You are a glorious, alluring, radiant beauty–and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the face you see in the mirror.

“Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly.”—A Course in Miracles

I’m having a blast with all the E3 selfies coming in. (Send yours to this page for the chance to win a cruise to Alaska and/or a pair of tickets to all four North American I Can Do It! events) But in the meantime, I just have to interrupt the contest with this noncommercial announcement.

It’s a story from E-Cubed about real beauty.

It was shared by my new friend StevieAnne Petitt who is a hilarious comedian (and other great things). Check out her comedy show tonight at Stand Up Live in Phoenix.

She’s the cover girl for the E3 Selfie Challenge and now, she has blown me away with this incredible story from Experiment #3 in E-Cubed.

It’s the experiment that examines the old-school belief in absolute reality. I’ll let StevieAnne take it from here:

“Okay – where to begin?! Holy SHIFT! I am a 7 days into the #E3 Selfie Challenge created by New York Times’ Best Seller, Pam Grout, and have I got an incredibly remarkable last 72 hours to report from my most recent expert’sriment – proving that manifesting magic and merriment is my (our) full-time gig!

I’ll make it brief while still BLOWING YOUR MIND!

72 hours ago, I was in bed, flipping to the next experiment in my E-cubed book. I had been doing the experiments consecutively as I was trusting it was all Divine timing. I was now on the “Simon Cowell” corollary, where our experiment is to acknowledge our most hindering belief systems about ourselves, then INVITE that the opposite must be equally true and capable of existing. I was to embark on a 72-hour journey of being open to any and all beliefs that countered my long-standing mind chatter that “I am only valuable when found physically attractive – and that even that was rare”

This was a prominent belief system that has not only been ’round a looooong time, but also very recent, as I had been rejected (or what I perceived as rejected) quite a few times in as many days.)

So, I skipped past the chapter. I decided there was no way I was working on THAT shift just yet. I didn’t want to face it. Or even own the self chatter. So, I began reading the next experiment in E-cubed…

Not even 2 pages in to the preferred chapter, I get a call from a friend of mine for some time now. This friend called me to discuss embarking on a professional adventure together. And also to talk as friends. Nothing more – and nothing related to my physicality. As we spoke, I started to get these whispers of intuition that I needed to return to the chapter I intentionally passed up. I focused my undivided attention back to our conversation and then again, as we were talking, felt inclined to return to the “Simon Cowell” experiment.

I quickly made the decisions to move my bookmark to the correct chapter with the intent of reading it after our phone call. The very nano-second I did that, my friend began to cry on the other line as they told me, in the most heart-felt sentiment that they appreciated me for traits of “organized”, “motivated”, “articulate” and other similar phrases, then telling me that I have so much to offer and if only I knew that/saw that. And that they would be honored to be “even a small part in my journey…” That my mind was beautiful and that I am so intelligent. I WAS BLOWN AWAY AND SO HUMBLED! And in their tears, I found so many tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had never been complimented on such a level before. Let alone, from a platonic fellow being. I was overwhelmed with LOVE and PEACE… and also this KNOWING that the skimming through the “Simon Cowell” experiment began the moment I skimmed through it. That’s when the 72 hours began. And the Universe immediately delivered that intention… a mere two-pages and some five minutes into the preferred chapter.

I KNEW the next 70 hours were gonna blow my mind and tat they’d be necessary to catapult me into my ultimate desire to live purposefully in my passion!

The next day, I am at work an hour early. So is an award-winning, highly-regarded Harvard and M.I.T. professor who took a liking to me early on in my employment at Starbucks and has mentored me since. Matter of fact – AND THIS IS HUGE – he BOUGHT ME E-CUBED! I didn’t even ask! He just intuitively knew I would want it, as we had discussed E-squared over coffee a few times before.

We sat for coffee. Him not knowing that I was conducting another E-cubed experiment or doing the #E3 Selfie Challenge, etc. As we are talking, he shares with me one of the most profound compliments I have ever received… AGAIN _ HAVING NO CLUE ABOUT THE EXPERIMENT OR MY BELIEF SYSTEM THAT I AM LOOKING TO PROVE FALSE… he says to me… “You know, your LOOKS ARE NOT YOUR BEST FEATURE… IT IS WHAT’S BEHIND THE SMILE…”


I am sitting there in just utter shock and awe. I have the largest smile on my face, because normally that sentence isn’t well-received at first…. but to ME, that was MUSIC AND MANIFESTING MIRACLES to my ears! I was blown away! Nevermind the fact that the very experiment I was conducting was written in the very book that he gifted me…! I went to the bathroom to cry tears of awe and joy before my shift started…

Fast forward to today, and aside from a comment about my pink lipstick, nothing but non-physical compliments from nearly fifty people in my community stating that they are proud of me, proud to know me, excited for all I will accomplish, that speaking is my gift and I am right where I need to be – all of this in preparation for the BIG EVENT TOMORROW at Tempe Improv – my first five-minute stand-up as a Conscious Comedian (my E3 Challenge being to be Internationally-recognized and well-received as I “lighten up enlightenment”…

I sit here just in complete gratitude. I am blown away by the LOVE and SUPPORT of everyone in my life. All the energy, The Collective Whole. The Universe. The FP. All that has conspired to make the last 72 hours imperative for my growth into what will ultimately BE my ability to serve as a Conscious Comedian in this “humor” experience…

If it wasn’t for you – the very person reading this – allowing me to BE the greatest expression of myself, and sharing your love and support of me so openly, I don’t know that I’d ever have embarked on my purposeful path.

You all may never know how much you mean to me…. but it is exponential. YOU are so important and honored and cherished by me! Thank you for your support and love and freely-given compliments that truly have shifted energy that was keeping me from BEING.

Thank you so very much! I am looking forward to tomorrow. Not just for stepping onto the stage and into my Greatness, but also for the next experiment that you fine beings are so welcome and encouraged to enjoy as well!”

Thank you, Stevie.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.