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Yesterday: a tragedy and comedy all in one blog

“Keep it light, so light that the pull of old, sad stories cannot keep you from playing, dancing—cannot hold you down.” –Toni Labagh

jukeMy mind is like the jukebox in a sticky, smoke-filled bar. It has been playing the same old records for years. Yesterday it kept dropping quarters in the Country & Western slot. Maybe you’ve heard some of my favorites: Poor Me, Not Again, I Really Must Be a Loser.

What a huge relief to have the lessons from the Course reminding me that those familiar oldies are false ideas. They’re simply not true.

For years, I actually believed my thoughts. I believed that something was wrong with me, that I wasn’t doing life right.

Yesterday, a couple of the old melodies started playing in my mind. Because I know every word by heart, I started to sing along. The old verses are as familiar to me as old Supremes songs—only mine aren’t always in tune.

Before the Course, I’d have probably kept those lyrics going for days. I am so grateful that now I can watch those thoughts from a distance. I know not to take those oldies seriously, not to adopt them as my identity.

What’s even better is knowing there’s another consciousness, a jubilant, gleeful, brilliant consciousness that invites me to boogie on a much better dance floor.

Lesson 9 is: I see nothing as it is now.

As this lesson (which you can access at the link) says, I don’t have to believe I’m seeing the past, the false, the old familiar jukebox standards.

I just have to offer a tiny bit of willingness. The bigger thing will take it from there.

How easy it that?

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