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“We are not merely anticipating a new world, we are participating in the new world by the vibration we are carrying. We are the thing. We are the frequency.”—Dr. Michael Beckwith 00001ag

So I’d like to start today’s post with my miracle. And it involves every one of you.

Your incredible stories, your 222 sightings (way to go, Taz!), your neon rainbows and healed relationships and new poems and spiders spinning magic have rocked my world. I trust your world is reeling, as well.

What we’re doing here (turning our cheeks away from doom and gloom and turning them towards miracles) is no small thing.

Every time one of us receives an unexpected financial boost or an estranged friend gets back in touch, we contribute to the healing of planetary consciousness.

Spending time documenting miracles plants important seeds:

Maybe there IS a better way.

Maybe there IS an invisible force that longs to orchestrate miracles on our behalf.

Maybe we ARE entitled to SO MUCH MORE than what we’ve settled for.

We don’t know where these seeds might bloom. What big thing they might affect. What we DO KNOW is that our every thought affects consciousness.

I heard a wonderful story from Charles Eisenstein that speaks to this. He asked participants at a workshop to name the person who had done the most for South Africa. Universally, we all agreed. Has to be Nelson Mandela.

But Charles went on to pose this question. “What if the person who created the most change in South Africa was Mandela’s grandmother who, because she loved him unconditionally, gave him the strength to do the great healing in South Africa?”

The point is we can’t know how our decisions and little actions and miracle-spotting might play out in the world. We just know what we’re doing is important.

I’m so proud of the miracle team we’re forming here that has folks from well, South Africa and Argentina and Antigua (that teammate’s miracle was a rainstorm that corrected a long drought) and Scotland and many, many other places. We are hurling love and gratitude and miracle-mindedness all across the globe.

Today’s party game is simple. Turn off the news. Just for 24 hours. As Michael Beckwith says, “If you’re watching the news more than you’re praying (or, in our case, looking for miracles), you’re in trouble. As I’ve often said here on the blog, “watching too much news is like pinning a ‘please kick me’ sign to your back.”

I must continually vaccinate myself from fear. There are already enough people out there worrying about the future, creating worse-case scenarios.

I believe we miracle workers are the antidote.

For those who haven’t yet dipped their toe, I encourage you to read through some of the miracles posted in the last two day’s comment sections.

And, as always, please leave today’s miracle (remember we get new ones EVERY SINGLE DAY!) below.

You never know how your miracle could be the one to tip the cosmic scales.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. I love joining the miracle party. I wrote mine down in a book beside my bed last night. Cannot wait to see what happens today. Yesterday was two very certain miracles!! So glad.

    1. Watching the sunrise over a beach in Sydney where I live. Just being alive and being grateful today is my miracle 🧚‍♀️

      1. I do the same and it is miraculous watching the sun come up. It makes you grateful to be alive. I hope your beach is Cronulla.

      1. A tiny Red dragonfly came to visit yesterday and the day before. I would see it flit over the pond and disappear behind a bush. It did the same dance, in the same place for two days. Oh……….my………goodness!!!!! Was I watching Whoopie? LOL

    1. A miracle is a change in perception. The Course describes it as being released from painful patterns of thinking. It also says that miracles are natural and happening ALL THE TIME.

    2. A miracle is also something you ask for and it just appears. A sign from a loved one, a bill paid in an unexpected way, anything that makes you go wow!

    3. LOL, I know exactly what you mean!!! In my 30 some odd years of studying the Course I would know and then I would forget, know and forget. Just goes to show how the ego is soooo trying to make us not understand this….I just use it as a clue as to which teacher I’ve been listening to in the last little while. To me, it only means I’ve been identifying as a body and not as spirit…

      Time to ask for a miracle, and a few minutes later I remember who I am….

      That is the Miracle!

  2. How to share space with a loved one who adores the news when I do not? Your post today helped immensely. Not only will I pay more attention to seeing miracles than news, I can employ the news that’s on around me to actually BE A TRIGGER, A REMINDER, to turn towards seeing miracles! ThankYou ThankYou ThankYou!

    1. You’re so welcome. And wow–using news as a trigger is powerful especially when the trigger is to look for the light, for the miracle.

      1. I know, right?!? To take the very thing that I’m trying to fight, and instead use it as a direct reminder of its opposite? It’s like Pavlov’s dog — the news comes on and I just drool over all the miracles right outside my window. I no longer see the thing that has pissed me off, I’m too busy seeing the light! HOLY WOW. Of course and thank you, Dude. And you, Pam and Taz! <3

  3. Dear Pam, an hour ago, before I read this post, I told my husband that we should expect the best for the rest of our lives and a big part of it was not watching the news. He surprisingly agreed at once.
    Yesterday, a friend invited me to be part of a mini theatre play we have to write and act with our cell phones. Absolutely new to me! I said yes at once. I would have never thought of anything of the sort coming my way at this time of my life (74 years old).
    Thank you for being such an immense gift.

      1. I thank you, dearest Pam. Your message is today’s miracle.

    1. So wonderful to hear from you, dear Viviana! Your mini play sounds marvelous! I believe it’s the artists, the writers, the painters, etc. who will turn this ship around.

    2. ‘We should expect the best for the rest of our lives.” I read your beautiful philosophy and cried so unexpectedly just cried that’s my miracle for today and the rest of my life. What you said there I will treasure always thank you

  4. So much fun!

    Last night I followed an ambulance for what felt like a long distance – I was feeling lots of emotions – so thankful my son wasn’t in this one (there have been a few ambulance rides for him in the past 12 weeks) – saying prayers for whoever was inside…thinking we are so blessed to live in the USA and have such luxuries as being able to dial 911 and have professionals appear out of thin air…then I saw the license plate – HLB222…and I smiled. Taz is one busy chick!!! Either that or she just throws quantum confetti up in the air a couple times a day and those 222 messages waft gently down globally near those who are paying attention. (I think the HLB part is Holy Lightning Bolt…)

    1. “Quantum confetti”. I love it! I’m going to remember this and look for my own confetti sightings. Holy Lightning Bolt, indeed.

    2. Sitting here reading these comments I just laughed out loud! I love HLB and will use it often going forward! This joy is the key to everything.

  5. Today’s top miracle news item….Happy 85th birthday His Holiness The Dalai Lama! It is a miracle that our force field is shared by HH Dalai Lama and each one of us, each tree, each animal, each being of any sort. What energy will you send forth today? Each leaf on each plant is a prayer flag for peace. My miracle to dance to at today’s miracle party: A dear friend from high school has become one of my FB friends. She has been making masks for staff at the hospital where her son is a doctor. A package arrived from her with two masks for me and my husband. As he tried on his mask, my husband discovered it fits in such a way that it does not bump out his hearing aids. …easing a worry he has had of losing one! A miracle and a blessing!.

