Think how much closer we’d be if, instead of talking about our dysfunctions, we got together to share our creations.

“I could show and tell your students things they could gain from no other wizards.” –J.K. Rowling

Woot! Woot! It’s Show and Tell Day!

Yep, we adults need show and tell. Probably more than kindergarteners. Think how much closer we’d all be if, instead of getting together to talk about our dysfunctions, we got together to look at each other’s creations.

Why isn’t this a normal thing? Every week or so we should get together with families and friends and show them something we really like, something unique about us. We should bring in some doodle we made on the side of a Visa bill or something we thought up while waiting at the dry cleaners. Adults still think things up. We just don’t tell anyone. We don’t think it’s important. Not with lawns that need mowing and mufflers that need fixing.

So with that thought in mind, I’ve got three things to share, all sent by friends and readers of E-Squared:

This first picture is from the beautiful Maria Venardis who, while doing Experiment #2 that proves “You Impact the Field and Draw from It According to your Beliefs and Expectations,” made the intention to see a blue feather. She’d more or less forgotten about it, was out walking with a friend at the park and voila! look what showed up:


Second item for today’s Show and Tell is from a doctor friend of mine who was also doing the Volkswagen Jetta experiment.

Here’s what he said:

“I counted 80+ beige colored cars driving down Mass Street. Finally got tired of counting them. Decided to look for yellow butterflies a few days later. Can you appreciate my jaw-dropping moment when I went in to see an elderly female patient with hip pain.”

Here’s what she was wearing on the lapel of her sweater:


Last story is from another reader (sorry no pictures with this one)

“I have to tell you about the Abracadabra Principle (That’s the one that proves, “Whatever you Focus on Expands). I asked for flowers. Something I never get. I had to receive them by 9:20 this morning. I never thought I wouldn’t get them, I knew some how I would. Around 7:30 this morning one of the women I work with handed me a large strip of white paper and said, “here’s a bouquet of flowers for you.” Something she has never done and she said she doesn’t know why she did it. I laughed and then told her on break why it was so funny. Beautiful white flowers, how cool.”

And lastly, remember that wonderful “Ode to Money” written last week by Felicia Spahr at

Well, today, she’s featuring a blog post from me, an excerpt I guess you could say, from my upcoming project. Check it out here:

And this picture, that I failed to run last Monday, is the incomparable Fel of said named blog in the flesh. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Thanks everybody for your amazing emails and stories and pictures. I love you all and am so glad we’re connected.

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Still waiting for your dreams to come true? Don’t blame the universe. Perchance it’s your convoluted thoughts?

“There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches, and once these laws are learned and obeyed, riches will come with mathematical certainty.” –Wallace D. Wattles

You’ve probably heard the proverb, “Do not judge a man until you walk two moons (or a mile) in their moccasins.”

So today, I’d like to give you a little taste of what it’s like to walk in the moccasins of the Field of Potentiality–or the universe, God, Cosmo Kramer, take your pick of descriptions.

Here’s a small sample of what the F.P. gets on a daily basis:

You: “I really want to travel.”

F.P.: “Great! I’d love to set that up for you, but it would be helpful to know where you want to go?”

You: “Ummm, well, maybe Paris. Or wait. No, I really want to go to the Caribbean. Except, no, I always wanted to learn to tango in Buenos Aires. But wait, can I really afford it?”

These are the kind of messages the F.P. gets all day, every day.

On one hand, we want a new car, but on the other, won’t that mean higher payments? We hope for a positive outcome, but isn’t optimism a bunch of baloney? We want to be committed to so-and-so, but what if she leaves?

Every thought, feeling and vibration influences the F.P. And the ONLY reason we don’t turn water into wine and heal illness with one touch is because our thoughts are scattered all over the place. Instead of being one, constant, well-aimed tuning fork, our thoughts are like a junior high band of trumpet players.

