The material world: it’s a temp job

“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”—Niels Bohr
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Are you thinking about righting that over-turned apple cart I talked about yesterday?

Not so fast.

ACIM Lesson 114 continues to emphasize that what I think I see with my eyes is nothing but a made-up illusion.

What IS REAL is the fact that I am spirit.

The ONLY surety is that I am a multi-dimensional energy field upon which no body can impose limitations. Which means anything material I see out there is temporary, at best.

This is REALLY GOOD NEWS. Knowing this fact is invaluable when wanting to upgrade your life. Any issue or problem that seems to be starring in your life story can be easily changed. This is a statement worth repeating often.

The only reason that thing you’re not crazy about seems so stubborn (say lack of money or struggling relationships) is that you keep animating it into your life with your attention.

My possibility posse last week launched a commission to over-ride some of the belief systems that hold this crazy world in place. And first thing on the agenda is declaring all apparent problems to be temporary, ephemeral.

Acknowledging that any situation that doesn’t make us feel connected and in love and wanting to break out in dance(say the political situation or societal divisions) is far from written in stone.

Again, it only seems that it is because we keep staring at it, pointing at it, pronouncing it true. Woe is us!

It will only stay “true” as long as we continue to invest our energy into it.

As Buckminster Fuller so aptly said, we can’t change the existing reality by fighting. We can only change it by building a new model that makes the existing one obsolete.

And it all starts by knowing…’s not real. It’s temporary. It’s on the stage of my worldview because I put it there with my belief that it’s permanently etched on stone tablets.

So bloody reassuring to know that it’s not.

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Finally! The answer to the question we’ve been asking for centuries

“If anybody says he can think about quantum physics without getting giddy, he has not understood it.” Niels Bohr

I know it’s only Tuesday, but there’s reason to celebrate. One of the many things I’m celebrating today is Greg Kuhn’s new book which is out now. In honor of its riveting debut, here’s a guest post from THE MAN himself.

Do You Truly Know the Answer to: “Why Are You Here”? By Greg Kuhn

We now know what our universe really is: unbound energy. And I don’t mean to insult you with the title of this post because I’m quite sure you’re familiar with why you are here: to play the amazing fulfilling role of a contextual creator of your life experiences.

Continued acknowledgment is appropriate here of the fact that our role of creator can sound like a new age, feel-good, wouldn’t-it-be-nice-if-it-were true philosophy when weighed against a Neanderthal’s paradigms. It can sound, to the skeptic still trapped in the paradigms of her senses, something that all of us “new age, airy-fairy” types naively wish were true.

People who aren’t ready to take the next steps of human evolution can’t help themselves for reacting like this because this information runs counter to what their senses tell them. There is precious little indication from our senses indicating that we are contextually creating our material experiences; who can be blamed for thinking that the material world is “out there”, outside of us, existing independently of us, and merely awaiting out discovery?

But because we now know how our universe really “works”, and because we now know that the creation of the material world is not a bottom-up process, those Neanderthal perspectives have a limited shelf-life. Which is fortunate for Neanderthals, of course, because a bottom-up paradigm is pretty scary, as we all know. In fact, some of us could say that we are deliberate creators not because we want to get to paradise, but because we’ve been imprisoned by our misery and we don’t ever want to go back.

Although you have a pretty good idea of why you are here, it’s important to point out some important conceptual semantics in that question itself. These semantics are invaluable for a leading-edge creator like you. You need to always remember who “you” are. And the answer to who “you” are reveals why “you” are here.

But there is one more contextual semantic to iron out, because the term “here” must also be correctly defined in answering the question of why “you” are “here”.

“You” are not your body. Your body is finite, as far as we know; your body is a collapsed portion of the quantum field and, as such, is a time-space event. “You” are not your body; “you” are your consciousness. “Here”, however, is your physical body, a vehicle for “you” to experience human life.

In other words, “you” are “here”; your consciousness is inhabiting your physical body, which is the vessel allowing you this experience. Do you, like me, think this is probably the noetic wisdom inspiring the age-old concept of your body being your temple?

So the most complete answer to the question of why you are here involves remembering that “you” (your consciousness) are “here” (inhabiting your physical body to facilitate the experience of a human being alive on Earth). Every person on this planet is contextually creating, at all times, in every second, whether or not she knows it or believes it. Every person on this planet is collapsing the potential of the quantum field, in every single instant of her life, because that is what people do. You can’t stop collapsing the quantum field and contextually forming the material world if you try.

All “you” are doing “here”, in fact, is becoming more influential at something you’ve always done. So relax, you’re already an old hat at contextual creation; all “you” are doing “here”, right now, is becoming an All-Star in the game of “Grow a Greater You”.

Greg Kuhn, the Law of Attraction Science Guy, is the best-selling author of the popular Why Quantum Physicists… book series. His newest book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”, a veritable blueprint for deliberate creators, is now available on Amazon and ready to guide your explosive growth. His Penny Experiment will also be included in Pam Grout’s new book. Greg can be reached at his website, His new book can be found here: You can find Greg’s newest book right here: