Why I’m the luckiest person on the Planet, Edition 11 @MELondonHotel

Glide through life as if all of creation is yearning to honor and entertain you.’–Rob Brezsny


If you’ve ever taken a walk with a three-year-old (and if you haven’t, put it on your bucket list now), you know they notice and appreciate everything. 

Look, a ladybug! Look, a pebble! Look, I can kick it down the street.


That’s how I feel right now. Like a three-year-old, in complete awe and wonderment at all that’s happening to me. I just got to spend the weekend at the Hay House Ignite conference with Mastin Kipp, Gabby Bernstein, Jessica Ortner (and her totally cool friend, Sarah), a handsome young monk from Scotland named Sandy C. Newbigging and lots of other young gurus that Hay House (and Oprah) call the next generation of spiritual leaders.


I got to dance to Pharrell Williams “Happy” with a whole bunch of people in Hamburg and London. And I’m actually getting paid to do this. Is life freakin’ awesome or what?


And if that wasn’t enough, I was just served breakfast in bed (a latte and a fruit smoothie) at the London ME, a five-story hotel in London’s theatre district that has become THE place to be during London fashion week. From the rooftop suite, you can see all of London’s icons: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Pickle, the Shard, the London Eye, to name a few.


The staff at ME London is so good-looking that recruiters for Ford and Marilyn modeling agencies should rush here posthaste.  Last night before seeing a live performance of “The Full Monty” I drank exotic cocktails at Radio, their rooftop bar that generates hour-long lines to get in.  And it is rumored that today, my little group of travel journalists might get a sneak preview of the Banksy exhibit that’s opening here in a couple weeks.


So life is sweet, my dear friends! And I am so grateful that, like a three-year-old, I am still pointing and saying, “Look!!”


Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared and the and the soon-to-be-released sequel, E-Cubed.

In Good We Trust

“Man only likes to count his troubles, but he does not count his joys.”—Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I am happy to announce that, two days ago, I turned in the manuscript for E-Cubed. Can someone give me a loud and hearty “woot-woot!”

Tomorrow I’m heading to Hamburg for the first of a couple talks at Hay House Ignite conferences in Germany and London. If you’re anywhere near, please come by and say hello!! I’ll be joining Robert Holden, Mastin Kipp, Gabby Bernstein and Jessica Ortner in what is sure to be a rousing weekend that I guarantee will include dancing.

Next week, I’ll be back home and ready to resume blogging. So stay tuned and, in the meantime, here’s a quick post from the annals:

Before entering the hospital room of a tuberculosis patient, visitors are required to cover their entire bodies. They even don surgical gloves and face masks.
None of us balk at this seemingly overcautious behavior. We don’t want to catch tuberculosis. It’s contagious, for goodness sake. Of course, we’d go to great lengths to avoid being exposed.

Yet, we never protect ourselves from the bad news we see on television, the horrible reports we read in the newspaper. What we see on the nightly news is nothing like what we see in our own neighborhoods. The new media presents a grossly-distorted picture, an anomaly.

And, unfortunately, that picture of “America, the Ugly” is every bit as contagious and as damaging as those tuberculosis germs.

Poet and novelist Maya Angelou goes so far as to call negativity poison. She is vigilant in protecting herself from negative conversation. If she hears what she calls “a poisonous comment,” she quickly says “sayonara” and doesn’t feel a bit guilty about it. If anyone starts in at her home, she asks them to leave.

“If you allow it (negativity) to perch in your house, in your mind, in your life, it can take you over. So when rude or cruel things are said, I say, ‘Take it all out of my house.’ Those negative words climb into the wood and into the furniture and the next thing they’ll be on my skin,” she says.

She prefers what Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians. They wrote complaining about old men who were chasing young women, about church members who refused to tithe. And he wrote back, “If there be anything of good report, speak of these things.”

Your thoughts are magic. Not one of them goes unheeded by the universe. Whatever it is you think and feel the great universal energy stands up and says, “I second it.”

Why cast your spotlight in dirty corners? Why focus on negativity?

