Whole lot of levels going on

“One minute of joy is more powerful than 1000 hours of meditation.”– Ancient saying All across the internet right now, there are Zoom groups happening. Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands are gathering to play online bridge or talk about mushroom farming or, as we did the other night with East West Books, throw a pop-up […]

Why I subscribe to the premium channels

“Love is our most important business, and any love we give ourselves is love that serves us all.”—Scott Stabile Wow! You guys! I’m blown away! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words, your love, your beautiful expressions of encouragement. Every last one of you made it onto my gratitude list this […]

Words, schmerds! Shut up, tune in!

“The Ego and Love are never on the same kickball team.” – Debby Handrich This may seem like a strange proclamation for a writer to make. But words–no matter how flowery, no matter how poetic—can’t begin to explain love. Love is a frequency, an energetic frequency that literally changes everything in its wake. By trying […]

Get your boom box on the right frequency and call in miracles

“The universe that constantly spins out new galaxies wants to shine through you, to speak through you, to expand through you.”—A tweet I tweeted out this morning Elizabeth Gilbert tells a funny story in her book, Big Magic. She was working as a cook on a ranch in Wyoming. She was drinking beer one night […]

Today is my book’s birthday and I’ll dance if I want to

“Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.” — Martin H. Fischer I am so incredibly excited about my new book. It officially debuts today. So rather than my normal quick post, I decided to humbly and proudly offer the introduction to Thank and Grow Rich: A 30-Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and […]

Why you should stay on the joy and gratitude frequency

“I need the memory of magic if I am ever going to conjure magic again.” ― Robert McCammon When you’re on the frequency of joy and gratitude, the universe is free to line things up, work things out, pull rabbits out of hats. But most of us, instead of staying on that clear, sweet channel […]