    1. My Tuesday miracle was purchasing a much-needed, long overdue washing machine and dryer, that I have previously felt I did not have the funds to buy. I trusted, and made the purchase. Wahoo! The change in perspective was going from “I can’t “to “Yes, I can!”

      1. My miracle today was meeting people that I hadn’t seen in a while whilst running an errand. I met one and then the other within minutes of each other. It was good to see them and I enjoyed a socially distanced chat with them. I knew them via a job that I left due to extreme stress. They were genuinely pleased to meet me and it was nice to know that they had appreciated the service I had given them previously. I left my employment feeling undervalued, so grateful for these friendly encounters and good to associate some positivity with my previous situation.

      2. That’s powerful. And it’s true. “I can’t” is a lie we’ve been telling ourselves for far too long. YES. YOU. CAN!

  6. Hello,

    Here is my story of how the universe delivers.

    Last Saturday, after reading E squared, I decided to ask the universe for something unusual and different.

    Boy was I rewarded, I was stung by wasps 3 times on Sunday afternoon.



    A. Solanki ________________________________

  7. Hello Pam,

    This may be the oddest, most TMI miracle today… Last month, I lost a week due to my menstrual cycle and my fibroids. I’m only out a couple hours this week, which is great because I’m working on a major project that’s time sensitive. I’m so appreciative for the ability to work from home too.

    Thanks for the encouragement to remember miracles happen every day!!

    Blessings to you, Becky



  8. Just copied your quote to a note on my desk as a daily reminder:
    “Maybe we ARE entitled to SO MUCH MORE than what we’ve settled for.

    Thanks for reminding me I need to think BIGGER thoughts!!

    1. We all do. Today’s Course in Miracles lesson promises a world alive with hope and blessed with perfect charity and love.

  9. I gave up watching the news years ago because i didn’t want to be part of the AIA group.

  10. This is Sooooo Fuckin Amazing!!! I love you Pam And everybody doin this!!! Pumped me up!!! Thank YOU ALL!!!! Woohoo!!!

  11. Being at great risk if contacting Covid 19 I am planning on visiting a friend via Southwest Airlines for 10 days throwing caution to the wind. Last night I find that he had visitors, 3 college students from China brought by a friend who is doctor and doesn’t wear a mask plus he shared a beer with someone that didn’t want the whole thing. Fear definitely had me start putting on the brakes about the visit. Then last night I read my nightly ACIM workbook (by you) and the page opens to Chapter 26. This was my miracle and I am going to proceed albeit with a tad bit of caution.

    1. As Jack Kornfield once said, “Remember your Buddha nature AND your social security number.” And remember you are protected and sustained.

  12. My first Tuesday miracle was a new microphone to start my new podcast from someone I’d just met who surprised me with the gift. My second was the lavender garden in bloom outside my garage area I hadn’t noticed before. Blessed indeed.

  13. Universe Highest Power thank you for the blessing I have and all of the abundant blessings on the way🙏🏾🙏🏾

  14. I have been ‘nagging’ my daughter about getting a summer job. She kept saying no one is calling her back. But yesterday, a great restaurant did call and she is leaving in 10 minutes for the interview. She’ll get the job no problem. toady is just unfolding but i can feel the juicy parts are getting ready to reveal themselves. 🙂

  15. Ok, it’s a small one but made me smile… I rode my bike 3 miles to the grocery store. It always takes me several tries to unlock my lock. When I came out with my groceries, it was hot and sweat/sunscreen was burning my eyes. I put my bag in the basket and leaned over to put my combo in the lock thinking “it’ll be a miracle if this works on the first try” and CLICK. 😊

  16. For a few evenings in a row now a magpie visits us on our balcony or in the backyard. It is super cute and it acts like a family member. We can feed it by hand. Twice it came into the house and looked so relaxed as if it lived here. I remember the chapter about birds in “thank and grow rich”. I just love it. I love you Pam, from mother to mother. 222 rock on !

  17. My miracle today was not being able to beat my son at draughts. I always win but today he upped his game and won. The miracle was his joy and the second miracle was me being gracious in defeat lol.

    1. Taz used to beat me at every game–she was just so brilliant. And every time brought me joy! Thanks for sharing this wonderful parenting miracle.

  18. Pam you are so awesome! Abundance came my way with not 1, not 2 but 3 (!) weekend rentals for a just out of season rental house. Expecting the miracles on a daily basis and they continue to come. The Dude Abides!

  19. Pam I didn’t mention this yesterday but I have been getting so many triple 222’s! I seem to get them especially here in Portland. I’ve learned to feel Taz’s particular awesome energy!

    As I mentioned in my post yesterday I found this incredible family compound in the woods in Portland. We we’re leaving for the long drive back to CA today because we thought we couldn’t get back into this house for one more look, but unexpectedly I just got a call from the realtor that it opened up and is possible for us to see! It’s still early here on the west coast of the US so I know this is only the first miracle of the day! Love you all great souls and Pam our miracle leader! xox

  20. One ant showed up inside because of the heat, so I put peppermint oil in key places and now the place smells fantastic!!! I had a 3 AM snack of roasted pecans and then fell back into a deep sleep!!! My dad passed away a year ago, and he was a sharp dresser and wore the same size as me, so now I wear his clothes and look snazzy!! I was called the best dressed man at my friend’s wedding a few months back because of my dad’s awesome suit, vest, and shirt! (just remembered that). I rent a trailer next to a mini-forest, and the foliage is so thick now that it’s like having my own private jungle, with cute squawking youngster hawks, shenanigan-performing blue jays, woodpeckers, doves, darting hummingbirds, and trapeze squirrels bouncing across the canopy!!! I’d always wanted my own place, and it’s becoming a micro- Garden of Eden!! As I search for these miracles, they didn’t all happen today, but I am remembering a lot of recent miracles!! I feel like I’m bragging, but hey, I’m just being grateful for these myriad blessings from the Creator!! This intention thing really is starting to work!!!!!

    1. What a miracle–your own private jungle completely with darting hummingbirds and trapeze squirrels. Brag away, my friend!

  21. Thank you for the wonderful message today. I stay in my happy place most of the time with miracles happening daily. Too many to mention.

