That was easy

“Excellent!” I cried. “Elementary,” said he.” ― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle My beautiful colleague and friend, Annola Charity, presented me with a Staples “Easy” button a few years ago. This three-inch red button, when pressed, repeats “That was easy.” I take it to all my playshops and tell everyone I know that it’s one of […]

Get your fix of kumbaya right here.

“People need a constant jolt of kumbaya that’s not goody-goody.”—Carlos Santana I am pretty much in love with everything right now. I’m so digging the new book (that if I was counting, I could tell you is due at the publishers in 48 days, 23 hours and 58 minutes), so infinitely grateful for all the […]

That was easy!!

“Our thoughts hold more medicine than many of the astonishing breakthroughs of our time.”– Kris Carr I am so happy to be back home and ready to ease back into my regular writing routine. Traveling is so much fun, but so is talking about it. Or rather writing about it which I do on my […]