Why upgrading your beliefs and expectations will create an exciting new story in 2015

“If we do not change what we believe, we will create in 2015 the same thing we’ve created in 2014….2013, 2012….”—David Moser Whatever your dream is for 2015, there’s only one way to reach it. You’ve got to change your beliefs and expectations. About what’s possible. About the way the world works. Whether you want […]

What’s in your selfie? Or why you should always hold a luminous vision for your life

“Stay free inside the game. Find the glory inside yourself so you can dance with a little more abandon, with a little more shaking of those hips.”—Billy Fingers So here’s the thing that nobody explains very well. Life, this seemingly mysterious force, conforms around our beliefs and expectations. Our thoughts, judgments and opinions literally sculpt […]

What’s your biggest, baddest, boldest vision for 2015? #E3 Selfie Challenge

“What you believe to be possible will always come to pass – to the extent that you deem it possible. It really is as simple as that.” ― Anthon St. Maarten So excited by all the E3 Selfies being posted to my Facebook page. I’m seeing everything from exciting new relationships to bestselling books to […]

22 reasons to be of good cheer

“What worn-out shticks are blinding you to the blessings that life is conspiring to give you?”–Rob Brezsny Twice now, People magazine has sent me out to interview a Kansas City Secret Santa who passes out $100 bills. It was a hoot and a half to join him, to see the expression on people’s faces when […]