That was easy

“Excellent!” I cried. “Elementary,” said he.” ― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle My beautiful colleague and friend, Annola Charity, presented me with a Staples “Easy” button a few years ago. This three-inch red button, when pressed, repeats “That was easy.” I take it to all my playshops and tell everyone I know that it’s one of […]

The most dangerous 4-letter word in the English language

“Once you get your thinking clean, you can move mountains.”—Steve Jobs We were talking about New Year’s resolutions in one of my power posses last week. It reminded me of this blog post I wrote several years ago. Today, I’d like to address the most dangerous four-letter word in the English language. This word that […]

Just because credentialed experts say it’s true, doesn’t mean it is

“You have to decamp from normal reality.”—Eric Weinstein I am happy to report that, while it took me awhile, I finally replaced the word “thong” with “flip-flop.” When I was growing up, rubber beach shoes like havainas were called “thongs.” Sometime in the 1990’s, the word thong took on a different connotation. My daughter cringed […]