The force is literally bouncing off walls. Got this way. No, wait: go that way. It’s knocking around like a lightning bug in a Mason jar. This amazing all-powerful force that works with the certainty of mathematics is is being dissipated because we have no clear bead on what we really want.

It’s not that the F.P. isn’t handing over your intentions. It’s just that you’re confusing it by intending way too many, completely opposite things.

So give the F.P. a break. And remember, that it’s your thoughts that need fine-tuning, not the F.P.

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Important 2013 update to Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”

“You are already wealthy, but you have been taught not to experience your wealth.” –David Cameron Gikandi

In 1937 when Napoleon Hill wrote his now-classic tome, quantum physics was still in diapers. Einstein, of course, had posited his famous theory of relativity, but quantum physicists didn’t completely understand how it worked.

To tell you the truth, they still have trouble making sense of the crazy quantum world that is changed by simple observation. As famous physicist Richard Feynman was known to say, “Nobody understands quantum mechanics.”

However, we do know with complete certainty that thoughts produce energy (much like invisible radio waves) and that they have a significant impact on your life. This energy, in fact, provides the building blocks for your life experience.

The update to Hill’s material should be this: “Think and BE Rich.” Time is irrelevant. You can “be rich” now. Money is only a representation of your “wealth consciousness” and “wealth consciousness” which is the true source of your financial picture is available right at this moment.

Money—or what we think of as money—bills, coins, etc.—are merely tools that demonstrate a person’s “wealth consciousness.” And, in fact, according to David Cameron Gikandi, only 4 percent of money in banks (depending on the country) exist in physical form. Furthermore, he says, “Money is not real. It’s a shadow of something else.”

So by expanding your consciousness into the true abundance of the world, you acquire what is in you already. As Gikandi says, “You have more wealth capability within you than you can possibly experience in a lifetime. Nor do you need to know how to convert wealth consciousness into paper money. It happens automatically when you expand your wealth consciousness.”

In the quantum world, you are connected to everything. You already have all the riches you could ever imagine. They exist right now as probability waves. But that’s the problem. You don’t imagine them.

You keep focusing on what you don’t have.

So back to Napoleon Hill. He advises people to come up with a date when they want a certain amount of money. Sometime in the future. But the trick in the quantum world is to “be rich now.” Again, all your riches already exist in the quantum world.

Being wealthy is an internal state. As Gikandi points out, “It has nothing to do with the outside world. The internal state of wealth is a decision you make right now and you become it right Now. You need nothing outside yourself to make this decision. Do not attempt to get wealth. Be wealth.

“Even in a billion lifetimes, you cannot possibly exhaust the wealthy given to you freely by life. But you can “fail” to receive it by your own thoughts, words, action, and most of all, your chosen states of being.”

The only thing standing in your way is your “wealth consciousness.” Isn’t it time to quit “thinking and growing rich?” Instead, it’s time to Think and BE Rich.

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

A Successful ‘God Experiment’ (True Story)

This is a blog post from Frederick Zappone, who wrote me before I left on my travel writing assignment. Enjoy!!!

You can go on over to his blog here:

We all have a name for the ‘organizing intelligence of the universe’ that I call God. Recently I came across a series of experiments where I could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this ‘intelligence’ not only heard my intentions but would manifest my intentions into my physical reality in the time-frame I gave it. This experiment didn’t allow me to specify what the gift/blessing would be (the fourth experiment does). I only had to be open to receiving whatever blessing or gift the universe wanted to send my way.

In this first experiment, I was to request an unexpected gift/blessing from this ‘intelligence’ and set a short deadline of 48 hours for it to fulfill my request. The gift/blessing had to be totally unexpected and had to show up in a way that it was proof positive, to me, that this ‘intelligence’ heard me and responded to my request.

I followed the directions and made my request for the gift/blessing on April 2nd at 2:30 PM with the deadline for my request to be fulfilled by April 4th (today) by 2:30 PM.

