The only conversation worth having

“In an exuberant state of joy, you are at peace with everything about you . . . there is no thing unconquerable, no thing unreachable.” — RAMTHA Neuroscientists have discovered that humans reverberate to the actions and emotions of the people around them. This unspoken but ongoing communication is why someone yawning can make you […]

Why I remain optimistic

“Birds in my backyard aren’t on their cell phones. Aren’t stewing over politics. They’re singing their hearts out in celebration of a new day.”—Tweet I recently sent I have been accused of being naïve, a Pollyanna, a ridiculous fool. “Haven’t you seen the headlines?” my naysayers roll their eyes.  “Are you ignoring what’s going on […]

“What’s possible” is far more important than “what is”

 “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” ― Gloria Steinem  I love Michael Beckwith’s recent description of the mass media. He called it a “weapon of mass deception.” He also said that instead of calling it news, we should call it “olds” […]

Five non-political reasons I support Bernie Sandwich

“Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.”–Henry Rollins  I try to stay out of politics here on the blog. My goal is to bring people together and well, usually politics does just the opposite. But I’ve recently become so jazzed about the candidate commentator Chris Hayes, the other night, accidentally called Bernie Sandwich that […]

Let the universe do the heavy lifting, Redux

“How is none of your business.” —Edwene Gaines Jeannie worked a minimum wage job as a clerk at a discount store. She heard this rumor that prosperity was possible to anyone who made it a conscious intention, anyone who took the time to write down what they’d “love to do.” She didn’t really buy it […]