Talking and thinking trash no more

“The bliss, the wisdom, the creativity, the laughter, the friendships, the joy, the serenity and peace that have been, for the most part, seen as an impossible dream will become your most ordinary state of being.”– The Way of Mastery Talking trash in my family was a definite no-no. Just saying the word “butt” was […]

Why Freaky Friday has become “Well, duh!” ……or….Miracles, it’s just how we roll

“I thought my life would include more impromptu sing-a-longs.”—Susan Kristiansen Happy Friday, my friends. Thought I’d head into the weekend with a couple stories from the Twilight Zone. Only these days, we fully realize that what used to be dubbed miraculous or coincidental or beyond the natural order is nothing but the universe saying, “Psst. […]