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Uptown Funky Wonk and other reasons to have the best weekend of your life

“Only when we are at our most playful can Divinity finally get serious with us.”—Elizabeth Gilbert

Konnichiwa, my friends, which is Japanese for “How in the heck are you?”

I’m just back from the Land of the Rising Sun where I spent a glorious eight days with the founders of the Universal Share Project. We visited temples and shrines in Kyoto, went to Tokyo’s famous Robot Restaurant and raised the consciousness of the planet. If you don’t believe me, check out these videos.

Some of my readers even met me at the airport with hats made from my picture and a piñata-like device that poured out feathers and yellow butterflies. As I told someone at pickleball this morning, I sorta felt like the Beatles.

Per usual, I also heard lots of “You are never going to believe this” stories. In fact, Happy (how can you not love anyone named Happy?) said that one year before I arrived, she wrote down her intention that I would come to Japan. And when Happy decides something, step back, Jack! I just read her first book (translated into English just for me) which is living proof that the Law of Attraction works.

The book basically details her journey of using the power of her thoughts to become an author. When she started her blog in March 2014, she describes herself as an ordinary girl in her 30’s (although like all of us, she’s far from ordinary). She had a grand total of zero followers and little chance of securing a publishing deal.

Using nothing but her connection to the F.P. (the field of infinite potentiality), Happy was able, in a mere six months, to attract enough followers that her blog became the No#1 LOA blog in Japan. Needless to say, a publishing deal was inevitable. Last I heard, she’s writing book number three.

I’d also like to share a story about one of my translators, a beautiful soul named Hiromi. For a while, she was married to an American and lived in Arizona. During this time, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of submitting to surgery, the recommendation by her Western doctor, she returned to Japan and began visualizing a healthy body. She held fast to her knowing that, in Truth, she was whole and perfect. Well, guess what?

Within a year, she was indeed…..all together now…whole and perfect. Her breast cancer vacated the premises.

And since it’s Friday, here’s a great video to inspire what is guaranteed to be the best weekend of your life.

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