  22. Wao!! Gracias,gracias ,gracias Pam. Since this began , I notice at list one miracle every Day!!! Love , light and Joy

  23. Miracles: 1. My friend is really sick and will not let me help her with the health info I know. And I’m knowing that that is just perfect. 2. One of my Airbnb guests told me that the information I shared with her from Medical Medium is demonic. All I could think to do was text her and say thank you for text and that I wish we could have talked about her thoughts. This is new for me. No defense. 3. Not watching the news or even TV is a godsend (about 10 years or more now). I won’t go back. I find I always hear what I need to know. 3. Getting an email with a podcast to listen to that helped me look straight at the ways I choose pain instead of the Joy of God so I can choose again. 4. Help from a dear, very creative friend with a bio I was writing about myself to be part of a team to learn to eat plant-based. I didn’t think of it, but she said that I am passionate about directing folks spiritually. So true! Food and spirituality – my two passions!

    Thank you, Pam. I am reading E2 and loving it and I love you!

  24. My miracle yesterday was that my dog, Spirit!, climbed up on my bed to snuggle—she has been unwell & that seemingly small gesture aka MIRACLE made my heart burst wide open.
    Thank you for this amazing platform!!!! xo

  25. My miracle yesterday was a pair of pants. You know how those ads come through on Instagram and things look so cool? Well I’ve fallen for it a couple of times and gotten absolute junk so I won’t order any more. There were this pair of pants that were flowy and cool and I really wanted them, but I wasn’t gonna order. Yesterday my best friend gave me a bag of some clothes she didn’t want and in that bag was a pair of pants that were the same only better and free!

  26. Interesting thing as I was in this miracle envelope hoping for one, but not really sure. I hear from a friend of mine whom I had not hear from in over 20 years!!! Unbelievable became believable and real!! Love love this

  27. Hello! My miracle for today: I vaguely remember seeing an old co-worker in my dreams last night, sort of like she was just passing by, or driving by in a car and I was like “oh hey, there’s Lynda!”. Well, I had forgotten all about that, but guess what? She called for my boss today out of the blue and we got to talk for a good little while. It was nice to hear from her, and yes, I told her she popped up in my dream last night too! She was amazed at hearing that!

  28. Yes! Happy to be here. Happy to be playing. Happy to be a part of a tuned in inspiring team. Excited to share miracles. Number one is a bed bug mattress cover that was sold out and then suddenly became available 10 minutes later. Silly, perhaps. And a solution I was needing. Thank you kind universe! You always have my back. 🙂

  29. I had a second miracle yesterday which is unfolding into a new one today… I had ordered a book online, and got word it was shipped yesterday. However, that same book showed up in my mailbox yesterday, bought by someone else (I have no idea who Jamal is!) and shipped to me by a company called Circulating Love! Mind blowing!! And now today, I find it’s exactly what I need to create a huge shift in my perspective and experience, bringing back pleasure in my life I had forgotten/neglected. I am so grateful!! Also this morning I noticed it was 2 days 22 hours till another live meditation on Insight Timer! Teehee!

    1. Yesterday I wished I could see a monarch butterfly at our milkweed plants. I had been watching them for weeks and thought I probably would miss seeing them. Well I just “happened” to look out the window to see a pair of monarchs doing their ” dance” above the plants, then they dipped down to the plants and one flew away. The other spent a long time going from leaf to leaf! I think we just had a butterfly miracle!

  30. Hello. This is great fun and I appreciate reading all the miracles exploding around us. Mine today concerns my 94 year old mother, who is in a nursing home in Iowa. Her home locked down early and they have taken wonderful care of her. Today they called, just after your posting, to tell me that they were going to start her on physical therapy to see if they could help her walk again, something she has wanted for some time and is actually now healthy enough to do. It’s something that will keep her engaged and happy, which makes all of us happy. 94 years old and still loving life! How cool is that!

  31. I’d been thinking in the past few days that it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen a possum, and last night when I went to close the drapes in my bedroom what should I see but a cute little possum walking up the lawn in my backyard! And with it the understanding that it’s time to stop playing possum and ask for more joy and abundance in my life!

  32. Talk about Miracles…..Today I received a suprise $25.00 gift card for Kohls Department Store from….. My ex husband’s lovely wife for emailing them a note about money in their joint names being held in the Michigan Treasury Office. It was a small money market certificate (over $200) that they had forgotten about. They claimed it and she sent me a wonderful little miracle to enjoy. Then, a second miracle happened and I received a loan approval to buy my first house at 73 years old. And then, the 3rd miracle happened. I called Social Security to get my verification letter from them and ask if, because I am still working my monthly benefit would increase. The gentleman said “let me check.” My income had not been re-evaluated in several years and I am getting a raise in my monthly benefit that could be as much as $30 more a month or more. I LOVE MY MIRACLES!! 😉

  33. Thank you as always to Pam and her community. My miracles have been lovely but perhaps the biggest of them is being inspired to be the miracle itself. Not only grateful to be alive but through Pam, Dr. Beckwith and several others I learn from I found myself “being that miracle” who gave that anonymous gift card to a friend in need, to ask for blessings for someone who was having ” a day” as opposed to just moving on with my day, finally seeing that flower I have passed 100 times, being present and non-ego reactive during a spirited conversation with my teenager, hitting my kindle button for a book each time i tried to click on the news ap etc. In all humility and my apologies if this is perceived otherwise, I found my miracle in hopefully answering the needs of someone else although I quite appreciate the little gems that have come my way and love that we all are getting our blessings in whatever way they come and are paying it forward. Thanks again.

  34. I stopped watching the news back in October on the advice of the folks who teach DNRS, which is a neural retraining program that itself produces pretty miraculous results. I never was a news hound, and one of my mantras in life has always been “I will know what I need to know when I need to know it.“
    The real news is we are brilliantly vibrant beings here to shine!

    I just took a delicious walk down my semi-country road, and was accompanied the entire way by beautiful swallowtail butterflies and gorgeous dragonflies. I’ve lived here for over 20 years, and walk this stretch of road frequently; I have never heard as much crow & raven conversation as I did today! And I’m a birder, so any change in bird behavior is always on my radar. Grasses in the wind: an emblem of non-resistance for me. AKA the peace of dude.

  35. My miracles is that I received a letter from the County Health Department saying I tested negative for COVID. My next miracle is that I will stay that way.

