Today I am brave. Today I am generous

“Turn your light on for those with no vision.”—Pharrell Williams My last blog post about the “news being irrelevant” provoked a couple questions that I’d like to address. As always, I appreciate all your thoughtful comments. Many years ago, I went to a bullfight in a foreign country that shall not be named (It was […]

Like a room without a roof

“My whole life has been an effort to find freedom—freedom from myself, freedom from my own fears.”—Helen Mirren As a journalist, I was taught that the lede (the opening paragraph) of any story is my big chance to catch a reader’s attention. Tell them who, what, where, when and how—right up front. Course in Miracles […]

Why I no longer march in the streets

“Turn your light on for those with no vision.”–Pharrell Williams I used to ADORE a good protest! I marched against war, against guns, against racism. Nothing’s more exhilarating than carrying a sign and chanting in resistance with fellow comrades. But it finally dawned on me that being AGAINST something only adds energy to a reality […]

Move over, Garmin! Following your joy is the best GPS

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”—Emily Bronte One afternoon, when Taz was four, she was playing “mom” in the backyard with her friend, Ashley. Ashley had taken her turn being “mom” and had dutifully washed the pretend dishes, hung up the pretend laundry and ordered her pretend daughter, Taz, to […]

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.” –Pharrell Williams

“We all long for love. Everything else is just killing time.” –Kenny Loggins Most people hear the word “love” and immediately think of long white dresses, tuxes and diamond rings. Our tendency to associate love with romance is a gaping blind spot. Not only are there millions of people to love (forget your quest to […]