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“Be your best, most gigantic self.”—Cheryl Strayed

“We are invited by the future to step it up.”—Marianne Williamson

Even if I didn’t believe in the power of thought BEFORE I wrote E-Squared (and, of course, I did, that’s why I wrote it), there is no way I could, with a straight face, deny it now. Miracles are SO prevalent and manifestations so mind-boggling, that I can barely keep up with all the stories landing like jumbo jets of joy in my in-box. Relationships are happening, unexpected money is sailing in and, most importantly, people are changing their perspective of the world’s beneficence.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me a story. I walk around these days with a perpetual smile on my face and pump my fist into the air so often that my right bicep is starting to look like Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson’s bicep. Guess I’ll have to begin pumping with my left arm in July.

Anyway, in honor of celebration and joy and red rubber balls (my hope for all of you this holiday), I’m sharing this story that bounced into my inbox yesterday.

It’s from Travis Healy who not only gave me permission to share it, but was generous enough to send a picture. He even applied the word “Abracadabra” with magic (Okay,with a magic marker) to his way-cool manifestation.

Take it away Travis:

“For Experiment 2, I focused on “Burnt Orange Cars” to throw the F.P. for a loop. Within 48 hours, a burnt orange coupe drove right in front of me at an intersection just after leaving my home. Later that night, I was watching Counting Cars and they restored an old Ford and painted it…Burnt Orange.

Experiment 4 is where I became disenchanted. I focused on manifesting a red rubber, bouncy ball (another zinger I thought). Forty-eight hours later…no ball…that was 3 weeks ago…no ball. I wrote it off as not being focused enough.

Fast Forward…

No Shi* – Today, at the same intersection where I saw the burnt orange car, a red rubber bouncy ball literally rolled across the street with the wind, right across my path…as if taunting me. I jumped out, dodged cars and picked it up. Holding it now.” RedBallManifest

So for those folks who still believe in and are frustrated by the concept of time (I know it’s a pretty convincing illusion), this one’s for you.

Wishing you a sparkly, joy-filled Fourth of July.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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