The one who will catch me

“Let me fall if I must fall. The one I am becoming will catch me.”–Baal Shem Tov Many years before Garry Shandling made his transition, he had a NEAR transition, commonly called an NDE. In 1977, he was in a car accident, in critical condition and in a hospital for two weeks with a ruptured […]

That time I failed to take the red pill

“When we don’t stop daily to inventory all the gazillion things going right in our lives, the crazy voices in our heads try to make us their bitch.”—From my book, Thank & Grow Rich Thank you, my beautiful friends, for your emails inquiring about my whereabouts. I reckon it’s a desired outcome when people notice […]

Look past appearances

“Man’s concept of his world built on the experience of the five senses is no longer adequate and in many cases no longer valid.”— Shafica Karagulla Right now, the planet you call home is spinning at a rate of roughly 930 miles per hour. It’s orbiting the sun at an astonishing 66,486 miles per hour. […]

A tale of two perceptions

“The ego seems to want us all to have big buts.”—James Twyman A Course in Miracles has lots and lots and lots of pages, but it sorta boils down to this: At every moment, I either perceive the world from love or from my ego. The ego is the pernicious voice in my head that […]

More miracles from the annals of magic and enchantment

“One of the greatest paradoxes of your physical senses is that your eyes actually show you what you believe, not what you see.”—Mike Dooley So I’m sitting in a French café in Mexico, having just finished a travel article on a Brazilian steakhouse I visited in the United States. What a small world! ACIM Lesson […]

Well, duh!

“Feel at home in the universe, enjoy its innumerable marvels. Be active in it, contribute to it, participate in the healing. This is where Reality is.”—Richard Rohr I suppose it was inevitable. That I was going to fall in love with Ajijic and that I would be invited on epic adventures. Beings as I rank […]

The rumble in the jungle inside my head

“If you sucked all the thoughts out of your head, you’d find nothing but peace.”—Jill Whalen “Wonder what we’re having for dinner?’ “I knew I should have shaved. My massage therapist has got to be grossed out by my hairy legs.” “Are those birds chirping on the CD or are they outside?’ The above is […]

Indescribable happiness: a lesson in focus

“Don’t put the past in the cupboard of your flesh.”—Claudia Rankine I’ve got a confession to make. I’m starting to question my commitment to these daily Course in Miracles lessons. Not my commitment to doing them myself, but my crazy idea of blogging about them every day. Here’s why: I’m seeing the lessons through your […]

Every moment is mine to create

“Just remember life is all an illusion…’s your creation and you can dismantle it and re-create at will.” ― Nanette Mathews A friend from one of my possibility posses made a very profound joke (yes, jokes are often profound) the other day. She said, “I have three daughters. Each one of them has a different […]

Like housebreaking a puppy

“We are all captives of a story,”—Daniel Quinn For more than 100 years, physicists have known that Newton’s classical view of physical reality doesn’t work at its core. The subatomic realm so defies all reason and logic that most scientists, scared to endanger their academic credentials, have more or less ignored the fact that life […]