I must admit I had some doubts but kept my focus on this ‘intelligence’ keeping it word and delivering to me what I asked for. When I had doubts, I told the ‘intelligence’ I really needed the proof and I really needed for this to happen because I wanted to become much better at manifesting the things I wanted out of thin air. I have been able to do this in the past in a ‘hit or miss’ fashion but now I wanted to be able to do it consciously, at will.

Today at 10 AM, I took my dogs out for a walk and at the same time, reminding this ‘intelligence’ that it had 4 1/2 hours left to present me with an unexpected gift/blessing. I also ask it to make me ALERT so I wouldn’t miss my gift or blessing..

As I was walking back home with my dogs, I was thinking about the unexpected gift I was waiting for and hoping it would be a SIGN that I was on-track in regards to my book Love Is All I Know being successful.

As I reached the intersection of Alexander and Guthrie Streets, I heard someone call out my name. In front of me, in a white pick up truck, was Jackie, Vona’s (my fiance) new daughter-in-law. I like Jackie a lot but there is no reason for her to visit me but she was indeed coming to visit me. She said she wanted to interrupt my day, that she had something to give me.

I was puzzled, I couldn’t figure out what she could possibly have for me. She ask me if I was headed back home. I said yes, she said she would meet me back there….

I got back to the house, brought the dogs in and went to the front door to let Jackie in. When she came in the door, she had a package for me. She said she was down in Virginia Beach visiting her mom over Easter. She said she was in a little store and saw a sign that reminded her of me so she bought it for me as an unexpected gift.

It was 11:30 AM when she gave me the package and immediately upon opening it, I got goosebumps because the ‘organizing intelligence of the universe’ that I call God responded to my request perfectly. It was the unexpected gift/blessing, I asked for, from a person who had no reason at all to bless me with a gift within the time frame of my request to the universe. In addition, she was totally unaware of my experiment until I told her about it after I received her package.

The gift she gave me also answered my question about what’s required, on my part, to make sure my book Love Is All I Know, becomes a bestseller. Below you will see a picture of the unexpected blessing/gift I received today with its emphatic message to me regarding the success of my book. – Frederick Zappne

The experiment I performed and wrote about in this article was taken from Pam Grout’s fascinating book titled: E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality (Hay House Insights)

“Money, my long lost lover.” –Felicia Spahr@felsgotswag

Here’s that guest post I promised on Friday. Thanks, Fel!!!

Money, My Long Lost Lover

by the inimitable Felicia Spahr

There was a time, not so long ago, that I was afraid to look at my checking account. Not because I wasn’t making any money, but because my relationship with money was a little off-kilter. We didn’t look each other in the eye. We weren’t honest. We didn’t communicate. I didn’t listen when my money said ‘too much’, and I didn’t listen when my money said, ‘Hey there—wasn’t our date supposed to be tonight?’ I never listened, and I became afraid. Afraid of what money would do to get back at me.

I realized that I needed to do a little remixing on how I felt about money. I was taught to believe that money was ‘bad’, that people who had a lot of it were ‘bad’, and that if life were free of money, I would feel freer, better, and happier. But, as my fine green friends are teaching me, a world without money is a world without value—and a world without value is people just walking around, saying hi on the street, then staring at their cup of a tea for a few hours and hearing that whisper in their heads: Now what?

As Kate Northrup has taught me, a great way to look at money is to see it as an exchange of value for value. For example, it’s a blessing to have hot water to shower with so that I can feel clean and ready for the day. It’s a blessing to have electricity so I can see, so I can plug in my computer, so I can run my online business and connect with some pretty amazing people. It’s a blessing to put gas in the car that takes me where I need to go. It’s a blessing to pay someone to help me get my life on track, so I can be free to be the person I’m meant to be. It’s a blessing to be financially independent, and live in a city I want to live in, with the people I love. All of this is extremely valuable because it amplifies our lives. It makes us better. It makes others better. Money is everyone’s BFF and they don’t even know it.

As I was going through this transformation of thought, the writer in me gently poked me a few times and asked me to write about it. Writing is how I explore and make sense of things, and of course I put a little creative twist on it and thought I would make something dashing, romantic—something for the books. And from that, my ‘Dear Money’ letter was born: a sweet love letter dedicated to a lover I had lost many moons ago.

Here it is, in its original form:

Dear Money,

Sweet green.

I know we’ve been on the outs for a while. But I think it’s time I told you how I really feel: I love you.

You have helped me move from place to place—pretty much whenever I wanted to. You have helped me go on fun trips, give gifts to people—wash my hair and brush my teeth, and all that other sexy stuff that I might take you for granted for. So thanks for that.

You have also given me freedom. You’ve let me do what I need to do so I can still eat and be happy. You’ve let me have a life I’ve always dreamed of. You’ve let me help people. In fact, now that I think about it, you’re pretty much my number one fan. You’re committed, you’re invested. You’re always there. So thanks for that.

In order to repair any damage that’s been done—have I mentioned that I love you?—I think it’s fair to say that I owe you a couple of very sexy and romantic dates. We could buy a bottle of wine, peruse what you’ve been up to the past month. Maybe we’ll write some jokes about it, or a funny song. Either way, I think we should be friends. BFFs. With the forever and ever after it.

I know it will take time, but you’ve given me plenty of that.

So, let’s make out.

With love,


Since I’ve written this letter, my money and I have had dates daily. In fact, a few times a day. First in the morning, I look at my bank account and I wave, and say things like ‘Hi’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘You give me the freedom to live the lift I want’. When I go to the bank I give a loud and proud ‘yes’ when I’m asked if I’d like to see my balance. When I make a payment on my student loan, I say ‘thank you for giving me what I needed to change my life’. When I need to talk about my money, I talk about it like it’s my loyal friend, proudly showing it off; and smiling when I see that I’ve spent it on delicious food to munch, small gifts for people I love, ways to make my business even better. I didn’t know my money affair could be such an adventure.

And I can say to you, that reimagining your feelings around money is a little scary at first. You’re letting go of some hardcore ingrained beliefs. But for a first step, just give your money a look-see. A blind date if you will. You don’t know each other very well—but you at least want to give it a try. Dazzle with your best smile, and find what you can that makes your heart go pitter-patter. The rest, as with all things, is your journey.

Bio: Felicia Spahr is a writing rogue and adventurous guide who helps people achieve their creative writing dreams. She’s a published short story + prose author, and she created Write For You, a one-on-one virtual program that leads people on an exhilarating and inspiring journey of completing that short story, screenplay, novel, play (et al!) that has been swirling around in their heads for ages and is dying to run around and get out in the world. She also teaches class and workshops on creative writing and the art of teaching. All the explosions of creativity happen at Fel’s Got Swag.

The old word “observer” simply must be crossed off the books and exchanged with “participator.”

“By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist, we create it.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

At 9 tonight, I’ll be at an anarchist wine bar called the Infinite Monkey Theorem. Which is say I’m heading out of town on a travel assignment. Woot! Woot!

Have I mentioned that I. LOVE. MY. JOB!!

Anyway, because I’m going commando (that’s sans laptop, Mom), I won’t have my trusty computer to send out my regular blog posts.

But guess what? I’ve invited some amazing guests to fill in. Felicia Spahr of the totally awesome blog, Fel’s Got Swag, is going to share the fabulous love letter she wrote to money. Do NOT miss it!

Another new friend is going to share his amazing demonstration and well, you may just hope I keep traveling and never reunite with my laptop.

One last thought before I pack my suitcase.

The quantum world is the real world. The world you think you see is an imperfect perception of the quantum packets (yep, that’s what quantum physicists call the probabilities of existence that make up our cosmic soup.) that you’ve drawn out so far. There’s a whole lot more coming as you open up and let its magnificence flow.

Also, just want to reiterate that in this cosmic soup, we are all one. We are all entangled and I am so glad every one of you will be with me tonight at the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

Have a fab weekend!!

“Refuse to be sidetracked into detours and illusions.”–A Course in Miracles

“Accepting the idea there were going to be no problems was a greater adjustment than one might think.” –Glenda Green

I’d like to interrupt this blog with an important non-commercial announcement.

You are already a master at creating reality.

You can’t not be.

By virtue of being alive, this power is yours. Like all things vital to your well-being—air and sunshine, to name a couple you already take for granted—the energy to create worlds is your birthright. You do it every day, at every second.

The trick is to let got of the default “reality” you focus on now.

Once you do, the minute you let go of the “reality” you were mistakenly taught, it’s impossible to avoid joy, peace and daily blessings. They will stalk you like Freddy Krueger.

You have been taught that “life is a struggle,” that “nothing comes easy.” You have erroneously mastered the idea that people are not to be trusted, that it’s important to “be careful.”

And look how good you’ve been at creating THAT reality. In fact, it would be highly appropriate to get up right now and take a bow.

And while you’re standing, go ahead and do the “Harlem Shuffle” because once you let go of the “old reality” you created so successfully, the one with the deck of cards that proclaims “sickness is inevitable,” “abundance is limited,” “good things sometimes happen, but not all the time,” you can customize your reality to your liking.

Congratulations! You are now free to roam around the planet.

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Dear Depression: Kiss my beautiful, Truth-proclaiming ass

“It gives strength to anyone who asks, in limitless supply.” –Course in Miracles

A person very close to me is struggling right now with depression. Since I used to believe I, too, had depression (To borrow a Prince moniker, I now refer to myself as “Joy Previously Masquerading as Sorrow”), I wrote him the following letter:

Dear________, (He refers to himself as a committed Christian which explains the terms in which this missive is couched)

I’ve been thinking a lot about your current depression. Because I have also suffered the debilitating “dis-ease,” I feel that I can understand and perhaps help in some way.

Here’s what I now know: The only thing “wrong” when I’m depressed is my thoughts. My thoughts start their incessant yammering, telling me I’m bad, that something is wrong with me, that life is hopeless.

But what I now believe with complete certainty–and what Jesus promises—is that these thoughts are false. They’re the tool of the devil or what I call “the ego.”

The Truth of which Jesus speaks is that He is stronger than the devil or those erroneous thoughts. At any time, I can throw those thoughts overboard because in God’s Truth, they are powerless. They are as insignificant as a dandelion blowing in the wind.

Luckily, I’m now able to laugh in the face of those thoughts. They’re simply NOT TRUE. And I refuse to buy into them.

God promises me an abundant life, a life of joy, purpose and peace. That’s the only Truth.

The thoughts of worthlessness are imposters. They only get away with their bald-faced lies to the extent I let myself believe them.

Quite frankly, I view them now as downright ridiculous. There is NO WAY I can be worthless or bad or unloved because God made me in His image and likeness.

The devil and the “evil thoughts” he puts in my heard are a giant bucket of bull.

Furthermore, they have no power except the power I give them. As for me, I choose to let them go, to see them for the posers they really are.

The only, only Truth is that God loves me as His precious child. He adores me and wants only good for me and for all His children.

As for the devil and his thoughts of worthlessness? They can kiss my beautiful, adored-by-God ass.

And so it is.

Pam Grout

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Practice being rich, skinny and madly in love.

“You are what you practice most.”—Richard Carlson

When I played soccer, my team met twice a week at a park in front of Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to practice. Likewise, when I was learning Clair De Lune on the piano, I rehearsed it over and over again. Practice, of course, makes a new skill normal, second-nature.

Practice is also imperative when setting intentions. It’s important to practice being what you intend to manifest.

If you want money, for example, you have to practice being rich. Every day for at least an hour (or better yet, 24/7 once you get the hang of it), act like the prosperous person you want to become, BE the recipient of abundance you are in Truth. Make all your buying decisions from the perspective of a wealthy person. Ask yourself, “WWOD?” (That’s “What would Oprah do?” for those of you who’ve never worn one of those bracelets.)

