“Magical things are happening.” –Clare Louise McAlaney

“What a wondrous day! Truly, the more I keep looking for amazing things, the more amazing things keep happening!”—Clare Louise McAlaney

If you’ve been partying here on my blog for any length of time, you know I love sharing miracle stories.

And since my beautiful daughter is home on fall break (which for anybody who knows me, knows that translates out to: we are out having fun and practicing being rich), I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a couple more. Which should be fair warning to anyone who emails me, you could end up on this stage. Usually, I DO ask permission first.

In the last hour alone, I’ve received two emails from readers who say they’ve lost major poundage from doing the Jenny Craig experiment. That means doing nothing but blessing your food and throwing away old patterns of chastising yourself before eating it.

To them, I say Congratulations! Keep reworking those thoughts. “Losing weight is easy” should be the dominant ticker tape running across your consciousness.

And here’s a fun story from Spirit Stylist & Angel Therapy Practitioner, Camille Rey.

“I manifested a double jogging stroller a few weeks ago–in a matter of hours.

“I have three kids and finding time to exercise is very difficult. Money is tight. No gym membership. Minimal regular childcare for my youngest, 12 months and 4.5 years.

“I thought about what I needed and the answer came to me that I needed a double jogging stroller. But, I didn’t have the money.”

Within two hours, Camille got an email from a friend offering her a….you guessed it? A double jogging stroller.-a2stroller

“Now I am running for the first time in more than two years!” she says.

I would have probably given Camille the trophy for speediest manifestation (two hours? I mean this gal’s good), but then I heard from Dave Bonner who was doing the Dear Abby Experiment.

Here’s what he wrote:

“A few months ago I randomly met a wonderful woman on the tube in London, and we immediately felt a connection. We exchanged numbers over a coffee, but then due to us both having just moved to London, almost two months passed before we made contact again, and went out for lunch. A few days later we went out for a romantic dinner, and the evening was perfect. Candlelight, good conversation, and a deep sense of like-mindedness and a strong connection.

“However, afterwards, I didn’t hear from her for quite a while – no reply to emails, or text messages. I started to worry that I had done something or said something wrong, to push her away, as I couldn’t get hold of her. So – this Sunday just gone, I am sitting on the train on the way back down to London, and I am reading your chapter on inner guidance. I decide to ask the universe if the woman I met is right for me – if I should invest the time and energy in persisting with it (she has not been great at keeping in touch, which had me worried). So I asked the FP for a definitive answer. 48 hours, show me something which will send me a strong message, is this going somewhere, yes or no. I made a note of the time, it was 16:13.

“I spent the rest of the journey home, and my subsequent journey to work this morning, keeping one eye on my phone, and the other on the world around me, looking for a sign of some sort.

“When I get to work, guess what? I fire up my email, and get a double surprise. First – a lovely email from her, apologising for not being in touch, and re-assuring me that she is interested but has been busy. But the second, and more astounding fact – was the time she sent the message – 16:14 – less than a minute after I had made my demand of the FP.”

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.