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A.A. 2.0: The hunt for amazing awesomeness

My name is Pam G. and, as of today, I am launching a brand new chapter of A.A. Unlike Version 1.0, my A.A. stands for Amazing Awesomeness and it only has two steps.

Step #1: Admit that…..”Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today.”  First thing every morning, before throwing off your covers, before leaping out of bed (and it doesn’t take long in this program before participants do leap out of bed with joy and expectation), before firing up the old Mr. Coffee, proclaim to the world that something unexpected, exciting and amazingly awesome is going to happen to you today. It takes what, three, four seconds? Yet it’s one of the most important things you will ever do. The first few minutes of every morning pre-paves the next 24 hours with positive expectations. It sets up a powerful intention, a forecast on which you can focus.

And it never fails to come true.

Step #2: Come to believe…..in blessings and miracles. Pretend you’re a private investigator assigned the task of finding all the beauty and largesse in the world. The dominant paradigm might suggest otherwise, but practiced with regularity, this ritual will force you to see things in a whole different way. Instead of looking for problems, be on the hunt for new blessings. Take on the mission each day of reporting back with at least three pieces of amazing awesomeness, three blessings that are different than the day before. I often liken myself to Lewis or Clark, scouting important new territory.

Because we get out of life whatever we focus on, practicing these simple two steps has the power to override and overturn the accepted paradigm.

Like Bill W.’s A.A, that has reformed the lives of millions, this new program (A.A. 2.0) can transform a “nameless squad of empty glass thinkers.”

I invite others to join me in tweeting their blessings (only rule is it has to be different each day) to my Twitter feed. Or feel free to leave your blessings here.  By expecting and looking for a different, more kinder reality, we can, together in one jubilantly mighty whoop, uplift and lighten this tired old world.

Don’t you think it’s time?

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  1. Hi Pam,

    Would you say we would make our list of three things in the morning from the day before? Or make the list at the end of the day for that days blessings?

  2. I’m new and just reading your book and most everything I’ve read all talks about gratitude.
    It doesn’t sound like thats what your talking about . Blessings in your description are what you did and where you were each day and quite amazing I would say. Yesterday I was grateful and blessed that my wonderful car which has a problem with one of the wheels took me to very necessary shopping and brought me back home without incident. And today it goes in to the shop to be fixed.
    Could you explain more on this. I find grateful easy ti do and experience it the as blessed.
    Thank you for your help!!!!

  3. So I decided to play at manifesting, and so I started with butterflies. I first saw a small grad mouth or two on my morning walks. I said “wow! Thank you!”, but there was a secret little voice in the background of my head that was very dubious.
    So I sort of wordlessly thought…’No- BUTTERFLIES..!’
    Then bright yellow butterflies started showing up.
    I shared with my daughter, and said- ‘Check it out!’
    She snorted and said- yes… but they’re around so much. My mouth replied: ‘Yeah, well I’m putting out for all sorts of colours of butterflies!’
    I can’t doubt this now-
    For about 4 wks there has been a non stop plethora of all sorts of beautiful butterflies in our area! ALL kinds of colours- beautiful! Streams and seeming endless streams of them!
    We have been swimming in the ocean most days after I finish work, as I work in our local hospital ED, and I can wash the day off me. And these butterflies team over our heads each night, pouring in from far out at sea, (where the heck from?!) flying toward the shore.

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