When buying makeup, for example, don’t choose the cheapest kind. Act like a wealthy person. Act like you deserve abundance.

My daughter, who just came home for spring break, and I spent the whole two weeks practicing being wealthy. Every day, we went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We shopped and saw movies and didn’t one time consider price tags. We were, to quote Gandhi, “Being the change we wished to see.”

If your intention is to drop poundage, practice being skinny and beautiful. Strut around in the body you want to have. Feel that gorgeous beingness with all your heart and soul.

If you want a fabulous relationship, practice having one. One of my favorite stories about relationships comes from a therapist who was counseling a guy on the brink of divorce.

This lovelorn husband says to the therapist, “I cannot wait to get rid of my obstinate, unhappy, horrible wife. And I’ll do anything to make her pay.”

“Okay,” says the therapist, “Here’s what you do. For the next three months, build your wife up. Tell her how beautiful she is, praise her, act as if she’s the woman of your dreams. When you ask for that divorce down the road, she’ll be devastated that she’s about to lose that kind of attention.”

Six months later, the therapist runs into the same guy at a party. “Hey,” he asks, “Did you ever get rid of your obstinate, unhappy, horrible wife?”

The guy looks at him with utter indignation. “What are you talking about?” he says, “My wife is the most beautiful, perfect partner a guy could ever have.”

What do you want in your life? Start practicing.

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, do something gloriously crazy

“Why does a standard mental health text list over 300 symptoms for mental ILL health but nary a one for GOOD mental health?” –Rob Brezsny

Happy April Fool’s Day! As a kid, April 1 was right up there on my list of favorite holidays. What a blast it was putting sugar in the salt shaker, adding food coloring to the milk, running into my parents bedroom screaming, “Becki (my sister) just fell down the stairs and broke her leg. April Fool’s.”

In honor of this sacred holiday, I couldn’t decide between two approaches. The first, honoring the holy fool, really appeals to me. I love people like Rob Brezsny who ran for office as the nation’s first Fool Czar.

Much like a drug czar who educates the nation on the hazards of drugs, his self-created Cabinet position would have the mission of teaching us how dangerous it is to take everything so seriously.

Among other things, he proposed Unhappy Hour, a two-hour moan and groan blowout to be held every Tuesday, so for the rest of the week, we can all enjoy good moods and broadminded visions and Bacchanalia, a week-long extravaganza where work and business is suspended so all patriotic adults can have a rip-roaring good time. Another of Brezsny’s brilliant schemes is “Reverse Panhandling.” At least once a year, he stands on an exit ramp holding $5 bills and a cardboard sign that reads, “I need to give. I love to help. Please take my money.”

My other April Fool’s approach was to list all the foolish practices in which we engage: worrying, feeling unworthy, trying to be cool.

So in honor of my friend, Carla, who is healing her belief in “either/or.” (old beliefs such as “You can’t be in love AND happy.” “You can’t have a job AND enjoy it.”), she now focuses on both/and. It’s normal to do all those things (both/and) at the same time.

So since I’ve already mentioned my deep appreciation for sacred silliness (And should probably list a couple things I’ve been known to do: One Easter, we all wore underwear on our heads. And instead of a tool box, I have a fool box with all kinds of crazy costumes that come in handy when I take myself too seriously), I will now explain why I think it’s a fool’s errand to worry, a practice I hope you’ll suspend in honor of this joyous holiday:

All the important stuff is already taken care of. The sun comes up every morning and you don’t have to do a thing. It warms the soil, turns seeds into food and provides light for you to go out and have a good time.

Your heart beats without you having to remind it. Your body heals itself every time you scrape your knee. I also believe it heals every other ailment or would if we didn’t begin focusing on the problem and blocking the flow. The big stuff, all the really important stuff, goes on seamlessly without us having to do a darned thing.

So today, I encourage you to do “both/and”. Give up worrying and do something gloriously crazy.