Your body has self-healing superpowers

“Life is not about healing; it’s about accepting that we are already healed.”–Annie Zalezsak  Yesterday, I invited readers to share a meme from the old paradigm, a meme they are now re-writing, thank you very much. A wonderful reader named Bob brought up a meme that is in our face night and day. “Getting old […]

Why it’s time to get your “Frozen” on and “Let it go.”

 You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. —C. Joybell C. As a long-time journalist, I have been privileged to meet lots of amazing people–actors, artists, politicians and others you may not have heard of, but who are doing world-changing things. Like the principal […]

Why it’s only prudent to give every event in your life a five-star review

“Our thoughts have the power to instantly release positive energy, or to entangle energy.”—Michele Longo-O’Donnell I’m reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, You are the Placebo. Here’s the fifth sentence: “On a beautiful Southern California day in April, I had the privilege of being run over by an SUV in a Palm Springs triathlon.” Say what? […]