Our thought about ourselves, about our world, about our relationships create our reality. In a landmark physics experiment, researchers who theorized that light waves were curvy found curvy light waves. And those who deduced light waves were straight as Billy Graham? They found Billy Graham-straight light waves.

Who needs a mind reader or a psychologist to dredge up an unburied unconscious? If you want to know what there’s just take a look around. It’s all right there in living color. If you see dysfunctional relationships, finances that are always a struggle, a word of snotty sales clerks, then that’s what you’re spending your time thinking about. In fact, the thoughts come first.

Change your thought and your focus and you can literally change your world.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

This CEO donates 100 percent of his profits to projects that address poverty

“I went broke and got fired before I found my calling.”
–Hal Taussig

Enjoy! One of my favorite posts from the past:

Hal Taussig will never make the Forbes list of highest paid CEO’s. It’s not that his Pennsylvania travel company isn’t profitable. Untours, the company he started in 1971 with a $5000 loan, pulls down annual profits of a million dollars, sending thousands of customers a year on shoestring cultural immersions to 24 destinations around the world.

It’s just that Hal donates every penny (yes, 100 percent) of the company’s profits to innovative projects that address poverty. He lives in a tiny two-room house with his wife Norma (she owns the century-old wood frame house that was built for mill workers), rides a bike to work (he gave his car away to a hitchhiker nearly 40 years ago), shops at thrift stores (his one suit cost $12 — “It’s a Brooks Brothers. I’m very proud of that suit,” Hal says) and refuses to take a salary. He has one pair of shoes that he resoles when they get worn and he reads newspapers and magazines at the library.

“I decided a long time ago I didn’t want to accumulate wealth,” Taussig says. “Things do not make people happy.  Living simply is how I get joy out of life. I live a very rich life on very little money.”

In 1999, when John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Paul Newman awarded Taussig with a “Most Generous Business in America” award, he went to New York to accept it, but rather than staying in a hotel, he stayed in a $10-a-night youth hostel.

“I don’t feel right about staying in a five-star hotel when there are people who don’t even have a roof over their head,” he says.

As for the $250,000 award, he used the entire amount to help home health-care workers start their own business. His wife Norma had just had a stroke.

“The woman who was taking care of her was only making $8 an hour while the agency was making $18,” Taussig says.

“We give loans and provide a hand up, not a handout,” Taussig says. “I’m trying to make the poor into capitalists, to help them become self-sustaining, to give them a way to make a living.”

Since 1992, when he started the Untours Foundation, he has provided more than $6 million, in loans to support such ventures as NativeEnergy, which sells “green tags” to fund wind, solar, and methane power; strawbale housing on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation and Bionatur, an heirloom seed company born out of the efforts of the Landless Workers Movement.

“We look for really innovative things that have the potential to change the world,” says Elizabeth Killough, who works for Hal at the Foundation.  “Hal is off the charts. I tell him I should pay HIM for the opportunity to work here. I used to be his consultant and when he asked me to work for him, I hesitated. Everybody needs heroes and I didn’t want to find out there was a dark side. But I’ve been here seven years now and he’s the real deal.

“Five years ago, he came to me and said, ‘Let’s make Media (Pennsylvannia where they’re headquartered) the first Fair Trade town in America. I laughed and couldn’t imagine what that would look like. I googled it just to humor him. And sure enough, there were fair trade towns in Europe. And we managed to get Media as the first Fair Trade Town in the U.S.or as they say in Europe, the first Fair Trade Town in the Americas.”

“He really walks the talk,” says his daughter, Marilee Taussig, who left corporate America to work for her dad’s company.  “It’s an admirable way to live your life, but sometimes it’s hard to be a family member of someone who is such an idealist, someone who doesn’t believe in a safety net.

“I call myself the unheiress. If my dad had decided to leave me a million dollars, would I have turned it down? Absolutely not. But what he left me is something much richer and that is the ability to live what you believe in and put your money where your mouth is. It’s all well and good to talk about living simply, but it’s a whole other thing to live it.”

“Money is the least important thing a parent can give a child. My dad gave me integrity, a sense of humor and a sense of purpose,” Marilee says.

