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Still swimming in the waves

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us, as well.”–Voltaire

Happy Thursday, my brilliant beauties.

A series called False Positive (I haven’t watched it, don’t even know what it’s about) recently debuted on Hulu.

But the title got me thinking how often we invest in the opposite: false negatives.

All things we judge as “negative” are false. For that matter, all things we judge period — be it negative or positive — are false. Or rather non-existent.  They’re nothing but false simulations that our crafty brains devise to keep us from experiencing the astonishing now.

What can I say? The brain likes order and consequently fill in empty spaces with its own interpretations, all of which reflect beliefs from the past, beliefs that no longer exist.

I was going through some of Taz’s art journals (the girl was prolific and profound) and found this wonderful piece of art. I was startled by how relevant it is for the book I’m currently writing.

Yes, I’m finally writing a new book.

I love that I continue to surf in the incredible waves Taz left for me in this particular time-space incarnation.

The girl’s thoughts (in the bubble) are all false negatives. If only I was smarter, more interesting, etc. These are the ego’s thoughts that keep us so garbled up in distress that we miss the truth, the light, the love. But the more pronounced words “if only…I was free” are what’s real, what’s true, what’s our inheritance.

I’ve also been thinking about how we so often ask the wrong questions. We inquire about data. How much did your newborn weigh, how long was he, as one example. We could be asking “Tell me what it was like for your miraculous body to grow this new being, nurture it and then release it into this world?” Instead of focusing on data (how long? How big? How____?– substitute any piece of irrelevant data), we could be asking, “What profundities have you discovered? What mischief have you perpetuated? What is your biggest grandest vision for our planet?”

So, my friends, on this clear, beautiful Thursday, I leave you with those exact queries and I hope you’ll take a moment to answer in the comments section below.

Love, always love. #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

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  1. What if we all got it that we are all necessary to the bigger plan. That we are more alike than different and no one is better or less than anyone or anything else.

  2. You’re writing a new book.
    I’m sooooo excited.

  3. Grandest vision: All people are vegan. All animals live peacefully on their own verdant land with water sources. Fish live in protected rivers, lakes, and oceans.
    It is illegal to eat any animal or fish.
    The penalty for eating either is a choice between 3 weeks (full time) or 6 months (part time) working with a team to maintain the animal sanctuary homes, located in every city, county, and river/ocean on planet Earth.

  4. What profundities have you discovered?

    That there is always more… true feeling of abundance. I was traveling with less on me and came home to a webb of old ideas and energies surrounding me. Realizing that the only reason I held onto them was fear. Fear that i would not get such a great idea again (notes)… fear that I would not find another outfit like it in the random moment I did feel inspired to dress like that.. Fear of not having enough to share. The world provides. .You just have to open yourself up to it and see it.

    What mischief have you perpetuated?
    Working the hours that I want. I know how I work best, and using the time I work from home to hone in on that scattered schedule with as many breaks in and around it as I feel. 😉

    What is your biggest grandest vision for our planet?

    Love. I kept thinking I had to change and help the world. But reading your Course in miracles book woke me up to the idea that I needed to heal those parts in myself.

    Deep appreciation and anticipation (like kids do xmas) on a daily! xD

  5. Hi Pam!!

    I read your e-squered book and started experimenting. It all makes a lot of sense to me but in practice it hasn’t worked. I’m trying to demonstrate a job in my area that is fashion but it seems that there is simply a wall that prevents this from happening. Do you have any extra tips? Thank you!!

      1. Hey Pam, thanks for this link. This is the perfect message for me today as it is what I needed to remember yesterday but forgot. And what I love is that it’s a post of yours from long before I started following your blog, so I’ve never read it til now. And now is the perfect time. So I’m grateful to Maria for asking the question and I’m grateful to you for answering with this link so that I could also receive the perfect answer to my very similar question! Yay! 😁💃💛

  6. What an insightful drawing! Brilliant girl. It’s printed and on my bathroom mirror. Can’t wait to see what’s coming through your fingers.

  7. As I read this, I thought, what I would like as the biggest grandest vision for the world is that everyone experiences moving well and easily in their bodies. But then I thought, really, I want everyone to be curious about and love how their bodies move, feel love through movement.
    I’ve never commented before but I love your emails. They are one of the few emails I am eager to actually read. Thank you for your perspective and sharing your thoughts. Love, Ellie

  8. Wow I just had a newborn and his sleeping in My arms now so true all that…Bothering me answer those questions again and again now almost 2 months people stop to ask the same questions every call.

  9. Brilliant Taz and Pam Grout too
    Live in light & love you do
    Shining brighter than the sun
    The journey of many is also one
    Confined by illusion there’s a clue
    Looking up the sky’s still blue
    If only one could clearly see
    For one’s all ready to be free

    1. That’s awesome that the sky is still blue! Today I forced myself to look up at it for 20 seconds. It’s still beautiful every day in a different way. Like a super big playground or an infintely large nook in a loving auntie’s house in the countryside.

