Are you willing to allow the possibility of an unrecognizable new world?

“I signed up for the Olympics of internal freedom and happiness.”—Grace Bell Will Smith once said that all successful people have the delusional quality of believing something different can happen. Most of us, instead, get stuck in expectation loops. We continue looking for and expecting the same things as yesterday. But here’s the thing. Today […]

Who said life wasn’t meant to be magical?

“I could use my very own mind to imagine other ways of seeing the world, like putting on a new pair of glasses. Everything in a new color entirely.”—Grace Bell I just returned from Norway where, once again, I fell in love. As a travel writer, I’m often asked “Where’s your favorite place?” I often […]

Why it’s perfectly okay to have a negative thought

“What if right in that moment, it was quite beautiful the way it was?”—Grace Bell Every thought is temporary until you decide to invite it in for martinis and offer to make up the guest bedroom. Left unopposed, a thought, like a lightning bug, will blink right off, flit away, never to be seen again. […]

Why there’s not one thing worth worrying about

“I love swimming in the great question of what is real, true, what’s happening here in this thing called life.”—Grace Bell As some of you may have noticed, negativity and problems seem to be ballooning out of control. At the same time in this unique moment of history, more and more people are waking up […]

Helsinki, Fred Phelps and why love is always the final answer

“I love participating in a world that’s waking up all around me, in every direction I look, and being a part of this astonishing process.”—Grace Bell I’m in Helsinki this week, traveling with a beautiful tattoed 22-year-old. We’re staying at a century-old Art Nouveau castle in Helsinki’s Design District. I’m on assignment (yes, I’m still […]