anymore.”

So my word today is “Celebrate!” Celebrate the victories and celebrate the things that don’t look like victory.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. I am rereading your E squared book and gifting it to as many friends as I can. I am an educator and will share the information with my students. I agree with your comment that this information should be shared along with reading and arithmetic. So many times the students are already defeated before 2nd grade because the teachers in front of their classes lack imagination and the knowledge of manifestation. Wouldn’t it be great if every faculty was assigned E2 for their summer reading assignment and come back to school filled with enthusiasm about the Energy Field? I send you many blessings for creating this book and wish you always the best in your life. Thank you. Especially looking to share the Einstein Wands with my students 🙂

  2. Perfect timing for that reminder. Love hearing about other’s magic fun. Thank you! I have to tell you that the first exercise … which has always been a bit easy for me … was such a hoot I was laughing so hard I had tears! An exhilarating 48 hours! More Magic, Please :o))

  3. Isn’t life just full of magic! Thank you. I have to say that the other day I did the first exercise .. .of which I am pretty good at … and it was the most fun 24 hours. I was laughing out loud and tears came to me with the site of each of SAME cream colored car … dozens! Bring on the magic!

  4. Is it possible to receive these emails earlier in the day? I don’t think I get them until I am into my work day and it would be so great to read them before the work day begins.

    Just a food for thought. Thank you.

  5. Pam, I’m writing to you from Romania and I just wanted to thank you for the book and share with you and your readers my expereiences from the first 2 experiments.

    Experiment #1:
    The day after I’ve read about the first experiment, I was watching a movie with Al Pacino and Russel Crowe, at about the same I’ve made my notes for the experiment a day ago. I wathced the movie on my computer, and at about the middle of it, the operating system restarted to install some updates (without asking me). After a 10 minutes or so installation process, it restarted everything it was running on my computer before the restart, and my browser too was opened with the Facebook page of “The Secret”. Now, you need to know that before the restart in my browser I had about 10-15 browser tabs opened, but not this page. I couldn’t even recall when was the last time I visited “The Secret” Facebook page, but for sure a long time ago. Oh, none of the other browser tabs (those before restart) were opened, just this one. You need to also know that I have a degree in Computer Science, I work as a programmer and computers/programming are also my hobby, not just my work – but I couldn’t explain how this could happen. Normally, when the browser is re-opened after a restart, the last opened tabs are opened again, but now this wasn’t the case.

    Experiment #1:
    In experiment #2, I’ve read about cars, butterflies and feathers, so I asked for pastel green cars (and I had 2 specific shades in my mind, and maybe slight variations of those 2 shades) on the first day and purple feathers on the second day. After reading the chapter and making my notes for the experiment I went back to work. When left work, to go home, when I closed the gate from the office where I work, the first car I noticed was a pastel green car. I work and live in different cities, and I have to drive about 25 miles to where I live. While driving home, I noticed 5 more cars on my road home… The next day I was still expecting to see some more pastel green cars, and during the 2 days I’ve seen in total 16 cars (1 one of them was on a banner, 1 was a truck and 1 was a tractor). Now let’s jump to the purple feather. The second day, in my lunch break, I notice a feather on the road, while I was going out to eat something – it wasn’t purple, it was white, but on my way to the restaurant, I noticed lots of purple flowers near the road. On my way back to the office from the restaurant I noticed another white/gray feather on the road, this time a smaller one. In the office when I turned on my computer to continue my work, the first thing was an icon, the icon of a browser extension installed in my browser, and you can guess, it was a purple feather (strange, I never noticed). Later on the same day I was scanning some posts on my Google+ account, and one post had an image on the left side of the title, and yes, it was a feather in the image (white with gray borders). I’ve also seen a white butterfly, while I was returning to the office from the lunch break (I know it’s summer, but still I can’t recall if or when I’ve seen the last time a buttefly this summer).

    Today and yesterday, I was telling my mother and wife about the book, and the results of the experiments, and they couldn’t believe it.

    What’s coming next ? I already read experiment #3, but I wil postpone this until I find some wires to make it happen, so after posting this on your blog, I’ll read experiment #4.

    Thanks, again for this great book.

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