  10. This is brilliant! And Taz is snd always will be brilliant! I can’t WAIT for your new book!

    My mischievous plan is to help humanity restore itself to factory settings and therefore discover our unimaginable human potential….through poetry. The poem I am currently percolating is called Baby’s Breath, written from the perspective of a baby being born knowing her unseen birthright of pure potential.
    222 Forever

    1. I just thought I’d mention that that’s an awesome phrase – “help humanity restore itself to factory settings.” Nice concept on the poem about a baby’s perspective, too! Please keep sharing your ideas and words with people. 🙂

  11. Ooh new book!! How exciting! I love Taz’s artwork. The if only…’I was wearing matching socks’ make me giggle. My everyday dilemma 😂 You raised her well to have such amazing insights and I love how she continues to inspire you every day ❤️

  12. Greetings dear Pam. I love this post. I’m super excited to hear you’re writing a new book, and I also love the questions you’ve asked us today. Here’s my answer to your third question:
    My biggest, grandest vision for our planet is that we ALL live in harmony with each other, the animals and nature, every day, joyfully expressing our unique gifts and loving each other no matter what. That we celebrate our differences instead of judge them, share our resources instead of hoard them, and work together as a whole across all nations, with every government of every country cooperating with each other peacefully. That we all KNOW that there is enough of everything for everyone and therefore war is a thing of the past, stealing is unnecessary, envy is a word long forgotten, and joyful sharing is the “new normal” 😁. And last but not least, that we all wake up every day with gratitude, joy and delight vibrating through our very being, eager to be who we are, do what our hearts call us to do, and happily witness everyone else doing the same. And so it is! 😁
    Big bright blessings to you my friend!

    1. Wow, just wanted to say that that is a fantastic vision! Sounds like my idea of heaven! And so it is!! Thank you for sharing that vision.

  13. I just love reading your blog. Don’t ever stop! The wisdom is for real and I soak it in. Thanks!

  14. What profundities… I’ve discovered that all I have to do is looove! That’s all. That’s all I Am and that’s all Ineed to do. Relax, let it all come and go, and in the Now of it all, just Love, Love Love. Find it, give it, bask in it, recognise it. Love.

    That’s also my biggest vision for the world.

    Love you, Pam.
    Love your beautiful star, Taz, who inspires.

  15. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/06/20/health/supernatural-encounters-pandemic-loved-ones-blake/index.html?utm_medium=email&_hsmi=137813593&_hsenc=p2ANqtz–VoAxbXQLS_bL8Br-UuuD2sXjSGRHaeszlB5LfBWBfUu-1YXqS2QCoc9PobwfSvJmQNzXwqmysl71OltekjAp7RSbXtoTJCLiSJcTWa0gaNCAfR0I&utm_content=137813593&utm_source=hs_email

    Dear Pam, you may read this article when you’ve got some free time – it was published the other day in Joe Dispenza’s blog. Very interesting and touching indeed. A shiver ran down my spine when I read the story about someone’s auntie appearing in her house – this could have been my grandma when she appeared in my house, hours after she had died peacefully in her armchair…..

    Personally I think it is basically love which will heal the world.Covid-19 has (partly) led to more selfishness and less empathy. Still there are plenty of people who are trying to heal our planet and the creatures living on it.

    You and we, your readers, and Taz of course 🙂 are a part of these “healers”. May we never lose our hope and faith.

    Lots of love from Germany, have a lovely weekend.

  16. Great insight about asking for data. My mother was that way — I traveled a lot in my 20s and on phone calls she would grill me (pleasantly) about the data, what time did you leave? where did you stay? did you see Carrie while you were there? on and on and on. Wasn’t interested in my experience of it, though eventually I forced her to listen to me telling her what I wanted to tell her 🙂 In contrast, the other day at a family reunion here I was talking to my sister-in-law, who became a grandmother over the last year or two. I asked her about it. She gave the most interesting description of why it was enchanting. My mom would have asked for data about babies. I’d never parsed things quite this way before — thank you.

  17. Asking the right questions- yes!! Thank you for the reminder! I love your question- what mischief have you perpetuated? I always cheer up a checker at the local grocery store who seems a little jaded. I like to make her crack up with silly jokes. And I bought orange flavored chocolate sticks that I didn’t need. And some succulent Oregonian blueberries that I didn’t really need. I complimented a stranger on their clothes. And yesterday, I helped a man who had locked his keys in his trunk. Not really mischief, but it felt good. Michael Bernard Beckwith has a great story of how he was guided to enter a gallery while walking around NYC. While inside, he noticed an interesting painting, and asked the clerk about it. She said somebody had it on layaway. Michael was guided to ask, “who?”, and the clerk told him the customer’s name. And surprise! Michael happened to know that customer personally- she was his friend and a member of his congregation at Agape in LA (the church of which Michael is the founder and minister). Michael secretly paid off the rest of the price of the painting, and took it with him on the plane back to LA and surprised his friend the customer with the fully paid-off painting from New York. He described how incredibly excited he felt on the plane ride back in anticipation of surprising her with his mysterious acquisition and act of giving. She was absolutely flabbergasted. She said, “How… did you…..?” Michael concluded this story by reminding us to ask EMPOWERING questions. He challenged us to ask “How may I be a part of someone else’s miracle? ….. A DOUBLE dose of the holy most!!!” One example of a SUPER empowering question to ask. 🙂

    And here’s one more example of a great question that I remember from a potluck I went to fifteen years ago. Half the people I knew, and half were strangers. As Wendy, one of the strangers, was introducing herself to me, her first question (and it wasn’t a come-on, it was just a genuine question) was not, “Where are you from?” or “What’s your line of work?” It was “How many times have you been in love?” I almost lost my balance, I was so surprised by the question. But I thought about it for a full sixty seconds, and I said, “Seven!” 🙂

  18. Love seems to be the answer to life, but how do we get to a state of love? I believe thru kindness, gratitude, connection with ourselves, with one another and nature. Thru laughter, tears, successes and failures. Life is truly abundant!

  19. My dream in the present moment is to represent love and spirituality to my family and grandchildren. I pray to be given the health, strength, and motivation to do what’s mine to do.💫

  20. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I have been lost in thoughts such as the ones you have mentioned. Your post has shown me the way back.

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