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Let the universe do the heavy lifting.

“Thank you for lifting this corner of the curtain so I can see the Truth, maybe for just a moment, but in a way that might change life forever.”
—Ann Lamott

As anyone who has read my book, E-Squared, knows, I’m prone to looking for and acting on signs from the Big Guy. Recently, I’ve had two questions about the same issue so that tells me it’s time to address.

Here’s the question: “What if I make an intention and it doesn’t happen?”

First and foremost, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP! Do not ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” Do not make the erroneous conclusion that the universe does not have your back.

In fact, the very best tact when you’re unable to find your intention is to say, “THANK YOU!!!” “Thank you for showing me that I still have..…oh, maybe just a tad bit of resistance.”

And then go out and do something really fun, something that makes you sing with joy. If you can’t think of even one thing that makes you smile, that’s a sure sign your channels of love and joy are not as open as they could be. Again, no biggie. Feel free to borrow one of the many things I do when I notice my channels are blocked with twigs of negativity and self-doubt:

** Dance around the house. Put on some lively music and go for it.

** Get a stack of dollar bills and go out and give them away. I know a guy who uses hundys, but I’m still more comfortable using ones.

** Sing a happy song as loud as you possibly can.

Your only job (and that word probably demonstrates part of the problem) is to go out and get happy. When you’re happy, life works. In fact, number one on my hit parade of intentions is something I borrowed from Yogi Bhajan: “To make myself so happy that others get happy just looking at me.”

When manifesting, you’ve undoubtedly heard that “How is not up to you.” These days, I’m not even so sure “What” is the best strategy. I prefer to focus on “Why?”

Why do I want money? So I can have an amazingly awesome time.
Why do I want to write books and blog posts? So I can use my God-given gifts.
Why do I want a meaningful, expanding relationship? So I can be a more loving person.

That’s what all of us really want—to have an amazingly awesome time, to use our gifts, to be loving human beans. And I’ve discovered that when I start “being” those things, the “whats” flow like a hawk in a tail wind.

The universe wants to give us every good thing. It is only our resistance that stops it from stampeding towards us like a herd of wild mustangs.

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  1. I find myself so grateful after reading many of your blog posts.
    Thank you.

    I’m currently working on Experiment #7 – The Jenny Craig Principle.

    I’ve composed a wonderful blessing that I recite to myself before each meal and I’m working on releasing the resistance while trying to keep the flow of positive thoughts regarding health, nutrition and how I see myself. Ove the past year and a half I’ve shed close to 60 lbs. of unwanted, unneeded fat. I have 20 more lbs. to shed, so I’m pretty excited about this experiment. My weigh-in day is Saturday. I keep telling myself that I will see a lower number on the scale. It’s going to happen. There’s no other choice. But …
    Wait. There are no buts. If what you’ve written about in today’s blog happens true for me, then I will do what you recommend. I will go out and do anything I must to get myself crazy silly happy.

    Why do I want to shed these last 20 lbs? Because I know I will feel even better about myself. I will be able to buy ANY outfit and I choose to have and I will look freakin’ awesome in it!

  2. I love your ideas for going out and doing something really fun. When I feel like my energy gets stagnant, I like to find ways to give to other people, usually surprise gifts or cards. I once send out 30 little gifts in a week and I had so much fun doing it. I loved the thought of making people smile. Then, my own life started going better, not because I gave to others, but because giving made me happy and I dropped my resistance.

    I hope someday I will be comfortable giving out hundred dollar bills, but as long as we start were we are, who knows?

    Shauna, You rock! I’m just starting to do number 7, too. I’ve been up and down for the past few years and I’m ready to enjoy eating and not worry about the calories. I’ve decided to only focus on eating when I’m eating and bless my food. A lady once told me she asks her food to nourish her mind, body and spirit and tells her body to transmute or eliminate anything in her food that is not for her highest good, so I’m starting to practice that again.

  3. Hi dmdobbins,
    Thank you … we both do! LoL

    When I started this, I told myself that I’ve spent 40+ years eating everything I wanted and feeling and looking like crap because of it. So I decided to spend the second half of my life as healthy as I can be. And that meant cutting out a whole slew of foods that no longer served my highest good. And you know what? I really don’t miss them. Now though, I have to take a different approach for the last 20 and I do believe that blessing my food and changing more of my thought patterns and believes are the way to go. This current experiment has jumped started me into just that.

    Thanks for the advice from the lady. I think I may just have to incorporate it into what I’m already doing.

  4. Thanks for this one – I so needed it, especially a way to respond to the (so far) lack of response from the Universe on the first Experiment. Of course I started thinking it did something wrong! Isn’t that the answer every time something doesn’t work?! I think I need to dig out my rose colored glasses…..

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