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Be radical: choose to inject surprise, fun and outrageousness into your day

“There’s power in looking silly. And not caring that you do.”—Amy Poehler

“He actually caught himself saying things like “Yippee,” as he pranced ridiculously round the house.” ― Douglas Adams thrift store x2

In my new book, Art & Soul, Reloaded, I offer what I call, Zumba for the Soul. These fun, quirky activities, add-on’s to the weekly projects, came straight off a big sheet of butcher block paper I taped to the door of my basement office when my daughter Taz was four.

Recognizing the weighty assignment of being a single parent, I was determined to do a good job raising her. But at the same time, I didn’t want to surrender my free spirit. So on the door-long piece of paper, I magic-markered ideas I could undertake to keep my mojo flowing.

A reviewer on Amazon recently called them silly stunts. And she’s right. They are, for the most part, silly.

Taking your sketchbook to the park, dancing to the bathroom or making a sock money are not listed on too many grownups’ to-do lists. Most would consider such “silly stunts” a ridiculous waste of time.

But are they?

A majority of the adults in this country are bored, lonely and afraid. They’re literally wallowing in rules, in old miserable paradigms. They have forgotten how to have fun.

In fact, if you really want to serve mankind, figure out a way to enjoy yourself and let people know that enjoying yourself is a good thing.

For me, silliness is an important public service.

So today, after one of my possibility posses, I enlisted my friend, Rhonda, to join me in my Zumba practice. You may remember Rhonda’s nickname—Never Say No to Fun Rhonda. I knew she would be the perfect co-conspirator.

The task? Find the most outrageous outfit you can at a Thrift Store. I think you’ll agree we were quite successful.

thrift store

thrift c3

Most of us don’t spend enough time in the silly zone. We’re too busy following rules, living in ruts. Because we think we have to. Or because we’re conditioned that way. It doesn’t even cross our mind we could try something else.

So maybe you’re not ready to overhaul your wardrobe, but the question I urge you to ask yourself: “What can you do to have a good day? How can you have a little fun?’

Not just today. But every day.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

Magical stories for yet another magical week

“It’s important to goose up your ability to know it (your intention) before you see it.”—Abraham-Hicks 


Thanks to the wonders of technology, I am able to post this blog even though I’m on assignment in Colorado.

I’m getting lots of feedback that you guys dig my sharing of miracle stories.

So here are three more:

Story #1:

“Pam, if I could hug you right now I would. I have been a believer in Universal Laws for 9 years, NINE! But I have struggled. I’ve tried so many things I was told would work, and I finally gave up.”


“Your book E2 has been so helpful to me! I’m getting the hang of this! I even went out and bought E3 yesterday. Things that I have manifested are an RV for $500, and a new job

“I’ll elaborate. My husband and I are RV enthusiasts/tiny house lovers. We decided we wanted to move into an RV, or at least buy one. We also wanted a cool project. That same day, we came across a 1983 Winnebago Brave for $500!!! It has 16k miles on the motor! That is a freaking steal! I should have asked for God to give it to me for free

“The second thing was more recent, on July 2nd. I asked for a new job, and was hired back at my old company (where I worked before our daughter was born) within 48 hours! I was also given 7k more a year in my salary than what was advertised! Just because they liked me and felt I deserved it! WHOA!”

Story #2:

“After starting your E-Squared book several days ago, I put the first exercise into practice. The next day a very unusual and pretty rare guitar that I’ve been seeking appeared on a local auction site for an excellent price. It’s worth pointing out that the market here for such items is really small and the odds of exactly the correct guitar (colour, year of issue etc.) coming up at all are fairly long. Today the auction ended and although – because of the good quality nature of the instrument – I would normally have expected to pay a good deal more for it, the final price was just $25 or so more than the starting figure. That is very uncanny. Thanks very much for your help.”

Story #3:

“I can count the number of times I have gotten a wrapped gift on one hand. Don’t get me wrong, my family and friends get me gifts, but they’re usually not wrapped.

“The other day I was reading through your book for the 100th time (I kid you not) I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I got a gift in the next two days?”

“But I forgot about it instantly and just went back to my day. That evening my dad kept talking about something related to Amazon but I wasn’t listening. He was telling my mom about how he got a call this afternoon which was just a few minutes after I made the wish.

“Then he turns to me and says “apparently your sister is sending you something on Amazon.

“I got it that evening and it was gift wrapped!! It was a handbag I have been pining over and my sister who lives in a whole different country sends it to me the exact same day, I made the wish.

“Which goes to show two things:

1. Pam Grout is awesome

2. If you think about something you don’t have to keep thinking about it over an over again. Even a second on focusing on it enough. Which is proof of just how powerful our minds are.”

Amen, thanks for sharing and pass the champagne!!

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

The 5 kinds of capital that out-trump financial capital

“The spiritual lens—even just the nightly gratitude list–is starting to rewrite the story of my life. I feel like I have been snatched out of the fire, salvaged, saved.”—Mary Karr thank and grow

You might have seen my post on Facebook, where I gushed in glee about my new book. Hay House, my publisher, moved up the pub date (that’s publication date, not a day where I lift pints of hearty ale) from October to August.

It’s now available for pre-order so I posted the cover and wrote two sentences about my excitement.  That tiny mention sold enough books on Amazon to move it to #1 in New Releases in New Thought. At least for a day. I was blown away.

That being said, I want you to know that I don’t view this blog as an advertisement or a marketing tool. In fact, yesterday, I paid to have all ads taken off my site.  I figured it was the least I could do for those of you who so generously take the time to read my posts.

I write them out of sheer joy. I write from my heart and I view them as a gift to anyone who cares to read them. I’m not out to monetize this website.

Which is why I don’t use my blog to promote what’s known as affiliate programs. You know–those posts that have the same spiel, the same wording and everything, from five different people. While there’s a certain kind of mad genius in promoting someone else’s program or product in exchange for a percentage of sales, I choose to turn down such invitations because I don’t view you as “a list.” You are my compadres in spiritual mischief, my friends, my sounding board. If I write about something, it’s because I’m genuinely excited about it.

Financial capital, the goal of affiliate marketing, has glaring limitations. It’s fine, but it’s not why we’re here. The riches I talk about in my new book, Thank and Grow Rich, are not the kind you find in a bank.

One of the chapters, in fact, is called Becoming the Warren Buffet of Happiness. The book talks about amassing a different kind of capital. Five different kinds: spiritual capital, social capital, creative capital, adventure capital and alchemic capital.

We acquire these riches by getting on a frequency of joy and gratitude. By taking off the blinders that block the presence and the radiance and the unforced generosity of the universe.

My service is to this presence. And to you, my dear friends, who have put a little bit of trust in me. For that, I say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and its equally-scintillating sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment

A spiritual lesson I learned from Netflix

 “The only thing you really want from life is to feel enthusiasm, joy and love. If you can feel that all the time, then who care what happens outside?”—Michael Singer, author of Untethered Soul

when you buy a book

Okay, sports fans. Another excerpt from the new book that comes out in August. I’m super excited and will make an announcement real soon. Blessings and joy to all.

If you have Netflix, you’ll notice a category called, “Because you watched…..” that lists all the movies or TV shows or documentaries that fall into the same genre. Netflix assumes you’d appreciate these offerings because well, they’re quite similar to options you chose earlier.

Likewise, Amazon recommends books and products that are related to items you’ve bought and even viewed in the past.

This is exactly how the universe works. It continuously sends people, ideas and events that mirror the frequency you emit, the channel you’ve chosen to speak for your life.

It doesn’t charge for these gifts that match what you’ve previously selected. But it also doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t judge or doubt that what you’ve chosen in the past is what you still want. It doesn’t think, “Well, her parents and her culture obviously had it wrong, so I’m going to send her different kind of stuff.”