  36. I spent more in a shop that the value of the gift voucher and the shop owner insisted I didn’t pay the extra $10!

  37. Over the past few days I’ve been asking the universe in earnest for signs as to whether I should continue pursuing a business I’ve been planning for over two years, but has been put on hold due to the pandemic. The ultimate mission of the business is to save animals. Also, as background, I have a tattoo of an ant on my ankle, for my dearest of friends Anthony, who passed away five years ago (ant because I called him Ant). I look for and receive signs from him all the time. This morning, I get a text from a friend with a close-up photo of an ant, and she writes, “Normally I would squish this guy. You and your tattoo. I just guided him out the door!” I jotted a quick note in my journal, but not until I read your post today did I realize just how miraculous this was on so many levels. Miracles galore! I helped save an animal! It felt amazing! The universe is affirming that this is my mission! And wouldn’t ya know it, as I type this comment an ant has just walked right up to me on my sofa (I just cleaned; no ants in the house!) and all around me. Hi Ant! Thank you Pam! You are a miracle.

    1. Nivi, as I read your message, I felt a tickle on my arm. I Iooked down and saw an ant meandering on my arm. Hi Ant!! whoa…..

  38. This morning  I was waiting for my coffee to brew and admiring this beautiful sunny day.  I noticed a patch of grass in my back yard was turning brown and thought I should water with the hose, because obviously the sprinkler system wasn’t getting it. Wondering if I would have time before I headed off to work, I picked up my coffee to go sit on the deck and enjoy the morning sun. As I reached to open the slider, I wondered what that noise was. I looked up and saw that the noise was rain tapping on my skylights.  How nice. The big kahuna was watering my grass and providing a rainbow gift to others in the city. Before you, I would never have noticed this miracle. Thanks so much,

    1. That’s one of the best compliments. I love the possibility of playing a small part in helping people notice miracles.

  39. A wonderful and delightful surprise yesterday as I was pulling into my garage area I saw a great blue Heron swoop in and land right in front of the garage! Had much meaning for me, reminded me of a fun moment with my Dad years ago. He has been gone for 6 years now but I always talk to him daily.

  40. Yesterday I found a surge protector plug strip that someone had left on my deck. I had a feeling that it was supposed to go to my neighbor, who is a tech handyman, so I texted him about it. He said it was his and I went over and put it on his deck this morning. A few hours later a team from PG&E arrived to do a FREE energy assessment on my home. They weather-stripped the doors, checked for carbon monoxide, turned down the heat on my water tank, and made sure my stove and washer/dryer were in good repair. Then, as they were leaving, the leader gave me not one but TWO smart surge protector strips for my TV and computer! Thank you Universe for the Miracle of the Day! And thank you dear Pam, for all your wonderful support and encouragement. Stay safe and be well all!

  41. Hi Pam,

    Love your work. Recently I was concerned about one of my stocks. Today it went down a bit so I bought more. I’m pleased to say it jumped up $3.44 before the day was over!

  42. Our university campus is still closed, but I went there to sit under a favorite willow tree that overlooks a pond and my office building. Just soaking in the energy of this place (and people) I’ve missed. Before I could get too maudlin about it, not one but TWO dragonflies perched on each knee to rest in the shade with me. One was red, the other blue. Our school colors. I did one of those snort/cry/laugh noises at this miracle and they didn’t even budge!

  43. My daily miracle involved sending out a miracle as opposed to receiving it.

    I started a new book this morning and there was a quote where normally a dedication would be:

    ‘How I got over, how I got over
    My soul looks back and wonders how I got over’

    I took a picture of it and sent it to a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a few weeks. Turns out she got the message just before a work call with her boss and HR. In these uncertain times she was expecting the worst and that quote at the moment was just what she needed to remind her that everything would be ok… And it was and still is. The call was good news!

    Oh and for good measure I went to play a game on my cellphone earlier and when I opened the app I noticed I had to wait 2 mins 22 secs for my next life!

  44. I received a note on my phone to surrender to the moment and allow healing and transformation. Right when I was feeling down.

    And last night, I was terribly restless thinking about my daughter who is away. Rather than convey fear I sent her two hearts in a text. She replied “what are you doing up? I was just thinking about you.”

  45. Hi Pam and friends,

    My miracle came, okay one of many throughout my life, very long ago. I believe I was four or five years old and at this time I’m sixty-two. So please understand at that age I really couldn’t put it into context as to the magnitude of the event that unfolded.
    So let me begin by explaining my thoughts leading up to,during and following what took place in a small village in northern Minnesota named Hibbing.

    Hibbing is primarily a mining town and as such we had a freight train railway, right next to the house
    I was raised in, within 100 feet from my bedroom window.  So there would be trains coming from the mine which was east of us and pass by the house, four or five times a day, at a slow rate of speed.  
    Well my oldest brother, four years my senior, and his pals would hitch a ride on the ore cars. They would run alongside the cars to equal the speed to enable them to easily jump on the ladders that each car had and then climb aboard.

    So to me it was the most daring and exciting thing in my small world. Of course to the grownups at the time this was gravely dangerous and I suppose rightly so. So as soon as I became aware of these adventures I immediately wanted to be part of the excitement. Well of course I asked my brother permission to join him and his friends but wisely so he declined my request.

    After watching a few more times and truly believing in my mind the thought that I would easily be able to replicate what they were doing with no possibility of harm. So of course without permission from them I decided to follow behind them far enough as to not be noticed. You see it was done further up the railway as to not being seen by the adults.

    As soon as my brother and friends hiked the embankment and boarded the rail car I was on my way up the embankment. Even at my young age I could easily run at the same rate of speed as the ore cars and as I did I safely climbed aboard. The excitement was exhilarating.

    So of course my brother and his friends witnessed what I had done and reluctantly, I’m most sure, would let me tag along after that. So it was probably around my fourth attempt that the event unfolds.
    So by this time I strictly remember that my confidence was so high in fact the thought I had was what harm could possibly happen.

    So for whatever reason I remember that a thought of doubt came into my awareness just as I was running up the embankment. So I continued on up and as I went to grasp onto the ladder my foot slipped off the bottom rung and I slipped under the rail car while still holding onto the ladder. I found myself looking at the thigh of my leg only inches away from the wheel of the car with no possible way of escaping this predicament. Of course I feared for the worse.

    The next thing I remember was rolling down the embankment, thankfully with my leg attached, and scuffed up some but with no harm done. The thing I remember doing at the time, since no one actually witnessed it, was hiding the fact that the event took place so I wouldn’t be denied of the adventure in the future.

    So even as I write this the emotion it brings up is quite a bit more profound than ever before. You see I can remember vividly to this day that there is no humanly way possible I could  under my own power escape that predicament with my leg attached.

    But I did learn  later in life that overconfidence brings complacency, okay well I still get reminded of it on far to many occasions.

