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When life changes in a literal heartbeat

“There isn’t time — so brief is life — for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving — and but an instant, so to speak, for that.” — Mark Twain

Every now and then, something comes along that I feel duty bound to shout from the rooftops. Today, my web designer, who already rocked my world when she generously offered to rejuvenate my saggy website, sent me the exact thing I longed to hear—although I didn’t know it.

Google’s logo on 9/22/2011

In exactly two weeks from today, it’ll be Taz’s birthday. She would have been 28. I’ve been thinking about her A LOT. Not just because Google, on the fall Equinox, featured this logo. Or because the new barista at my coffee shop wears a 222 necklace. But because well, it’s coming up on the third year since she so unexpectedly died.  I’ve been a bit mopey.

So I have to cry out in joy (or at least write a blog post) to proclaim that life, no matter how it may appear, always shows up with the very sign or gift you need.

I’d already had that reminder on Wednesday when I was being interviewed by Maejor, a big-time hip hop producer who is currently on a global mission to heal the planet through music. The Grammy-nominated producer (who happens to be 33) discovered that music, when tuned to 432hz, emanates a healing, harmonious energy. Most music is tuned at 440hz, a standard approved by the American Federation of Musicians in 1917. But Mozart and Verdi, who tried to make 432hz official then (complete with signed documentation from physicist Felix Savart, ) tuned their music to 432hz, a frequency that better matches earth’s frequency.

Anyway, Maejor was reading my book, E-Squared. After being diagnosed with leukemia, he decided he could no longer wait to throw his hat into the activism ring. He always figured he’d “serve humanity” when he was older. For now, he was having great success writing tunes for movies, Pepsi commercials and even the Boston Celtics. His diagnosis prompted a sudden pivot. Now was the time to change the frequency.

His messages of positivity didn’t seem to be selling like his earlier songs so he did the Dude Abides experiment asking for a sign. Within the 48 hour-time period, Justin Bieber (I KNOW!) called unexpectedly and invited him on a tour to Japan, one of many synchronicities that further cemented his life-changing mission.

As I said, things can turn around in a heartbeat. My heartbeat moment occurred this morning when the wonderful Ioana Stoica sent me this:  

Love you all to the moon and back. Have the best weekend of your life. #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

Three easy steps to become a Master of Synchronicity: a guest post by Nathalie Thompson

“My view is the sky view.”–Pharrell Williams

Hey, sports fans! I’m heading to Arkansas for a couple days to see the “State of the Art” exhibit at Crystal Bridges. I wrote an article about it for ArtDesk magazine and I’ve been waiting excitedly for the chance to see it.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready to launch the big E-Cubed Selfie Challenge with lots of great prizes including an Alaskan cruise and four pair of tickets to next year’s North American I Can Do It! events. Can someone say awesome!!!

So to prime the pump, here’s a guest post from author Nathalie Thompson:

One of the things I love most about playing with the FP (and the more time I spend doing the kind of stuff I do, the more I realize it really is all about playing and having fun with things), the more I love the “personality” of it all.

I especially love the fact that when we just trust our instincts and follow our passions, the Universe seems to go out of its way to line up little surprises, coincidences and synchronicities for us. It’s almost as if the consciousness that underlies all things delights in hiding little gifts for us, as guideposts to let us know that we are definitely following the right path.

About a month ago, for example, I wanted to set up an online system for delivering e-courses through my website. I wasn’t set up for it and had to pick a software system that needed to be installed and configured before I could launch my little “university”.

How to solve a problem before it happens

I had no idea where to even begin and was quite daunted by the prospect of even attempting it (not to mention that I really didn’t want to risk breaking the rest of my site in the process!) So what I concentrated on was building my first course and getting it all ready to go.

Then, shortly into my curriculum development process, I got an email from my business coach (who does not do techy stuff for people). He said that he had actually been wanting to create a set of video tutorials for his own audience that would show them how to install and configure the exact software system I had chosen, and he offered to set the whole thing up for me if I would agree to letting him record the process while using my site for his demo videos! Problem solved, before it even became a real problem!

