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“You are here to fly at full wingspan, for the glory of the One who sent you.”–Marianne Williamson

“It’s right underneath your fingers, baby. That’s all you have to understand. Everything is right underneath your fingers. –Ray Charles

When a kindergartner bails off the monkey bars, the principle of gravity works even though he has no clue what gravity is or how to pronounce it. Likewise, spiritual principles are at work in your life whether you understand them, can pronounce them, or even want them.

Take a standard 8-1/2 by 11-inch piece of paper. If you drop it from shoulder level, it’ll most likely fall to the ground. But if you take that same piece of paper, fold it just right, add a paper clip to the bottom, you can sail it across the average Burger King.

The paper still weighs the same. It’s still the same color, the same texture. But by applying the principles of velocity, force and lift, you make what used to be an “impossible thing” possible.

Seven hundred thousand pound planes now fly through the air, not because we changed the law of gravity, but because Wilbur and Orville Wright learned higher laws that transcend it.

By learning and applying spiritual laws, you, too, can transcend anything. Once you discover that the world operates according to universal spiritual principles that, like gravity influence your life at every moment, you can fling wide the doors of creativity, love and joy. And here’s the kicker. These spiritual principles are more profound than physical laws and affect your life whether you’re aware of their existence or not.

Any light blub with a working filament and an electric current has the potential to light up a room. It doesn’t matter whether that light bulb is big or small, round or square, yellow or white. It doesn’t matter where it’s been or how it was used in the past. If a light is plugged to its source, it’s going to dispense light.

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Pam, you have a gift for putting ideas into words everyone can relate to and understand. I LOVE “E2” and have all your other books. Ever since reading “Jumpstart Your Metabolism,” I haven’t breathed the same! I love your Blog and feel I’ve found a kindred spirit! Keep up the wonderful work! You have definitely found your calling.

  2. Hi Pam.

    I was already having thoughts similar to Jenny Smith’s, before I read your blog today – and here they are:

    I like how you think, and write.

    I get your posts in e-mail format, but have also been forwarding them to my wife, and daughter who is away at school.

    Thank You.

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