    So yes I am blessed and as such,
    May your God Bless all that reads this.


    1. Wow! That’s some miracle story! So glad you’re here to tell the tale with both your legs intact, and to share it with us today all these years later. Thankyou ☺️🎉💛

  46. I so love being part of this miracle posse. I finally broke under the pressure of being away from my family for work (I’m a nurse) and quit my job to come home to my husband. Since then I’ve received plumbing supplies for $325 less than cost and truck repairs for $425 less! I am so loved and cared for! Thank you.

  47. My miracle today was a friend was able to meet me for lunch. She was able to schedule time with me while her Mom was napping in the afternoon, as she is the main care giver for her Mom. We had such a wonderful time talking and eating together. It was such a blessing!

    1. We were joking at our possibility posse this morning, the first in-person one we’ve had for months, that it was so nice to see that we all still had legs.

  48. Today, I was on my way to town and saw 777 on a license plate then glanced over to see 999 on another one. Pretty appropriate as I am moving and starting a new chapter, and 777 means an abundance of everything. Feels like a miracle to me!

  49. My big miracle for today was that my dear friend, who is experiencing cancer got great news that she does NOT need radiation or chemotherapy!!! I also woke to find the shadow of 1111 on my wall brought from sunlight coming through my blinds.

  50. Today’s miracle was a hedgehog for you! We saw one this morning on our hike! I posted it to your FB link because I couldn’t figure out how to post the pic on the blog.
    I know it’s not the first of the month…but I figure Taz is being spontaneous 🙂❤️😮
    Love you to the multiverse and back, Pam 💥👀💥

  51. Delightfully caught in a sudden downpour, rescued by my umbrella wielding husband, the subsequent rainbow, gorgeous light in the clouds and later in the day butterflies. Oh yea and discovering orchids blooming in the yard. Look for the good stuff. ❤️

  52. I’ve been doing ACIM Experiment and pulled a card from the E deck – Entangled. It made me laugh – so I sent to my cousin who has just reopened her hair salon – she was in the middle of literally untangling someone’s hair that got in a mess during lockdown! They both loved the message! Ha ha!

  53. Hah! Stopped watching the news a week ago (or was it earlier? Who cares, anyway the result is quite miraculous all by itself! The world is much more entertaining, pleasant and truly wonderful without all that tripe filling your mind with thinks that may never happen if you pay no attention to them. If you really Need to Know , you will, but mostly you don’t and you get to see three beautiful parrots land on your balcony just to have a chat! Much more entertaining than any shock jock every heard!
    Love your Work Pam, and I even bought two copies of ” God Doesn’t Have Bad Hair Days” the original E-Squared! . I did attempt to make it a Best Seller ahead of the crowd….

  54. Today’s Miracle party included an unexpected delivery of a delicious rainbow cake, and my favorite digits 2222, 1111! The day is not over yet. Miracle party in continuation…………..

  55. I planted a potted shrimp plant in hopes a hummingbird would drink its nectar. Today’s miracle, a visit from a hummingbird who did just that! 🤗

  56. Yesterday, after working out for 30 days straight and eating healthy my partner looked at me and called me stunning. I was so happy he acknolwedged my hard work. Also, i found a small greenhouse for really cheap and i love it. And i finally felt my confidence and gratefulnes in the Universe come back when listening to the power of positive thinking. Ive been in a much better mood. I cant wait to see todays miracle!!

  57. My miracle today. my day got away from me with kids needing me to help them. I lost track of What I needed and wanted to do. So finally got away. I’m lying down in my hammock under the tall mighty oak trees swaying and whispering in the strong gusts of wind. I read all the miracles commented here and now I feel lighter. They made me smile, so the miracle is in sharing and receiving through reading all these miracles.
    Thanks to all of you!

  58. My Tuesday Miracle was a Slim Aarons Documentary on Amazon Prime. He was a photographer and his images are just beautiful. It just presented itself when we sat down to watch something else. I could tell how I felt as we started watching, this was my miracle. What fun!

  59. I’m just getting amazing amounts of money flowing in….I’m feeling so blessed!

  60. Please post the miracles for readers

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  61. I have always loved to sing. I have wanted to take steps towards confidence in singing karaoke For a long time- a dream of mine. Earlier in the year I was taking voice lessons and then the world came to a halt as did the lessons. This did not diminish my desire. My desire with the desires of a few other beautiful women manifested in a Chorus of Sirens: about 10 of us from around the world being taught by one from Sweden. Today was our second lesson and I chose twice to sing solo, a cappella and boldly bits of the songs we are learning as a group: I am Light (India Arie) and I am Me (Greatest Showman). This is my miracle for today!!!

  62. My miracle today is that my husband and I are going to leave our jobs and travel our beautiful country, New Zealand, in our caravan – we don’t want to wait until the “right time” (we are 10 years off retirement) – we want to seize the moment and do it now – roll on October – can’t wait!!

  63. I’m loving the way your Course In Miracles Experiment brings me back to love and oneness every morning and night. My latest miracle came a couple of days ago. My very old knee-high boots finally had holes in them and I was wondering how I would be able to replace them (I like knee-high boots as I can wear thick socks under them and no-one can tell). I’d been looking in charity shops for a few weeks but there were only small sizes and/or high heels (I’m size 10 and wear low heels as I’m tall). Anyway 2 days ago I went into the local animal charity shop and there was a beautiful pair of black boots,my size, a low heel, really comfortable and a great price! I feel blessed.
    Love you Pam – you and your posse make the world a better place xo

    1. Inger,

      I have a pair of Maria Sharapova knee high black suede, size 10B, flat heel boots that I think I’ve worn twice. The funny thing is that although I’ve donated clothes, shoes, etc. numerous times I’ve always forgotten to add them to the collection. I would be happy to mail them to you if you would like. I’m hoping my email address can be seen by you!


  64. I hope Taz has met all my dead people. I love you, and you love her, and I love them, so why not? I hope my husband Jim and my mom Skye and dad Rich and my friends Josh and Bob and Carol and my aunt Ruth and all my old Grandpeople and and and … are all bustin some moves together on the other side, dancing for energy and singing for harmony and radiating peace. And JFK and MLK and Lennon and Harrison and ALL OF THEM . everything’s resonating, Erika Sueker Earthling (still)

    Sent from my iPhone


  65. An opportunity presented itself to visit and experience my most inspired setting – despite opposition (which I managed in such a positive way. THAT was the real miracle there, and its success will drive more miracles from here.)