Becoming a Master of Synchronicity

This type of experience is so universal that I’ve even come up with a name for it – I call it the “Master of Synchronicity” process, and it’s so easy to harness the power of this phenomenon to create manifesting miracles in all of our lives.

So how does it work? I’ve found there are only three things that we ever really need to do to master this process and get into the flow of it: 1) decide what we want; 2) start moving towards it; and 3) look for “magical” synchronicities and jump on them!

Decide what you want

The first step in becoming a Master of Synchronicity, and the cornerstone of the entire process, is to decide what it is that you want. Get absolutely clear on what your desire really is and then commit yourself to making it happen. Because there is a difference between committing yourself to what you want and just being “kind of interested” in it.

It’s the difference between becoming a great piano player and just wishing you were great piano player, for example. You’re only going to take the action necessary to becoming a great piano player if you’re committed to the idea, rather than just being interested in it.

Start moving towards it

The second step is to start moving towards what you want: start taking action, in any way that you can, in the direction of that goal or vision. When you’ve made a choice to commit yourself to your vision, you’ll find yourself getting all sorts of spontaneous ideas about things that you could do. When you get those ideas, follow up on them and start doing! You’ll be surprised at how much progress you can make, in crazy-short amounts of time, when action is inspired in this way.
You’ll be working harder than you ever have before, but it won’t feel like work because you’ll be in that zone where everything is just flowing and you’re filled with energy and enthusiasm for what you’re doing. When you feel that energy and drive to do something, this is how you can tell that you’re working with something you’re truly passionate about!

Look for magical synchronicities

The third step is to look for golden opportunities and “magical” synchronicities. Once you start actively working towards a vision or goal that you’ve committed yourself to, things just seem to start lining up to make it happen for you, as if by magic.

These little synchronicities often come at you out of nowhere, and in the strangest ways; they may come in the form of overheard conversations giving you leads on something critical to your project, or just the right book showing up at just the right time, or someone you barely know may learn about what you’re doing and offer up a key piece of information or a contact that will get you exactly what you need.

Seemingly random, serendipitous events will start to happen as you start moving forward. When these opportunities present themselves, jump on them! They are your signals from the FP that you’re doing exactly what it is that you need to be doing in order to get to where you want to be.

Summing it up

That’s all there it to it! The next time you want to manifest something really important to you, try becoming a Master of Synchronicity: decide what you’re going to manifest and commit yourself to your vision; pay attention to any little internal nudges and flashes of insight that give you ideas for action, then start moving; and, finally, be on the lookout for gifts from the Universe – those wonderful, golden opportunities that will magically come your way!

Nathalie Thompson is the author of Seven-Minute Stress Busters and the Head Dream Catcher over at VibeShifting.com, where she helps people master the methods and mindsets of success and transform their dreams into reality. Pick up her free Build Your Best Life quick-start guide and bonus video series and start creating a life you really love, today!

3 life-altering lessons I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Have you lived 75 years? Or have you lived one year 75 times?”—Wayne Dyer

If you saw “American Hustle,” you know that Jennifer Lawrence’s character Rosalyn was reading and quoting from Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention. Never mind that it didn’t actually come out until 2004, 20 some years AFTER the time period of the movie.

The part that WAS accurate is that Dr. Dyer was definitely writing books back then. He has been inspiring and uplifting us regular humanoids for a good four decades.

As I mentioned in E-Squared, I read his book, Your Erroneous Zones, back in college and have been a huge fan ever since.

Right now, I’m reading his latest, a memoir called I Can See Clearly Now. Even though I’m only halfway through, I’ve already picked up three important fileables for my stash of “things I want to remember.”

1. All of life is interconnected. In E-Cubed, I write a lot about synchronicity and how, once we open our minds, we notice that the universe is constantly conspiring in our favor. In 1959, when Wayne was hitchhiking home from a naval base in Maryland, 590 miles to his home in Detroit, he was dropped him off at a turnpike service area in the middle of Pennsylvania. It was 3 a.m., bitterly cold and another sailor, also hitchhiking, warned him not to stand outside too long. They were both bundled up beneath heavy coats and hats and once inside, Wayne realizes the other sailor is his brother Jim, hitchhiking home from Norfolk, Virginia. Coincidence? Or the workings of a universe who has his (and, of course, all of ours) back?