No. It sends an exact match

So if you’ve tuned into lack, spent your life focusing on what might go wrong, that’s what the universe will happily continue to send.

But when you tune yourself into a new channel, start watching a different type of movie, a movie that brings you joy, you will get more people, ideas and events that mirror the upgraded frequency.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and its equally-scintillating sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

Quit shoulding on yourself

“As long as your experience of self and life is defined by the mechanical, conditioned, and compulsive movement of thought, you are bound to a very, very limited perception of what is real.”–Adyashanti

It starts the moment we’re born. Doctors (or probably nurses these days) measure and weigh us, giving us the message that there’s a proper height and weight we need to be.

Then we learn that language (and all the rules conveyed by language) is more important than those imaginary friends that tell us exactly what we need to know.

Spirit, the universe, the F.P., God (lots of synonyms for this thing I often call the Divine Buzz) has never deserted us, but we’re so busy with our dark clouds of guilt and shame, the “should storm” that begins the moment all the frightened adults start administering “tests,” that we fail to notice, we fail to appreciate its unending gifts.

Even the self-help literature (and, yes, I’m one of its dispensers) sometimes makes us feel guilty. Oh no! I’m having a negative thought. Oh, no! I’m not vibrating enough joy.

You know what? It doesn’t matter. If you simply let go of all the “shoulds” that have infiltrated the Truth of who you are, you will be guided, blessed and constantly taken care of.

As my lesson in A Course in Miracles says today: The only sacrifice asked by this Infinite Intelligence is to give up all suffering, all sense of loss and sadness, all anxiety and doubt.

The good news is that minus the “should storm,” LOVE comes streaming in, healing all pain and granting the awareness of eternal joy.

Also want to share this beautiful blog that a friend sent me. It’s more of the new and improved headlines we all wrote yesterday.

And lastly, Hay House would like me to remind you that both E-Squared and E-Cubed are going for a measly $1.99 on the Amazon Kindle store.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

Pam and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

“Refuse to accept apparent delay and detour as anything other than the perfect path.” —U.S. Andersen

Despite rumors to the contrary, I still feel like unflavored gelatin from time to time. I had one of those days this Tuesday. I was in Grand Haven, Michigan recording the audio version of my book, Living Big, at a fancy-schmancy studio owned by Amazon.com.

My flight had been delayed so I got in late the night before, I had to show up bright and early, I had a headache and the producer was quick to point out my glaring inability to pronounce such words as Dostoyevsky and joie de vivre.

Now, I know good and well that the only thing wrong in this situation was my attitude and my grumpy thoughts, but like a squid, I kept squirting out that woe-is-me ink that puts up a smoke screen between me and my highest intention, which is unceasing joy.

Finally, after leaving the studio and being unable to even muster the energy to walk very far along the gorgeous Lake Michigan beaches (I didn’t even leave my normal beach affirmation.), I returned to my hotel room and went to bed.

I woke up the next day feeling bright and sunny and was even grateful for the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day.

Here’s why it was the best thing to ever happen to me:

1. It made me achingly aware of how far I’ve come
. Being disgruntled used to be way of life for me. Going back there for a little peek confirmed to me that it’s not much fun. And it made me appreciate even more that my life is now heading in a new direction.

2. I was able to be kind to myself in spite of it all. Okay, so I had a less than stellar day. So what? I used my magic words (“It’s okay!”) and shrugged it off as the perfect unfoldment and realization (see point 1) that I’m on the right path.

3.Lastly, I finally learned how to pronounce my favorite word: Joie de vivre, a French word that pretty much describes my life now that I’ve officially broken up with discontent and grumpiness.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-Time Gig.

“Reality” is a mental construct–make yours joyful

Thought for the day:

Our beliefs are cultural constructs and only as “true” as the investment we place in them. Reality is malleable and formed from consciousness. We can either join lockstep with the cultural paradigm or we can create our own reality, our own path.

We’re all in ruts, but we can break free. In fact, there’s great support from the universe once you begin walking in that direction.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the soon-to-be-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.