Marilee says the company itself is a real reflection of her dad’s beliefs. “It’s a nontouristy way of traveling.” He believes foreign travel means more if the traveler can live like the locals.

Taussig contends “Americans don’t really want to be herded about like sheep or cattle.”

His loyal customers, many who return year after year, agree.

“We’ve been on escorted bus tours, cruises, the kind of thing where they take you to a hotel, tell you to put your bags out by 6 and be at the bus by 7:01. But Untours are completely different,” says Jerry Nolan, a retired doctor from North Carolina. “There’s nothing quite so informative and educational as traveling with Untours. You become kissing cousins with the locals.”

As a boy, Taussig lived in a log house on a cattle ranch in Colorado. His mother made his underwear from flour sacks. After getting a college degree, he tried to get into the cattle business, but invested all his money in a bull that was sterile.

“I went broke and got fired before I found my calling,” Taussig says.

Taussig taught history at a high school for 10 years before taking a yearlong sabbatical throughout Europe. He and Norma and Marilee rented apartments, shopped in village markets and traveled by foot, bicycle, train, bus and boat.

“That was an educationally important year for me. It got me in deep touch with other cultures,” Taussig says. He wrote a book called <em>Shoestring Sabbaticals</em> and came up with the idea for Untours: a travel agency that enabled tourists to get to know a place intimately.

What does he think about AIG CEO’s making $17 million, Merrill Lynch brokers bringing in $32 million?

“I’m glad these issues are now being discussed. Piling up money doesn’t bring happiness. Having a huge bank account doesn’t produce a profound contentment in life,” Taussig says. “Wealth gets in the way of human kindness, joy and peace.”

To find out more about traveling with Untours, click here.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.” –Pharrell Williams

“We all long for love. Everything else is just killing time.”
–Kenny Loggins

Most people hear the word “love” and immediately think of long white dresses, tuxes and diamond rings. Our tendency to associate love with romance is a gaping blind spot. Not only are there millions of people to love (forget your quest to zero in on Mr. or Ms. Right), but there are million of ideas, millions of causes, million of quests to fall in love with.

The point is, there are lots of ways to make people happy, lots of ways to love. Don’t sit around waiting for your soul mate. Be crazy with love. Love when it makes no sense. Love in all it bewildering ways, shapes and styles.

Have the best Valentine’s Day of your life!!

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

“We want our loving, generosity and compassion to make history.”—Michael Beckwith

“Five years ago I was still waiting tables in New York City.”
–Lady GaGa

Rachel Ropp is a stay-at-home mom with three kids. She lives in Raymore, Missouri and drives a minivan. Yet, on January 23, three days before the Grammys, she was kissed by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and hung out backstage with Lorde, the 17-year-old New Zealand songwriter whose song “Royals” won song of the year.

The point I’m trying to make is “You just never know. Life can change in a heartbeat.”

Ropp met Neil Patrick Harris, L.L. Cool J and other celebrities because she turned a dusty, unused armoire into a designer art piece to raise money for a friend with breast cancer. She put up a photo of the now turquoise and grey armoire on Facebook and before she knew it, she was asked to design 20 designer barn wood tables to hold swag in the Emmys gifting lounge. Now, she’s designing furniture for the A-list.

My life is also changing dramatically this year which is why I’m writing this post. To invite you to come hear me speak in Hamburg or London at the Hay House Ignite Conference. I’ll be in Hamburg on March 8 and London March 9. I’ll be appearing along with Robert Holden, Gabrielle Bernstein and Mastin Kipp from the TheDailyLove. In other words, some pretty heady company.

You might remember my blog post about wanting to write for The Daily Love. I did everything I could think of to interest Mastin in my “brilliant wisdom.” I even wrote an article about him in the local Lawrence magazine. I mean, c’mon, we talked in person.

Those initial pitches? That initial scheme I came up with for getting on The Daily Love? Futile. Nada. Didn’t work.

