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“We are not merely anticipating a new world, we are participating in the new world by the vibration we are carrying. We are the thing. We are the frequency.”—Dr. Michael Beckwith 00001ag

So I’d like to start today’s post with my miracle. And it involves every one of you.

Your incredible stories, your 222 sightings (way to go, Taz!), your neon rainbows and healed relationships and new poems and spiders spinning magic have rocked my world. I trust your world is reeling, as well.

What we’re doing here (turning our cheeks away from doom and gloom and turning them towards miracles) is no small thing.

Every time one of us receives an unexpected financial boost or an estranged friend gets back in touch, we contribute to the healing of planetary consciousness.

Spending time documenting miracles plants important seeds:

Maybe there IS a better way.

Maybe there IS an invisible force that longs to orchestrate miracles on our behalf.

Maybe we ARE entitled to SO MUCH MORE than what we’ve settled for.

We don’t know where these seeds might bloom. What big thing they might affect. What we DO KNOW is that our every thought affects consciousness.

I heard a wonderful story from Charles Eisenstein that speaks to this. He asked participants at a workshop to name the person who had done the most for South Africa. Universally, we all agreed. Has to be Nelson Mandela.

But Charles went on to pose this question. “What if the person who created the most change in South Africa was Mandela’s grandmother who, because she loved him unconditionally, gave him the strength to do the great healing in South Africa?”

The point is we can’t know how our decisions and little actions and miracle-spotting might play out in the world. We just know what we’re doing is important.

I’m so proud of the miracle team we’re forming here that has folks from well, South Africa and Argentina and Antigua (that teammate’s miracle was a rainstorm that corrected a long drought) and Scotland and many, many other places. We are hurling love and gratitude and miracle-mindedness all across the globe.

Today’s party game is simple. Turn off the news. Just for 24 hours. As Michael Beckwith says, “If you’re watching the news more than you’re praying (or, in our case, looking for miracles), you’re in trouble. As I’ve often said here on the blog, “watching too much news is like pinning a ‘please kick me’ sign to your back.”

I must continually vaccinate myself from fear. There are already enough people out there worrying about the future, creating worse-case scenarios.

I believe we miracle workers are the antidote.

For those who haven’t yet dipped their toe, I encourage you to read through some of the miracles posted in the last two day’s comment sections.

And, as always, please leave today’s miracle (remember we get new ones EVERY SINGLE DAY!) below.

You never know how your miracle could be the one to tip the cosmic scales.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).