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“Love is the natural condition of all experience before thought divides it into a multiplicity of objects, selves and others.”—Rupert Spira

Something really weird is happening in my life. I’m not traveling much or working on a specific project. In fact, when friends ask, “So what have you been up to?” I have no good, pithy answer.  

I once prided myself on my ability to provide scintillating, conversation-starting responses.  I was usually on my way to Namibia or Helsinki or I was getting ready to interview say, Blake Shelton or Eminem’s mom. My life was rife with engaging happenings.

Now, not so much.

But here’s what’s weird. Or rather incompatible with what society has taught me. I feel blissfully happy, at peace, engaged with each moment. That’s not to say the asshat doesn’t rap its knuckles on the window pane every now and again, but mostly I just laugh and recognize it as a worthless distraction.  

Its murmurings are nothing but temporary whiffs of energy unless I decide to invite them in for chamomile tea and crumpets. Which I don’t seem to do so much anymore.

I’m finding it more absorbing to sit by the fire, to walk around my neighborhood, to live in the presence of each precious moment.  

Writing these words actually floors me, makes me wonder, “Who is this person? And where did she hide the body?”

I can’t really explain it and I’m not suggesting it will last (because, after all, that’s in the future which isn’t right now,) but I have to believe that whatever is mine to do next, whatever it is that Source, Spirit, God has up its sleeve for me will be much easier to ascertain than it was when I was distracted non-stop with past and future.

Happy Wednesday, my beloveds!

Reporting in from small town Kansas,

Grout, Pam, as they called me in a recent book promotion #222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

Human being training vs. spiritual training. Which do you choose?

“Hey, you don’t want to put that out there in the universe.”—Phoebe Buffay

Happy to be back from Africa and just want to mention a couple things.

1. If you got weird Facebook messages from me, it’s because someone evidently hacked into my Facebook account. I’ve heard impersonation is the highest form of flattery, but this particular impersonator was doing stuff I’d never do—sending IM’s (well I suppose I might someday do that) and trying to con money or something from my FB friends. I’m not sure if this Pam #2 is still out there, but just know that I won’t be IMing anyone or sending messages for some time—at least until this gets cleared up.

2. Because I had little access to computer much of the time (at certain points, I even had no access to electricity or bathrooms) I could have missed some emails and other stuff. If you haven’t heard back from me on some contract I was supposed to sign or bio I was supposed to send, hit me up again.

Lastly, I want to share a thought I had while in Africa.

In the U.S. and most Western countries, we get human being training from the moment we’re born. Human being training teaches us to conform, to follow certain “rules” and “ideas,” mainly revolving around how limited we are. Our well-meaning parents (and I admit, I also indoctrinated my daughter in this way) teach us manners, send us to school, encourage us to learn how to “make a living.”

There’s little or no training on our spiritual selves. Luckily, this bigger part of us is so vast and so all-encompassing that it continually seeps out into the humanness we’ve all mastered.

In many tribes in Africa, particularly those that haven’t yet succumbed to the Western, Capitalist system, the spiritual side is given center stage. One tribe I heard about has an important ritual that starts when a baby is still in the womb.

At seven months, the tribes people ask the about-to-be-born baby what his or her purpose and intention is for this human lifetime. Unlike our Western insistence that we all conform to the same cookie cutter lifestyle (school, work, putting our noses to the grindstones), this tribe wants to know and support each individual’s higher spiritual purpose.

Imagine how different our lives would be if each of us had been asked about our unique gifts and life purposes before we learned to conform.

That’s it for today, folks. I’ll be back on the blog from time to time over the next couple months. I’m hot on the pursuit of finalizing E-Cubed so most of my attention is on delivering a sequel to E-Squared that is going to knock your socks off…or at least some of that old conditioning that no longer serves us.

Thanks for being a part of this revolution in thought.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.