Why I’m the luckiest person on the planet, Part 3

“Spiritual practice is just training our minds towards reverence, like moving a potted plant to a sunny spot by the window.”—Lana Maree on Facebook Okay, so I guess this topic (being the luckiest person on the planet) is now an official series. And one of the gazillion reasons it’s true is because I have the […]

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World’s best “how-to book” not found in the self-help section

“Like a loyal animal, the imagination will come when it knows the door is open.” –Carol Lloyd My favorite how-to book will never be found in the self-help section of the bookstore. It was written long before the term self-help was even coined. It’s a children’s book called Harold and the Purple Crayon and it […]

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The six things preschoolers do WAY better than adults

There’s a reason J.C. said, “Let the children come unto me.” Kids know important stuff, stuff we mature adults work very hard to unteach them. But maybe instead of urging our children to “be careful” and “act responsible,” we should follow their lead. Here are the top six things preschoolers have over us: 1. Make […]

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