Recognizing the holiness in all things

“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.”—Roman Payne blessings

As I see it, my work (although I prefer to think of it as my playground) is to spread the word that the world is on our side.

In fact, ACIM Lesson 58 encourages me (and everyone else who is following along) to step up and claim our blessings. Most of us, because of illusions we manufactured in our heads, don’t.

This lesson even tells us (and I’m paraphrasing) that fear is a nothing burger.

So, today, since I’m getting around to posting later than normal, I’m going to share a couple inbox stories from readers who gave up fear and, by golly, claimed their blessings.

1. E-squared changed my life completely. I remember when I first read it I was unemployed (blah blah) and then it shifted everything. A year later I was a lecturer at a university ( I even emailed you before my first lecture being so scared on how I would speak in public, in students…), meeting amazing students who every year nominate me for the lecturer of the year award, teaching about the subject I love the most (the Sun) and now I am even working with Cambridge University, travelling all over UK to inspire hundreds of young kids to study physics (mainly the Sun, ha)!

I mean Cambridge from being out of the academia for some time, from being actually the “black sheep” of academia, and being unemployed and suddenly Cambridge! Ok that I could have never seen coming 🙂

2. Here are the gifts I received while manifesting during E2. Immediately, I got outta a speeding ticket, my frozen flowers started blooming after laser love. Plus, I focused on getting $5K for things and after 2 months I received a check for $7200

3. I wanted to send off my thank you and share this brief story as it surely exceeded my expectations for what this exercise could bring.

I read the chapter and even formally copied the worksheet to my iPad for working the process. I filled out the form setting date and time and was ready for the FP to demonstrate itself in clear form. I watched over the next couple days as amazing things happened:

– I received a large bonus of over $10k!
– A bathtub drain that endlessly frustrates me with its slow draining drained perfectly throughout my shower on the next morning (it has since gone back to usual!).
– I went to a folk concert and because the last band playing was a guest in our AirBnb the last song was dedicated to my wife and I!!! (And they were so incredible)

It’s me again.

I’ve posted this song before, but it bears listening to, well, maybe every day.

It was written by an amazing musician named Claudia Carawan. She is the music director at Unity Bon Air in Richmond, Virginia. When I spoke there, she played this song that, while she didn’t write for me, could easily be my theme song. Enjoy!

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.