  66. Tonight I decided to make some cookies after dinner. My husband came in the kitchen to hang out with me, and he did all the dinner dishes and made us a pot of coffee! Coffee, cookies, and no cleanup—triple miracle!

  67. My miracle is a bit quirky but quite meaningful for me. A bit like 222 for you – and now for so many of us as well. Anyway my sister Kerrie told me the other day she often sees the time 2.52 and sees it as a hello from me. I was born at 2.52pm. I thought that was delightful so I told her I would now expect to see 3.20 regularly from now on and recognise it as a hello from her. Well yesterday – not 24 hours after my “decision” – I happened to glance at the time on my computer at work and it was 3.20!!!! I had no idea what the time was and I nearly fell off my chair! And then, not two minutes later, I happened to notice that the average sale value per call I’d made at that moment was $3.20!!!! That number changes every single call I make so I could only see it then!!!! That was bizarre!! I loved it! Two greetings from my sister in 2 minutes and I’ve never noticed this particular time before. (& I have a lot of significant numbers/times that I see regularly, and have done for over 30 years now) So this was BIG!! A message of love from my sister, and a message from the universe – that what we ask for and expect we receive. Amen!
    Thankyou Pam for inspiring us with your miracle mindset and for creating this space for the sharing of so many miracles. I’m having such fun reading them all.
    Love and blessings from Melbourne Australia – where I’ve been watching the news more than ever before because of what’s going on for us right now with COVID19. But I promise I won’t watch it today. (Normally that would be so so so easy for me! I basically never watch the news, but at the moment I feel this kind of responsibility to watch it. So it will be a challenge not to today! So weird for me! 😳🤣) Ciao my friend 🤗

  68. I LOVE this miracle party soooo much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Yesterday was the coldest day we’ve had for 70 odd years here in Mildura, Australia and today looked like it was going to be a repeat. Thick fog and clouds, below zero. I demanded of the sun “Don’t be shy, show your face”. Happy to report the clouds have disappeared, there is blue sky and the sun is making an appearance. It is a delight. Thawing out in process 🙂

  69. Thank you Pam for all you do and write.
    I needed an appointment with a physiotherapist experienced with Vertigo BPPV, tried finding someone on line last night got nowhere. I went to bed prayed and asked for a miracle. My closest clinic this morning had nothing, but suggested two clinics, I tuned in and got “Arbutus”. Called this morning – no openings till end of next week
    Ohhh!! “Would you like to go on our cancellation list?“ I smiled and said sure.
    As the receptionist was writing my name, her phone rang. Yes, yes the miracle arrived, a cancellation for tomorrow morning. Grateful with a happy smile – singing I Believe In Miracles.


  70. Here’s my miracle! Sitting on the deck today, and it’s HOT HOT here, and was 1 minute from going inside, and suddenly there’s a gorgeous black cat, who had to have climbed into our fenced in back yard. Something pinged in my brain about a lost cat post on Facebook. Called a friend who knew the owners daughter, and long story short, this guy had been lost for 5 days, his owners were gutted that he was gone, and he is back home! Yay, Universe!!!

  71. I had been looking to connect with my tree guy to do some landscaping in my back yard. After a trip to my favorite orange grove to pick up fresh juice, I drove over to a friend’s house to give her some. There was my tree guy!!

  72. Hi everyone!
    Today’s miracle: I was emailing with a friend joking around about something completely unrelated to everything we are talking about here. She responded back with, “We are experts in the field!!” Even though she was not talking about the FP I know it was a sign from the universe delivered by a dear friend. We are ALL experts in the field!
    Thank you Pam for doing this & including everyone! Please can we keep this going after the week is over? Being a part of this has been such a gift. 💝🍀 Maybe last week, before this amazing experiment, I would have read my friend’s reply & only seen it as the literal answer to what we were talking about. Now this week I can see it as so much more. Thank you for that shift in perspective!

  73. Today’s miracle: my grown daughter (41) seems to have completely forgotten how difficult our relationship was. Tonight she told me her therapist thinks she idealizes me! What a hoot! I’d never have imagined this happening! Miracle!

  74. Might sound silly, but here’s my little miracle. I bought an Apple Watch on Monday (my first). Yesterday, out of the blue, it told me to breathe for a minute. It even guided me to have a mini meditation secession! I needed that more than you know! It might be a setting, but I didn’t choose it, it chose me! Ah, the little things in life..

  75. My sister has a serious illness and I’ve managed to change her perception (eg live in the miracle of life like you suggest Pam) from fear to hope, for the time being anyway.

    And we all know that when this happens miracles are possible, and it’s my belief she will make a full recovery.

    Loving this community, thank you Pam and all your wonderful miracle stories. Will keep you posted.

    Love from
    Loraine x

  76. My miracle happened this morning. As I woke up, I felt as if I was wrapped in a “cocoon of comfort”, not just physically because of the covers on me, but also spiritually by a sense of peace and rest I was sensing. For about 10 days before, I had been experiencing some anxiety, which I couldn’t shake off, and which is not something I have ever experienced. Two days before waking up to this cocoon of comfort, I happened to listen to a meditation where we were guided to surrender anything we were concerned about. The narrator invited us to imagine handing over “the weight we felt on our chest” to whatever we considered as our Higher Power, which is exactly a pressure I had felt. Then she reminded us to TRUST that it would be taken care of in Divine Timing. Well, today, it arrived as this warm, delightful miracle. I am grateful to my Divine Celestial Team who I know absolutely delivered! Oh, what a feeling!! And, thank you Pam for this opportunity to share!

  77. My miracle was getting my resume finished, and catching and stopping myself go into judgmental thoughts.

  78. Today came with a few miracles. I was presented with a solution to a problem I have been trying to solve. My granddaughter, who doesn’t usually text me, sent me a sweet text. I was visited by a hummingbird who likes to sit on our power lines in the evening and watch over our yard and the always amazing miracle of nature, small tomatoes sprouting on my plants.

  79. My miracle was being able to go on a camping trip with our RV. We bought it in Aug. 2018. We used it once in June 2019 on a short 45 min. away overnight trip. When we returned a tire blew and my husband got sick with daily headaches and we couldn’t use it all summer. He had a brain tumor
    So surgery in September, then again in January , then radiation , then Covid hit, so isolation. So finally because we had no disability insurance we received Unemployment insurance so we could pay for the 6 new tires needed. We booked a camping spot and got to go camping for a week, away from all news. Well we tried the TV in the RV and it worked but I did not want to hear the news so I sat out in the sun but could still hear it if I chose to listen to it. We broke routine. I was so happy to be out in the fresh air and listening to bird song I only hear at the lake that I just went out to listen. A miracle that we could be on this trip. Then I read your post about skipping the news. Yup, good for the soul and enjoying my miracle RV. We hung up lanterns inside to celebrate.