However, when I let go of my plan, repeated Hans Schultz’s “I know nothing” and forgot all about it (“Set it and forget it” is a new mantra of mine), Madeline Giles, the former editor of The Daily Love or the Love Curator, as she’s known, contacted me.

Out of the blue, she wrote to me, said she liked my new book and wondered if I’d be up for contributing to The Daily Love.

So you never know.

I was asked by Hay House to send this invite out to my list and since you guys are “my list” (as well as my new BFF’s), consider this your official invitation.

I’d love to meet you there.

Again, thanks for all your support and your love and your continued best wishes.

And always remember that whatever circumstance in which you find yourself now is only temporary unless you want it to remain that way.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Why Judge Judy wins Emmys and I don’t

“The only person you are fighting is yourself and your stubbornness to engage in new circumstances.”
― Jon Krakauer

Because I view the world through rose-colored glasses, I don’t always recognize gloom and doom. Circumstances that others call “tragic” don’t necessarily get the same response from me. Sometimes, I’m even a bit cheeky about it.

Seven months ago, a beautiful young woman named Amanda Poe wrote to tell me she was reading E-Squared and consequently lost her job.

I responded like this:

“I am always of the opinion that losing one’s job and even one’s mind can be a very holy place.”

I told her congratulations and that I couldn’t wait to hear what happens next.

I’d forgotten about this correspondence until a couple weeks ago.

Amanda wrote with me this story:

“I’m very excited to tell you what I’ve been up to. You were right. Losing my job was literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I found myself again. I had always been so fearful of money, but when I lost my job.. somehow.. for 5 months I was completely and fully supported by the universe. With no savings and living on unemployment. I promise I still don’t know how it worked out!!

“I now have a job that I love, and I’m soo thankful. I wasn’t even looking for a job, but someone told me about this one and I got it the exact week that my unemployment ran out. I just learned to fully trust.

A lot of other crazy things happened.. I developed a better relationship with my mother.. I received free hair (weave/extensions) after asking the universe for free hair.. then I’m actually on a billboard promoting the hair .. just crazy things!

So, being the curious type and a lover of crazy things, I had to ask. Here’s what she said.

“While I was unemployed, I needed new hair extensions. (You know.. there are needs and wants.. and good hair is a NEED!) I put up an image of a girl who had curly extensions down to her knee caps on my screen saver on my phone. I put it up because I was communicating to the universe that I needed new hair. I didn’t care about the image… I just threw the long hair up there.. I just knew I needed free hair!!

My friend sent me a link to a Facebook post where a hair company was looking for models for their upcoming hair shoot. I submitted my pic and they chose me! They told me I’d get the blonde bob and that I could dye it later. I said “ok” – but when I got there.. they put in different hair. They put in curly hair that was down to my knee caps because they said the other model was acting too diva’ish and they had to let her go. So, now they’d chosen me to be the model for the billboard! The one with the long curly hair just like the one in the picture on my background on my phone.

No seriously.. how many other people have you seen with extensions to their kneecaps??? Its just crazy.

My life goal is to bring the spiritual gurus to teach spirituality to the masses in a super fun way! I’ve finally uploaded my first video under a brand new brand.

Help me in supporting Amanda on Twitter @spirituallydope and on the below YouTube video where you can see her cool new hair.

And remember that we get to decide whether to give the events in our lives a thumb’s up or a thumb’s down. No one can take that power away from us.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Why I’m the luckiest person on the planet, Part 10

“I always knew I was a hit record just waiting to happen.”—Oprah Winfrey

One of the great privileges of being a writer is people want to talk to you. They want to interview you, ask your opinion about things.

While I don’t consider myself an expert (I nearly fell off my chair when I read the article in a London paper calling me a single mom turned spiritual guru), I love sharing ideas with others.

Yesterday, I was interviewed by a radio station for “folks who weren’t born yesterday” (their words, not mine) and for a podcast with a couple college students just preparing to launch their love and inspiration into the world.

This morning, before I began writing, I got the chance to talk with Colette Baron-Reid, the famous radio personality, author and spiritual intuitive who used to open for Sylvia Browne. While all those titles (and she has even more) are great, the thing I love about Colette is she’s really fun. She knows better than to take anything too seriously. She just blissfully goes around spreading her love and joy and magic. This was our second interview and both times, we really connected, really had a great time. Don’t be surprised to see us giving a workshop together sometime soon.

