Boundary or Itty-Bitty Box?

“Love is a built-in strength that’s far more effective than all the usual means of self-defense.”—D. Patrick Miller It’s de rigueur these days to set boundaries. It’s okay for so and so to do this, but if he dares step over this self-imposed line in my sand, it’s curtains for him. Here’s why I prefer […]

Why not let the universe surprise you

“From a new perception comes a future very different from the past.”—A Course in Miracles It’s time, guys! Time to break free from all stale, boring, petrified concepts. Why stay trapped in a prison of scarcity, a ticking time bomb of fear? A Course in Miracles is very clear—the dominant paradigm is nothing but a […]

What Brad Pitt taught me about forgiveness

“We made the world we’re living in and we have to make it over.”–James Baldwin So my new book about A Course in Miracles debuts in exactly four days. So while I’d love to tell you about my travels, my upcoming speaking gigs, the 100 applicants for this year’s 222 Foundation award, I figure I […]

Today I counteract the operative inside my mind with forgiveness

“Why should James Bond have all the action, fun, money, and resort hotel living.” ― Paul Kyriazi “Hm,’ said Bond. ‘That’s bogeyman stuff.”—Ian Fleming My ego (that whiny voice that likes to inform me that so and so “done me wrong,” that this circumstance is a huge problem) is a double agent. It pretends to […]

If I had to pick just one

“It’s all about having a clean antenna.”—Pete Holmes As a travel writer, I get this question a lot. What’s your favorite country? Or city? Or destination in general? I have a couple pat answers. Either I answer with the country or city or destination I last visited—because, after all, that’s what lovers of travel do. […]

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

“Leave your fear at the train station.”–Paul Selig Today, I’m going to let Bob Marley take the floor. His “lesson” (sung below) personifies ACIM Lesson 141. It’s all I need to know going into this next review. And for those still confused about the F word, here’s a post I ran last year. According to […]

My secret weapon

“Hate, in the long run, is about as nourishing as cyanide.”–Kurt Vonnegut ACIM Lesson 135 is one of my favorite lessons. I use it ALL the time. It comes in handy anytime I’m tempted to play victim. It’s the perfect antidote when I notice myself feeling offended by something someone says. It’s particularly useful when […]

Sink into happiness

“Magic is becoming the new norm.”— Bentinho M. Assaro It’s open window season where I live which means some of my best teachers wake me up each morning with their chorus of joy. These teachers (most people call them birds) are out there riffing on the day, blaring songs that will never be sung in […]

The F word for beginners

“I used to think the human brain was the most wonderful organ in the body. But then I realized who told me this.”—Emo Philips The human brain, as cool as it is, is designed to be efficient, not accurate. It’s designed to notice things that jive with past experiences. It works by interpreting things to […]

Turning Mr. Hyde back into Dr. Jekyll

“People show up in our lives as opportunities to reach out in love. In spite of what we see, there is fullness and glory. Our job is to call it forth, to strengthen it, to honor it, to pray for it to rise.”—Michele Longo-O’Donnell You may have heard about Dr. Hew Len. He’s a former […]