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Top five most dangerous myths still operating as our default setting.

“When we give up our dreary stories, we are provided for in every way.”—Alberto Villoldo

Before the age of five, our brains operate mainly in what scientists call theta wave. It’s similar to REM sleep, hypnosis and works beautifully for picking up language and other things useful for making our way in the world.

In fact, most of what we still believe and act upon today was formulated long before we started kindergarten. We picked up a mental, emotional framework that, despite our affirmations and positive intentions, still serves as our default setting. This default setting operates in our lives anytime we’re not living in the moment. As soon as you start “thinking,” it kicks in, which is a good thing except MOST OF IT IS WRONG!!

Here are five shining examples:

You need something outside yourself to heal
. The minute you got a runny nose or a fever, your parents, well-meaning as they were, rushed you to the doctor. They gave you sickeningly sweet syrups and pills and inadvertently taught you that “your body is not capable of healing on its own.” This lesson is patently false and so pervasive that very few of us consult the one source that is capable of healing everything.

Muffle your own inner guidance. Rather than teaching us to listen to the still small voice (which is loud and clear when we take the time to heed it), we were taught to follow the rules. We were taught there is right and wrong, true and false, good and bad. All of those concepts are a breeze if we’d only listen to Truth.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Paper money, as a matter of fact, started as a tree. But sadly, the message of scarcity is imprinted into our psyches before we so much as take our first step. The world is marvelously abundant and that’s what a responsible, awake parent should model and teach their children.

Put your nose to the grindstone. Also known as “nothing good comes without hard work,” this little myth perpetuates a lot of pain and suffering. The truth is everything originates with our thoughts. EVERYTHING. In fact, when you do what you love, working is more like playing. It’s big fun, the thing you’d do even if you weren’t being paid. Hard work plays no part of it and besides, what exactly is a grindstone?

The world is a scary and dangerous place. What kid today is allowed to even go outside without adult supervision? I preferred to teach my daughter that the world is bounteous and people are amazing and every single person is kind if given the chance.