2. Your mind can heal your body. While stationed in Guam, Wayne developed a pilonidal cyst that caused a lot of soreness and swelling at the base of his spine. After witnessing the after-effects of other sailors’ surgeries, a sight that made him queasy, Wayne made an appointment with the head nurse and basically “lied,” telling her his cyst had disappeared. For the next several weeks, he took to heart a book he was reading called Psycho-Cybernetics. I love that Wayne is a reader like me and that he, too, has been greatly influenced by early authors. Written by Maxwell Maltz, a medical doctor, Psycho-Cybernetics touts the power of visualization. Wayne diligently practiced the principles and within four days, he healed himself. No more pilonidal cyst.

3.The universe works in mysterious and beneficent ways. While studying for his Ph.D, Wayne is given a book called The World of Psychology four hours before he’s scheduled to meet with his doctoral advisor. It was a thank you gift from a student’s mother who appreciated his talk at Mercy High School where he was a guidance counselor. When the book was presented, he’d already chosen a topic for his dissertation. But he felt a strong pull to immediately sit down and read one of the essays from that book. The essay, “Self-Actualizing People” by Abraham Maslow so rocked his world that he completely changed the topic of his dissertation–just hours before he was meant to commit. Needless to say, that serendipitous reading changed not only Wayne’s life, but the lives of the millions of us who have been inspired by his teaching ever since.

As he says in the book, “The laborers of fate were working overtime that September day in 1978. I had given that talk to the parents because the school principal was sick and asked me to fill in at the last minute. Had that not occurred, had the book not been given, had I not felt a strong compulsion to read that essay at that very moment, my entire life might have looked very different. I can see clearly now that these kinds of almost desperate callings are the work of something bigger than myself, but to which I am passionately connected. I have come to trust in the messages and synchronistic collaborations with fate.”

So thank you, Dr. Dyer, for being brave enough to follow your calling and, in the process, to pull the rest of us along with you.

I am forever indebted.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the soon-to-be-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

“Walk without a stick into the darkest woods. Believe that the fairy tale is true.”—Cheryl Strayed

“The more you look for synchronicity, the more magical your life becomes. You are the magician that makes the grass green.”—Robert Anton Wilson222

In her book, Tiny Beautiful Things, Cheryl Strayed, posing as Dear Sugar, tells the story of hiking in New Mexico. She was alone and had been for several hours. She turned a bend and suddenly ran into another solo hiker who at that exact moment had run into yet another lone hiker. The three of them laughed, began talking and discovered that all three of them had the same birthday, in three consecutive years.

In E-Squared, I wrote about coincidence and how rather than being some weird anomaly spit out by what Dr. John Lilly called “The Cosmic Coincidence Control Center,” it’s actually evidence of the Zero Point Field to which we are all connected. I also pointed out that simply contemplating synchronicity often triggers these “Oh Wow!” events. I also asked readers who experienced “an amazing coincidence” after reading that chapter to send me an email. Just so you know, I’ve gotten dozens of stories, many including the number 222 that I mentioned in the book.

My daughter, when she was in junior high, for those who haven’t read it, had a thing about 222. She started a 222 Facebook page, her friends called her at 2:22 every day and that summer, we ended up staying in room 222 in two different hotels (one in Seattle and one in London).

I used that anecdote in the 101 Dalmatians chapter and was amazed at a) how many coincidences people sent me and b) how many included the number 222.

My daughter, who is now 19 and in college, and I were talking about her 222 fascination the other day and suddenly we started seeing 222’s everywhere, sometimes two different ones at the same time. We started texting each other every time we spotted a 222. It has become an amusing game.

So today, in honor of my incredible daughter who “coincidentally” called me when I was getting ready to post this, I’m hosting a 222 competition. For the next few days, make an intention to notice the number 222.

I will send a free autographed copy of E-Squared or one of my other books (if you can’t think of anyone you’d like to give a copy to) to whoever posts the best 222 story in the comments below.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.