Anyway, we talked today about a lot of stuff (our hour interview turned into two, much of it off microphone), but one of the themes was the magic of now which is one of the ideas in the new book, E-Cubed. You’ve heard of the Power of Now, of course, but the magic of now is the atomic force available in every throbbing, pulsing moment. It’s where miracles happen. It’s when we leave our old programming and tapes behind opening a potent opportunity for something new and magical.

Colette also shared a fabulous E-Squared story. For her sign, she asked to see a blue dragonfly. She’d recently had a motorcycle accident that caused her to spend, as she says, “the summer in bed.” Her friends encouraged her to stay off motorcycles, but she refused to live in fear.

Every time, she got on her motorcycle for the next week after asking for her sign, a red dragonfly flew right along beside her. Puff, the Magic Dragonfly literally accompanied her for the whole ride and then flew away the minute she safely embarked.

“I ordered blue,” she said, “but what I came to realize is that the Dude had something even better.”

Yes, Colette, red dragonflies are native to parts of Europe, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and the Canary Islands. Her blessing and sign was a rare and showy dragonfly that came all the way from the other side of the planet to remind her that she was protected and loved. In other words, magic!!

Tell me in the comment sections below something magical that happened to you and why you’re the luckiest person on the planet.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

The universe is like the order taker at McDonald’s. It can’t give you a Big Mac if you keep ordering an Egg McMuffin.

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”–Plautus

I’ve missed you guys. I’ve been busy polishing up E-Cubed, the follow-up book to E-Squared, and decided that since I haven’t been here on the blog for awhile, I’d post a brief excerpt from the new book.

It’s from an experiment about how our words have power and how they prophesy the future.

In a nutshell, it’s an experiment to prove that you can’t talk lack and poverty and expect an abundant life. You can’t continue to harp about how bad everything is and expect it to get better.


When I turned 50, I threw my hands in the air and basically decided that my life was over. My many years of being a tall, hot blond were about to come screeching to a halt. Or at least that’s what I kept telling everyone.

Having supported a friend who is older than me through menopause, I knew good and well what was coming. My skin was going to wrinkle and shrivel up, my ovaries would do a disappearing act and my emotions were about to compete with the Coney Island Cyclone for number of ups and downs.

I was like Paul Revere, riding my “woe is me” horse through the night, “Menopause is coming. Menopause is coming.”

One day, while rigorously going through yet another book on how to cope with this horrible affliction, I finally got it. I am prophesying the future with my words and expectations.

My insistence on looking for signs of impending doom, my repeated chants of “Is it me? Or is hot in here?” were paving the way for a difficult transition into a new phase of life. Even the name of this very natural life cycle (crone, anyone?) lays a stone in the road ahead.

I snapped the cover of that book closed, called my friend and said, “Thanks for loaning me that book on the symptoms of menopause, but I’m coming over right now to return it.”

From that point on (except those times–yes, Taz and Jim, I did occasionally still get bucked out of the saddle), I began to declare and still declare to anyone who will listen:

“My best days are ahead of me.”

“Girl, you are looking SO GOOD today!! (that’s when I was talking to the mirror)”

“I’m getting stronger and younger-looking every day.”

“Health is flowing through me like the River Jordan.”

Joel Osteen tells the story of a high school buddy of his. This guy was the star of the football team. He had thick, curly hair. What we girls used to call “a real hunk.”

Every time, Joel asked him what he was up to, he’d say “Oh, not much. Just getting old and fat and bald.’

“I must have heard him say that 500 times,” Joel says. “I hadn’t seen him in 15, 20 years and ran into him the other day. And you know what? He ended up being a whiz at predicting the future. He was old and fat and bald.”

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Why I’m rooting for the Seattle Seahawks and why their new game strategy has the power to change the whole world

“There are so many things telling you that you can’t do something but you take those thoughts captive, take power over them and change them.”—Russell Okung, Offensive Tackle for the Seattle Seahawks

I don’t consider myself a football fan. I’ve probably watched one game this entire season.

