The most important thing

“We all have the opportunity, the privilege, the responsibility to give our best to life.”—Lynne Twist A Course in Miracles makes no bones. If you truly want to partake in the spiritual transformation it promises, you have to first master your mind. To underestimate the mind’s immense power is a huge mistake. How we think […]

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Worldview 2.0: You will bring abundance and joy into your life once you stop talking smack about it

“Some people have a way with words, and other people…oh, uh, not have way.” ― Steve Martin, American comedian Just curious, my friends? What are these phrases still doing in your head? “Something needs to be fixed.” “This is not good enough.” “I don’t have enough.” Visualize all you want. Affirm until the cows come […]

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Don’t know how to do or get something? Pretend that you do.

“The body appears to be largely self-motivated and independent, yet it actually responds only to the intentions of the mind.”—A Course in Miracles I get a lot of emails that start with this phrase: You’re never going to believe this. Since I experience what some call “weird and miraculous things” on a daily basis, I […]

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