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“Let’s get out our leg warmers and dance our asses off.”–Vince Vaughn in “The Internship.”

“There is a path toward the light. The one that goes blink, blink, blink inside your chest when you know what you’re doing is right. Listen to it. Trust it. Let it make you stronger than you are.”–Cheryl Strayed

I was interviewing a business owner yesterday for an article I’m writing for People mag. We got off topic (imagine that) and she made a comment that made me consider reaching out and giving her an inappropriate bear hug. It was a simple comment, one I’ve heard (probably even said) many times before. She was upset about a particular issue that shall not be named and, in resignation, threw her hands in the air and said, “If it’s not one thing, it’s a thousand others.”

Her rant almost seemed like a foreign language to me. It wasn’t that I was offended, but it had been so long since I’ve thought that way or really even been around people who aren’t aware of the tremendous power of their words, that I sat there dumbfounded.

Now, I’m not this woman’s coach or counselor, but I wanted desperately to comfort her, to explain to her that every word that drops out of her mouth is sculpting her life experience.

I wanted to warn her, to help her understand that whatever she believes and yes, utters out loud, will be seconded by the the great universal energy.

I know. I’m probably like the annoying ex-smoker who no longer has patience for friends still practicing their former vice.

So instead of lecturing her, instead of suggesting that if she wasn’t more vigilant, negativity, like a body snatcher, could eventually take her over, I held my tongue and thanked the blink, blink, blink pounding in my chest for showing me a better way.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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      1. Maybe I’m missing something. You interviewed a woman who is unaware how her words and thoughts effect her reality. How is setting love as your intention going to work? I get the not saying anything because her mind would be closed to what you had to say. But just sending love? No chocolate?

  1. I appreciate this reminder, Pam.
    For several months of my living in my current apartment, my angry downstairs neighbor who is awash in a soup of pretty low vibes and low consciousness, had purposely taken some kind of broom and smacked the ceiling right below where I sleep, to mess my sleep up (pretty sure it’s due to my being an early riser and stepping out of my bed at 5am).

    My first response in these kinds of situations is to do the ACIM forgiveness work. (I do the feeling-based visualization in the book “It’s All Mind”). And as it dwindled off (or maybe stayed the same, I started wearing ear plugs), I also began framing it like “I so appreciate my own consciously-focused attention on joy, and I am so glad I am not creating a spiraling-down set of circumstances like she is doing”.

    I hope she changes her consciousness ( she has never even knocked on my door to actually talk.. it’s always been passive-agressive behaviour, so I won’t try to change what time I wake up), but if she doesn’t, my own focus on my own high-vibe energy level is the most important thing.

    Meanwhile, I loved E-squared, and I’m looking forward to your “Create or Die” book!

    Steve B.

    1. Wow, this could be embarrassing. I have a new neighbor above me. He gets up and out fairly early. In the early days of his tenancy he was a major nuisance such as playing his music too loud. Once he got with the program and realized he wasn’t the only tenant in the building for the most part the energy emanating from the apt above me has been okay. The best however was when he left recently for a business trip.

      My advice Steve is look within yourself and ask this question: am I being a good neighbor? Are you taking into consideration the people living around you? Chances are if the neighbor below you is going ballistic and you feel it’s aimed at you what are you’re doing that is driving them to loose it.

      Although, as a downstairs tenant who has gone ballistic more than once recently, it probably has nothing to do with you.

  2. I wrote a longer comment, which I think got lost while logging into wordpress, but I agree with you Pam. There’s only so much you can do when someone’s consciousness is centered in a low quality of vibes. I’ve tried to share my own views with others, of how your inner continues to create the outer with other people like this, and I always end up regretting that I did, lol. They’re kind of choosing their path, until they don’t.
    Thanks for the post

    1. Steve. That telepathy is real has been demonstrated in experimental labs in many ways and many times.

      The Release Technique teaches a practical approach to our connectedness: Only send the person approval. And more, and more – and even more – just because it’s the SMART thing to do. You don’t have to condone their behavior to do this.

      But in this way, you turn the disapproving thought-energy into its opposite.

      Jesus tells Glenda Green, in her book “Love Without End,” that the PURPOSE of forgiveness is letting go of negative attachments.

      1. Dennis, funny you mentioned RT. I have Larry’s CD set, the foundational one on RT, and I have used it extensively for this particular issue, to great success.
        After letting go of wanting control, letting of my own disapproval for myself, and letting go the judgement I had of her, I was able to get much better sleep, and the ‘activity’ declined drastically, as I combined RT with the forgiveness visualization I mentioned in the first comment.
        I have Glenda’s book, also, but can’t seem to find it. Been meaning to re-read that paritcular gem.
        rdberge, I’m very aware of my activity, after having lived in many apt units under people, trust me, at 47 I’m very conscious of how to respect others noise-wise

      2. Glad to hear all that, Steve. And you already know, then – as Larry says: A skill to be developed.

  3. I saw it, I bought it, I read it nearly in a day, I needed it,
    Thank You Pam,
    You Truly are a Great Writer,

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