But I just found out (okay, so I’m probably late to the party) that the Seattle Seahawks meditate, that their coach Pete Carroll believes his players should quiet their mind and focus on the now moment and that their star quarterback regularly gets out a yoga mat.

Is this frickin’ awesome or what?

I mean this is a sport known for brutal behavior, where guys like Bear Bryant were ballyhooed for refusing to give water breaks, where coaches throw balls at player’s heads.

So when I found out that Pete Carroll is completely rewriting the sport of football, I got excited. It’s one more notch in my viewfinder that says the world is changing for the better.

We have a new pope who believes in love. We have companies like Patagonia who actually run ads urging us not to buy the jacket. Not only did their fabulous ad campaign own up to the environmental cost of making their R2 coat, but it urged all of us: “Don’t buy what you don’t need. Think twice before you buy anything.”

And now we have a Superbowl team that gets it. A team that is winning and succeeding because they know life shows up according to your thoughts.

Now that I know that the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks recruited his team partly on positive attitude, that he actually cares about the personal lives of his players and that he knows that having a quiet mind and positive thoughts is every bit as important as lifting weights and performing on the field, I’m yelling, “Go Seahawks!!!”

Tell me in the comments section below how you’re going to follow the Seahawks’ stellar example.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

5 top reasons choosy inspirational authors choose Hay House

“It is impossible to see what you do not believe.” –Course in Miracles

On Thursday, driving from Del Mar, California to Carlsbad to meet the Hay House team, I heard Leonardo Dicaprio being interviewed about his new flick, “Wolf of Wall Street.”

He was talking about a scene where he and Jonah Hill’s character did so many qualuuds they couldn’t walk. They reshot the scene five or six times, but evidently it was so much fun that the two of them looked at each other and said, “Can you believe we get paid to do this?’

That pretty much sums up how I felt about my day at Hay House. I mean, where else can you hang out with a whole office of people who already know that what you think is what you get.

Hay House staffers joke that they’ve “drunk the Kool-aid,” but here’s why, if you’re an author of inspirational books, they’re the only way to fly.

1. They have a captive market. E-Squared was my 16th book, but it’s the first to make the New York Times bestseller list. Because Hay House has cornered the market for readers wanting to raise their consciousness, they were the perfect publisher to reach the kind of readers that like books like E-Squared.

2. They’re a whole different breed of publisher. I’ve worked with five or six different publishing houses throughout my career (which tells you a bit about my jack of all trades tendencies) and while I’m grateful to all of them, none of them own their own radio station (publicity is the holy grail for authors), their own fan club (the Hay House list grows exponentially every week) and their own seminars where authors get a whole different platform for reaching readers.

3. The president of the company knows authors by name. Reid Tracy, the president of Hay House, took me to lunch while I was there. It’s not uncommon for me to get personal emails from this publishing dynamo. Not once, did this kind of thing happen with my other publishers. In fact, I have no idea who the presidents of those publishers even were.

Reid told me that Wayne Dyer, probably the best known self-help author on the planet, was still getting messages from his previous publisher (and this is after several bestsellers) addressed to Dwayne Dwyer.

4. Ya gotta love the founder. What self-respecting self-help groupie (and yes, I’m a card-carrying member) hasn’t read Louise Hay’s seminal book, “You Can Heal your Life.” I while I haven’t met her yet (that’s one of my upcoming intentions) I love that I looked in the same mirrors that she has so many times looked into and said, “Hey good looking. How ya doing?”

5. Elbow rubbing with the best. After my meeting with the Heal Your Life website team, I was invited back to their humongous bookshelf, handed a canvas bag and told, “Help yourself.” I grabbed so many books that my suitcase on yesterday’s flight home was overweight. Not that you can really be overweight with positive books like that.

For anyone who isn’t already partaking of the Start the New You seminar going on right now, here’s a link to my interview that ran today.

I love all you guys. Keep the joy channels wide open and ready to receive.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.