  80. I am currently in a difficult family situation but when I read your Miracle challenge I kept it simple and thought I’ll see if I see 222. Yes I did in a couple unexpected ways. Also a mental clearing regarding my family situation this afternoon. I am now all in. I’ll see what tomorrow brings. E Squared was put in front of me many times before I finally read–now I keep recommending it to people. Thank you for reaching out through all the haze.

  81. Dragonflies and butterflies all around on my walk today! And thank you for the reminder to take a much-needed break from the news (and any political SM posts). I love the example of the “kick me” sign on my back. I have totally been feeling that the last two days. And now I’m going on a 24-hour news fast!

  82. I’m absolutely loving this! My miracle is about meeting new people in the most incredible way. In fact this happened already on Monday when I wasn’t yet aware of this “game” since your post hadn’t been published (I live another time zome) but I have been an avid miracle seeker for quite some time. Long story short: I had been reading your book “Thank and Grow Rich” (probably for the third time, I’m a slow learner) and had a dentits’s appointment in the morning. I calmed myself by reading your book before going in and the appointment went much, much better than I expected. Then when I leave and go out I see a foreign couple standing in front of the building trying to find an office they were told was located there. They asked me for help and when we started talking I realised they were from a country I know really well and I asked them if they were from … and they said yes, so we continued chatting, exchanged telephone numbers and decided to meet (with my partner) the next day (which we did and now it feels as if we’d known them our whole life!). Well, this may not seem such a big miracle but it is exactly what I’ve been asking for lately; getting to know new people and having new friends. My partner has been really depressed lately so it was a huge boost of energy for him as well. He was talking and laughing the whole time :).

    Thank you so much Pam for everything you do. I am sending love and appreciation to you and the whole community.

  83. A friend I had not seen in 10 years had to deliver a service dog to a family member near me so I booked him an airbnb so he could stay safely and we could visit outdoors. The airbnb had a fairy garden!!! I had no idea when I booked it. My son and I worked through a treasure hunt left by the owners to solve a lock and open a treasure chest! He chose a foreign coin as his proze. Such delight!!!

  84. Hellooooo fellow miracle investigators !

    I usually don’t watch the media News anyway, this was a great reminder to not start haha. Howeverr I thought how does this apply to me? I do look on social media, which is the same thing really just filtered to me by my peers. So I steered clear off the newsfeeds and I feel great! Also noticed how good green trees looks.

  85. This is my ‘Wednesday’ miracle I didn’t have a chance to post. I haven’t worn shorts outside in years. I’ve always felt that my legs weren’t the most attractive and felt self conscious wearing shorts in public, no matter how hot the weather. I only wear them in the house. Yesterday, I put on a pair of shorts and took a long look in the mirror. I saw two healthy, strong, fully mobile legs that have carried me faithfully for 63 years. They’ve taken me on hikes, up and down stairs, and allowed me to ride a bike while on vacation on Sanibel Island. They’ve done everything I’ve ever asked them to do and I decided they deserve to see the light of day! So, I went out for my daily walk wearing my shorts and it was glorious!!
    This, for me was indeed a miracle!

  86. My miracle is finding you, Pam, and reading all these miracle stories. Love this so much!

  87. Received 2 checks in the mail, getting closer to buying our boat after much research. Love this idea, life changing! thank you✨

  88. It feels so good to read all of these wonderful miracles. Thank you Pam and this wonderful community of sharers! My miracles for yesterday (7/8) were a new job/project opened up for me (yay!). I haven’t worked in months due to COVID so this was a welcome communication/opportunity.

    (2) I found some new walking/hiking trails that I hadn’t ventured on near my house and captured a couple of photos (I don’t usually take my camera but wanted to get some new pics during this time).

    (3) I often see repeating numbers and yesterday, I saw one I don’t normally see 555 so I looked it up and that combination emphasizes making decisions, personal freedom, individuality, opportunity and expansion. Wow, quite interesting because I’ve been thinking and feeling like I’m on the verge of some good stuff, some positive change and adventure.

    (4) I also watched a seminar yesterday where I got some financial clarity and am ready to complete some things that I hadn’t felt inspired to do.

  89. My wonder today:
    A friend of mine had headache. I asked her, if I schould send her an treatment with the tuningforks from the distance. She agreed. It took only three times to hold the vibrating tuningfork above the doll, that represented her – and her pain was gone. WOW!!! Thank You!

  90. Love reading all the miracles Pam 💜 Still connected with you at 2:22 daily from Long Island in prayer for our world. My miracle today was My son calling me to say they had just closed on their first home just in time for the arrival of their second child in Setember.

  91. I have a neglected corner of my yard that doesn’t even get watered anymore, however, this morning I looked out and saw a single red rose blooming among the dry and forgotten debris. If that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is. 🌹 Thanks to all of you for bringing some light into a very dark world… I love you all.

  92. I’ve enjoyed two pleasant miracles on Monday and Tuesday but this one is definitely on my TRIPLE MAJOR list of miracles!! (Should I really be so surprised?!) Two of my sons have been estranged for over five years – a situation with a ripple effect that changed the entire dynamics of our large family clan and left no one untouched. Every mother knows how that can play out in your mind and in your heart pn a daily basis! In the past two months, my one son tried to reach our to his brother with no results. We never let up on our hopes, white light, and prayers. Monday, after he informed me of one last attempt, I shuffled that hope into this week of miracles but I didn’t dwell on it – just let go… “Pam-like”. lol At 6 a.m.this morning, he informed me that there had been a positive response to his messages and they were going to meet! There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for you, Pam, and this Miracle Group whose energy I know helped bring this major event about in my life and in the lives of all of us who love them both so much! I extend this precious, loving energy to all out there who are experiencing similar hardships. Miracles abound!!

  93. Watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean, golden and pink. Beauty everywhere I look.

  94. I’ve spent the last 2 days in awe of a multitude of butterflies that have been visiting my gardens. Some are almost as big as my hand and a lot are beautiful skippers just playing with each other and dancing over the flowers. I have been amazed also that we have been inundated with a mass of red birds. We always have red birds (which my granddaughter says are her GPa watching over us) but for the last month, it’s as if they have tripled and are always around. They are all so beautiful. Is this flood of magnificent creatures a miracle. Most definitely!

