We’re all in this together

“It is all about love and how we all are connected.”— Mark Wahlberg Ellen Pompeo (you probably know here as Meredith Grey) just became the highest-paid actress on a television drama. As of her recent contract, she walks away with $575,000 for every episode. Not bad for a kid from a blue-collar Boston suburb whose […]

Even Shonda Rhimes uses the Wonder Woman pose

“Instead of wallowing in the problem, I figure out what its yes would be.”—Shonda Rhimes I just finished Shonda Rhimes’ inspiring book, My Year of Saying Yes. It’s a memoir that takes up after she’d already won countless Emmys and Writers Guild and Directors Guild awards for creating Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and all the other […]

Do your beliefs provide the circuitry for your greatest good?

“Hard is relative.”–Shonda Rhimes I’m more or less illiterate when it comes to anything electrical. I know what a plug looks like and I know how to attach it to a wall socket. Beyond that, I draw a blank. But there’s a device used in electronics that provides a good metaphor for understanding why some […]