    1. Hi,
      Your emails always miraculously appear just when I need them, thank you
      Belfast North of Ireland

  95. My daughter is able to communicate with my Dad that passed 10 years ago. Gives her loving messages. Speaks to her Fiance. Told her he gave her this gift when he passed, it is beautiful Miracle!

  96. The miracle today is that I found this page. I am from the same area as Pam, and follow her posts religiously on FB. I am having real difficulty in asking for miracles, but I do notice them, such as I see 11:11 or 1:11 pretty regularly. Birds are a particular joy and I notice them all the time. I don’t know what’s holding me back from simply asking for a miracle from my HP, but I am stuck. If anyone can spare a prayer, please send it my way – I promise to put it to good use.

    1. Bless you!

      Do you know that wonderful feeling when you give someone an awesome gift?
      If you simply ask for the miracle you want, you will spread that wonderful feeling into the world.
      Your HP loves giving gifts!

  97. Loving reading through these and thanks Pam Grout, you are a legend. Here’s one of my miracles today. I joined an online course to learn about healthy sexuality long after I experienced trauma and the course is having a HUGE impact on me. So today I was updating my journal and found that I signed up for the course on June 20, 2020, so there’s another 222 miracle!!

  98. I was about to climb onto the “worry wheel” of daily news, when my intuition said, read your miracle group email from Pam first. Hmmm…interesting: drop news for 24 hours. Miraculous advice!
    A better choice of focus, I picked up my copy of Gary Zukav’s the Seat of the Soul, which I am reading for the 1st time.
    Better to read this than the news. There is a laminated bookmark I made years ago in the book.
    Here is what it says:
    “Ultimately, the world will be bound back together, not by politicians, but by thousands of individuals giving our gifts, thousands of individuals becoming ambassadors of the possible.” – Pam Grout
    Shoulder to shoulder with a miraculous posse of positivity, I find myself on the starting line of those
    moving toward our best future. Thank you all for this miracle!
    All song, all love, all light- Marco

  99. Amazing things are happening. I’m in Ecuador South America and been looking for someone to repair my cats tree for months. I mentioned this to a local friend and she came this morning, picked up the cat tree and is taking it to someone she knows for repair at a reasonable price instead of $100 which was my first offer for repair. 😻🐾🙏❤️

  100. Hi Pam;
    I was GIFTED a hypnosis session to reduce chronic pain. my pain has reduced so much I am in shock. I have done many main stream and alternative therapies and it either never sticks or doesn’t help, a huge miracle.

  101. Hi Pam! I wrote to share the miracle of my two sons rediscovering their love for one another after five years of separation. My daughter, who lives in Alaska, would like to read it but I can’t find it among the hundreds of posts that you receive each day (rightly so and which keep that miracle light beaming!) Is there a way to retrieve it? Thank you so much for this gift!! As of Monday, a week of chronic pain has mentally and emotionally dimmed into a soft white light… Today’s miracle made it hum! What a relief to have you in my day. Thank you!!! Christine Sawyer

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    1. Hi Christine, I remember reading your happy post earlier. If you’re on a PC or laptop, do a search or find of your name, you should be able to find it. Otherwise, the time of the post was July 9, 2020, 9:33 am if you can look in time order. If all else fails, I can copy & paste it into this comment for you. Have a great day! Angie

  102. I was invited to join a little social distancing Tuesdays pool group with friends from up the street. Yesterday was truly a miracle how we share and care for each other. How lucky can a girl get?

  103. My miracle is that I woke up in the early am, 6:00 am to be close to exact, and realized I was full of Joy. That joy lasted all day and seemingly expanded each hour that passed. I went out on my deck and even the humming birds came up to within 5 inches from my face to say hello. I do love my miracles. Thanks again Pam.

  104. On the day of this no-news-task, my browser got weird and youtube forgot my views-history. It no longer recommends the kind of (news)videos that usually send me down a content-rabbithole. Instead I found a video called: Greatest storms on earth. It showed me lightning bolts that burst out of the ground into the sky: Holy Lightning Bolts! All heaven will break loose, the virtual edition 😉

  105. Dear Pam
    I open your ACIM experiment book to what ever page. I than write my thoughts.
    This has been a very insightful journey for me.

  106. Ahh I am so grateful to have discovered your book E2 randomly (but obviously not because the universe never makes mistakes) at my friends home and I have read it and set the experiments in motion within the past three days! Your writing is just so refreshing and digestible, thank you so much for sharing your magic so openly with the world!

    I’ve had many miracle moments but a few I can quickly jot down are:
    -I was driving home and before I turned into my street I decided to follow my hunch and go to the local library (I’m in Australia and I am very grateful it is still open where I live), and low and behold was ‘Thank and Grow Rich’ by Pam Grout. I smiled so hard. I’m so excited to continue improving my life experience and allowing the universe to work in my favour.

    -an intention I set two days ago was I wanted to get my period this week and this morning I woke up and my iPhone randomly Notified me in the health app that my period is due within the next 7 days! I laughed so hard and sent my grattitude to the universe/FP. I love the FP and omg is it accurate!

    -yesterday I was aware of feeling a bit tired because of sleeping late the night prior and I remembered the ankle story in E2 so I just simply told my body ‘I have plenty of energy’ and actually believed it. I completely forgot too but low and behold once again, the FP delivered and I miraculously had plenty of energy, enthusiasm and vigour right up until bedtime to get everything I wanted to get done in the day and I went to bed with such a big smile on my face.

    There’s honestly so much more I could write but it doesn’t matter, all I want to say is I am so grateful for your work and I wish you the best of days and send you so much love and grattitude! Thank you so much!

    The warmest of warm regards,
    Sandy xxxx

  107. So today, I re-read my miracle I posted in here about a trip we were able to take in our RV.
    I looked back and realized that in 2018 I posted my miracle of getting this RV in the first place.
    Today I had a miracle of first losing a bag of coffee beans I had purchased and then hours later returning to re-buy them and found someone had turned in the beans to the store.
    I went to go post the miracle here when I re-read the Miracles I had already posted. The coffee beans I purchased are for our next RV trip!
    On the way home I saw a 222 license plate, a realtors ad with a phone number of 222-2229 and a billboard sign saying you could advertise there by calling 222- 2227. I just kept seeing this all day so I knew I had to post as Angel’s were trying to communicate with me.

  108. I love reading your blogs and books Pam. Am a BIG fan. All week I`ve been saying the quote `Thank you for my unexpected windfall`. And guess what? When I went to collect my car after it had been serviced, the payment was 500 rand below the original quote. A lovely miracle…..XXX

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